All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 367:

Chapter 367:

67: The Strongest demon beasts

After the otherworldly gate shook, an incomparably huge figure suddenly appeared!


A gigantic demon beast with a height of more than three thousand meters suddenly appeared!


Although this beast was also a Rank Five beast, it exuded a majestic and terrifying magical energy, which was completely different from the previous Rank Five beast!

This was a terrifying beast that seemed to be like a giant western dragon, with a pair of huge red dragon eyes, like burning flames!

But the strange thing was that the dragon wings of this Rank Five demon beast seem to be cut off, and there was also a huge black collar around its neck.

There was also a huge character on the forehead of this strange Rank Five demon beast.


“Come on, this is the real Rank Five demon beast!!! The red-eyed black dragon! A powerful demon beast with dragon blood!” Ye Wuyou’s expression changed, and he spoke abruptly.

“Only one? I’ll kill him!!!” Wang Lufei smiled proudly, leaped into the air, the martial intent behind him turned into a 100-meter giant, punched, and bombarded the body of this Rank Five demon beast, the red-eyed black dragon!


The dragon head of the real red-eyed black dragon took the punch from the front, but only took a few steps back after being bombarded, and it didn’t even vomit blood!


The red-eyed black dragon opened its mouth and spat a mouthful of black dragon flames, instantly engulfing Wang Lufei!

“Ah ah ah!” Although Wang Lufei made the martial arts giant to raise his arms, he still screamed and was severely burned by the flames and fell from the sky.

“I’m coming!” Emperor Zoro leaped into the air and raised Blood Feud!

“One sword style, a thousand worlds!!!” Emperor Zoro slashed down with one sword, and the power of the double Major Achievement intent merged, turning into a huge sword light of a thousand meters, and slashed on the body of the red-eyed black dragon!


This time, the red-eyed black dragon was injured, and a huge wound was cut on its body!


the wound was only a few meters deep, which was nothing compared to such a huge red-eyed black dragon.

Especially under the terrifying demonic energy, the wound cut quickly regenerated and recovered as before!


The real red-eyed black dragon swung its tail  and directly blasted Emperor Zoro into the air!

“It’s amazing. Eat my 80-meter sword!!!” Gentleman Qian roared, waving the sword and slashing it down!


The 80-meter sword actually shattered, not even the skin of the red-eyed black dragon!

“Xiao Li Flying Knife! ” Xiao Li Flying Knife waved his hand, and seven thunderous flying knives, wrapped in a powerful intent, broke through the air, and went straight to the dragon’s eye of the red-eyed black dragon!


However, the red-eyed black dragon was covered in black dragon flames, the seven lightning flying knives couldn’t even get close, and they were burned to ashes!


The red-eyed black dragon opened its mouth and let out a terrifying roar!


The thirty or forty players around him vomited blood all at once, and all of them were wounded and driven away!

It hadn’t started yet, but it’s over!

All players were either seriously injured or knocked into the air. The worst was Emperor Zoro, who was directly killed in seconds! Only Blood Feud left on the ground.

“Damn Morisa, he sent me to deal with these wastes?” The red-eyed black dragon whispered slowly, and roared disdainfully in the language of demon beasts.

“Hold the grass, why are these Rank Five demon beasts so strong?”

“Damn, poisonous!”

“Didn’t we kill a lot of Rank Five demon beasts just now? Why is this one so fierce?”

“Fuck, this demon beast is this deadly?”

“Brother Zoro was killed in a second, quickly pick up Brother Zoro’s Blood Feud!”

The players were in an uproar, but soon many players rushed to Emperor Zoro’s Blood Feud.


However, the real red-eyed black dragon breathed past, and the players who wanted to pick up the divine sword were instantly gone!

“The Rank Five demon beast is so strong… However, this guy’s dragon wings were cut off. Is it to prevent escape?” He Yiming looked at the battle situation and said lightly.

“Yes, although it lost its wings, the power of this red-eyed black dragon is still astonishingly powerful. Even if I take action, I may not be able to kill it in a short time!

“He Yiming, if you don’t take action, your I’m afraid your disciples will suffer heavy losses!” Ye Wuyou looked at He Yiming and said curiously.

Ye Wuyou faintly felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t detect it.

“Don’t worry, my disciples, there will be a way! I believe in them!” He Yiming smiled, but his eyes turned to a figure – Star.

“Quick, add blood to Brother Lufei, or Lufei will die!”

“Back, back!”

“Such a strong demon beast, fuck you! Summon Brother Ming to save us!”

As the young player stepped back, he raised his hand, and a wave of pseudo-divine ability gave Wang Lufei a mouthful of life.

“Huh!” Wang Lufei, who was severely burned and almost died suddenly, was swept away by hundreds of green lights, and he came back to life in an instant.

“Come again!” Wang Lufei roared and rushed up again!

The other players were also dissatisfied, and after begging the others to add blood, it killed them again!

However, Wang Lufei and other players attacked and almost did not hurt the red-eyed black dragon. Instead, they were counterattacked by the red-eyed black dragon, and they were almost wiped out!

At this time, a figure finally couldn’t help it and stood up.

“What kind of shit are you fighting. Everyone gang up quickly!!! I will take you to fight the BOSS!” Star roared, and then waved again.

“All the nurses who control the power of adding blood, all come forward and are responsible for adding blood!”

Next, Star skillfully began to invite the players to join the group.

[Ding! Player Wang Lufei, Star invites you to join the super star group !] [Ding! Player Emperor Zoro, Star invites you to join the super star group!] [Ding!…]


With a series of prompts, Wang Lufei and the others were taken aback for a moment, and then they all agreed.

Soon, the thirty-two player bosses who were the strongest and half-stepped into the martial intent, plus the eight nurse players who controlled the power of adding blood martial intent, formed the strongest player group in history! Super star group!

“Brother Star is the main force, responsible for attracting this boss… Well, the hatred of the red-eyed black dragon! Others don’t do it first, wait for Brother Star to stop the hatred!”

“Brother Ice, Brother Pillar are responsible for assisting and restricting the actions of the BOSS.”

Brother Luffy, Vegeta, Handsome Sanji, please don’t go up, wait until I say melee damage can go up, and then take action!”

“Strongest Fire Spell, Scatter, Senbonzakura, Gentleman Qian, Xiao Li Flying Knife are responsible for long-range output, don’t approach, pay attention to your position!”

Star gave the order skillfully.

Wang Lufei and other player bosses chose to follow the command to fight!

The black dragon was really too powerful!

So soon, Star took the lead, standing in the sky.

Behind him, Wang Lufei, Emperor Zoro, Emperor Sanji, First Iceman, Strongest Fire Spell, Vegeta and many other single-show bosses… all stood together. Among the 40 players who came out, the strongest single show bosses, all assembled!

“The second round, start!” Star growled, and forty people rushed up!

This scene directly shocked all the players!

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