All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 244:

Chapter 244:

At this moment, Beef Noodles’ posture had changed too much.

Several dozen dragon scales appeared on the surface of his body. A small dragon horn appeared on his forehead, two palm-sized little dragon wings on his back, and a half meter long dragon tail on his back.

The power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline was completely activated.

“Heavenly Pill Demon, explode the bloodline power of the Female Fire Dragon?” Copper Man was shocked.

How could this be?

How could a human possess the bloodline power of a Heavenly Pill Demon?

What the f*ck!

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Do you know how powerful I am? Want to kill me? What are you thinking of eating!!!” Beef Noodles smiled. He directly charged towards the Copper Man.

“Today, I might die!

“If that’s the case, then I will die in battle!!!”

Copper Man took a deep breath and unleashed all their power to fight Beef Noodles.

Bang bang bang!

Boom boom boom!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

An incense stick’s worth of time passed.

“How… did this happen?” Copper Man was dumbfounded as he looked at the scene before him in disbelief.


How was this possible?

Was all of this true?

A terrifying human spy who possessed the power of the Heavenly Pill Demon and exploded the bloodline of the Female Fire Dragon. With a wave of his hand, he bewitched and controlled an army of thirty thousand vegetables and fruits….


How could he be so weak? He was simply weak!

“Pu… This… The poison of this B-game was poisonous…” Beef Noodles was lying on the ground, spitting out blood, dumbfounded.

Hold the grass!

Why was this boss so powerful?

Didn’t he possess the power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline?

Why did he fight for so long…

He had been beaten up by the other party by more than a hundred punches and more than two hundred kicks?


“???” Copper Man was even more shocked than Beef Noodles.

This was because if Copper Man possessed the bloodline power of the Heavenly Pill Demon, it would take several years to completely control it.

The strength of his half-step Sea Wheel Realm was enough to fight against the peak of Sea Wheel Realm. It was not in vain.


The Mushroom Noodles in front of him was simply a random slap.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, this Mushroom Noodles actually only broke a piece of skin on his cheek?

The five-year-old Copper Race’s combat skills could even rub this Mushroom Noodles against the ground.

Even an adult Mushroom Man’s battle consciousness was stronger than this fellow.

In terms of combat skills, this human was even worse than a fucking mushroom-like human.

“Are you showing weakness? Or are you acting? Or did you do it on purpose? I don’t believe it!”

A human cultivator who possessed the bloodline of the Heavenly Demon Female Fire Dragon!

How could he be so weak?

“Tell me, how did you manage to be so weak?”


Beef Noodles was enraged.

I’ ve already used all my strength, yet you actually think I’m acting?

“No matter what you want to do, I won’t hold back! If I kill you and extract the power of the Heavenly Pill Demon’s bloodline from your body, I will immediately become the number one expert of the four great clans in the Hundred Races!” Copper Man laughed, and then attacked again.

Bang bang bang!

After a fierce fight, Beef Noodles was sent flying several hundred meters without any resistance.

“Hahaha, looks like it’s not a disguise…” He truly could not understand why the power he belonged to would give such precious bloodline power to him? Copper Man laughed heartily. He was sure that Beef Noodles was really a weak chicken.

Then what was he waiting for?

After killing Beef Noodles and drawing out the Heavenly Pill Demon’s bloodline power, wouldn’t he soar into the sky?

“You can die!” Copper Man raised his hands, about to give Beef Noodles a final blow.

Boom boom boom!

Right at this moment, a spirit chariot arrived. Immediately after, several figures appeared in the air.

“Don’t take action. I’m enough alone!” The fastest figure spoke indifferently.

ID: Strongest Fire Spell

“Hmm? Another one?” Copper Man was stunned, and then he saw the exact same bloodline power of the Female Fire Dragon appear on Strongest Fire Spell.

“Another weak chicken? Hahaha, good! Come!” Copper Man rejoiced. Beef Noodles had already been seriously injured and had no way of resisting. For the time being, there was no need to worry about it. Take down this guy who rushed over first, or else he would be in trouble if he ran away.

“Die!” Copper Man laughed loudly and punched towards Strongest Fire Spell.


However, Strongest Fire Spell easily clenched his fist.


Terrifying dragon flames erupted, instantly melting Copper Man’s fists into blood.


In the next moment, Strongest Fire Spell dodged behind Copper Man.

The terrifying power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline erupted with all of its might. Strongest Fire Spell’s most powerful fire technique transformed into a dragon’s claw, and with a single strike, it pierced through the back of copper and iron!


Copper Man vomited blood, and he was completely dumbfounded.

How could this be?

Why was this guy so strong?

Both of them possessed the bloodline of Female Fire Dragon. Why were the strength of these two human clans one heaven and one earth?

“Get lost!!!” The heavily injured Copper Man began to struggle madly!

“You still want to resist?” Strongest Fire Spell sneered disdainfully. With a single claw, it grabbed the head of Copper Man, and a pair of crimson dragon wings spread out from its back. It accelerated six times in mid-air, instantly soaring hundreds of meters into the air.

And then…

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Strongest Fire Spell tightly gripped the head of the copper and iron. It instantly fell, and another six shards accelerated to fall!


A loud explosion!

Strongest Fire Spell directly smashed the copper and iron onto the ground.


Half of the bones in his body were shattered, and he almost died on the spot.

“Weak, too weak! Half-step Sea Wheel is too weakl!” Strongest Fire Spell snickered disdainfully.

“Die!!!” Copper Man suddenly raised his hand and shot out three black spikes.

A seal.

“How are you going to fight me if you’re hit by a sealing artifact!” Copper Man laughed sinisterly.

“Hehe!” With a wave of his hand, his right hand, which had transformed into a crimson dragon’s claw, grabbed three black spikes in mid-air. He exerted force and burned them into ashes.

“Before you die, I’ll tell you who I am!” Strongest Fire Spell said calmly.

“I am the new Five Fireball God Sect…

“The current Flame Burst Dragon God Sect’s sectmaster, Strongest Fire Spell!” Strongest Fire Spell spoke proudly.

Copper Man was dumbfounded: ???


After sensing the power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline, Strongest Fire Spell had already given up on the Five Fireballs.

Five Firebals, how could they compare to the Dragon’s Power?

He had to be eliminated!

He displayed his hands.

Ten red rings, sparkling!

Top grade spirit weapon, Flame Dragon Burst Ring!

He was frantically spending Contribution Points, and he had bought all 10 rings!

With the enhancement of ten top-grade spirit equipment, his flame power increased by a full twofold!

Not to mention that he even bought Fire Spirit Vein and Fire Spirit Body!

With such an increase in strength, the power of Strongest Fire Spell could not be compared to the useless Beef Noodles.

“You… If you dare to kill me, I…”


Strongest Fire Spell did not listen to such nonsense at all. He stomped him to death with a single kick.

As a rich player, who would listen to the storyline? If he felt good, he would be done for.

“Bro, are you alright?” At this moment, seven or eight players rushed over and helped the Beef Noodles up.

“Why are you here?” Beef Noodles were stunned.

Other than Strongest Fire Spell, Star, Thousand Hand Pillar, First Iceman and the others were all here.

“Bro Noodles, we’re all here to save Brother Lufei and you!” Gentleman Qian opened his mouth.

“I also want revenge! Hold the grass, I couldn’t move for two days and two night!” Emperor Zoro gritted his teeth.

“Everyone is here?” Beef Noodles were stunned.

“Of course, I received the news that Brother Lufei was captured. I immediately ordered Star Palace 1 to return. I also informed Brother Pillar, Brother Ice and the others to return to the sect from the north!

“After that, they gathered around two hundred players and rode three Spirit War Chariots to join the battle!” Star laughed.

After all, Brother Ming did not issue a quest nor did he notify him.

Saving Wang Lufei and Beef Noodles was considered a voluntary action by the big shots, so only about a third of the players rushed over.

Almost all of the big shots from the first test rushed over. There were also some players from the second test.

“Bro, how’s the situation now?”

“Yeah, is Brother Lufei alright?”

“What should we do now? Bro, we will listen to you!”

Star and the others all looked at the Beef Noodles.


Beef Noodles took a deep breath and spoke.

“I, the Grand Marshal of Vegetable Fruit, will bring you to attack Thousandleaf City! First, we should save Brother Lufei, and then we would flatten the four great clans! Then, lead the Vegetable Fruit Clan to dominate the Hundred Races!

“When the time comes, all of you will be great contributors! Every single one of you will be given the title of General, making a fortune, eating incense, drinking spicy food, and a hundred beauties… Hahaha!” Beef Noodles could not help but laugh.

“……” Star and the others looked at each other, speechless.

Did Bro Noodles forget about Brother Ming?

Could it be?

“What about Brother Ming? Brother Ming seems to be being chased by the Female Fire Dragon!” Star hurriedly asked.

“?” Beef Noodles opened his mouth wide, stunned.

Hold the grass!

It seems that… he had forgotten about Brother Ming!

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