All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 24: Team Tasks

Chapter 24: Team Tasks

“Disciples, go ahead!

“This sect master believes in you, as long as everyone works hard for the sect. This Sect Master will not limit you from using any method!

“Go on!” He Yiming smiled slightly and then walked towards the spirit field.

He Yiming couldn’t understand what exactly the players did. He had perfect control of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body. If he had to ripen it all by himself, it would take more than ten days to complete the germination process.

These players were only at the Body Forging Realm, and their Azure Emperor Immortal Body was only for getting started. How could it take just one day to ripen the low-level Spirit Grass?

Walking to the spirit field, He Yiming suddenly understood. These players not only cooked sh*t, but they were also cultivating using sh*t?

Besides the spirit field, Beef Noodle skillfully put bags of cooked sh*t into the alchemy furnace. After a while, they were refined into Sh*t Dans.

Watching sh*t being crushed to paste and working with the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to ripen the Spirit Grass seeds, He Yiming’s head crooked.

“It can be done like this as well?” He Yiming felt that in the past four years, the views he studied in Haotian Academy were subverted.

Manure could indeed be used as fertilizer to ripen crops. The power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body could also help ripen the Spirit Grass.

This was all reasonable. Then the combination of the two could shorten the germination time of the low-level Spirit Grass that originally took one month to germinate to one hour?

This … seemed quite reasonable. Seeing that the players planned to plant all the Spirit Grass seeds in the nearly thousand acres of spirit fields in the sect, He Yiming did not stop them.

The more spirit fields were cultivated, and the more Spirit Grass was planted. Naturally, that was better!

He Yiming watched for a while and then summoned all the players again.

“Why did Brother Ming summon us?”

“Look, that device is so big, what is it for?”

“shhh, listen quietly!”

The players looked at the masonry cutter with a little excitement waiting for He Yiming to speak.

“Disciples!” He Yiming spoke lightly and patted the masonry cutter beside him.

“My disciples have successfully cultivated the spirit field and germinated the seeds. This Sect Master is very satisfied!

“However, the sect is waiting to be revived, and all the disciples need to work harder!

“This equipment is called masonry cutter. I will show you how to operate it in a while!

“The Sect Master hopes that every disciple will use this equipment to work hard to build the sect!” He Yiming spoke lightly and immediately released a new mission.

Zongmen mission: Build Kitchen [Team mission: the maximum number of people for the task is 10]

Goal: Using the blueprint, build a new kitchen.

Reward: 1000 contribution points. [Equally distributed to everyone in the team]

Zongmen mission: Build Dormitory]

[Team mission: the maximum number of people for the task is 10]

Goal: Using the blueprint, build a new dormitory.

Task reward: 1000 contribution points. [Equally distributed to everyone in the team]

Zongmen Mission: Construction of the main road

Zongmen Mission: Build Refinery Room for Spirit Grass Fertilizer

Zongmen Mission: Build Warehouse

He Yiming sighed and released five team tasks. The dormitory naturally allowed the disciples to find a safe place to rest and go offline.

The main road was carefully planned by He Yiming, connecting various important buildings of the sect, and even reserved places for alchemy pavilions and forging halls that have not yet been built.

Of course, the most critical building was the Spirit Grass Fertilizer Refining Room! It was a specialized place for players to cook sh*t.

If they continued to cook sh*t in the Sect Square, He Yiming was afraid that the smell would permeate to the whole Sect!

“Hold the grass! There are still construction tasks?”

“Show us how to build a house!”

“I have been waiting for years, just waiting for a free construction!”

“It’s finally time for me to wait for MC players to show their strength!”

“Team task? Finally, there is a team task!”

Many players became excited, especially one of the players with ID [MC Myth], whose eyes gleamed!

Only a few knew that MC Myth was a hardcore player of ‘Minecraft 3′ in real life. He was also a legendary leader known as the number one player!

In the eyes of MC Myth, it was not a masonry cutter. It was a creation machine!

“I will go offline first to sort out the blueprint I designed before …” MC Myth thought for a while, and after learning the usage of the masonry cutter with other players, he decisively went offline.

“The kitchen group is open. Come and join us!”

“The establishment of the Star group is absolutely efficient, and it is guaranteed to take over and complete two team tasks!”

“Me, me. I want to join!!!”

The players got excited and started to form groups. In a short while, several group leaders got the blueprints drawn by He Yiming and started to use the masonry cutter.

Most players were excitedly carrying sacks and ran to collect various stones. This sect was abandoned for a hundred years, and the ground was full of rubble. It was quite convenient for players to collect it.

What’s more, the sect itself was on a big mountain. In case the gravel was not enough, they could use an iron pick to dig the mountain at any time. So the players were roughly divided into three parts.

A small number of players were still working tirelessly on the War Hunchback Beasts. Some players, such as Farm Master, lived in the spirit field.

The group with the largest number of players had started the construction of the foundation of the sect in full swing!

“Put this brick here, yes, right here!”

“Hey, the speed over there is faster!”

“Well, the road here is paved. You can change places!”

The players were moving fast!

After all, the masonry cutting machine directly cut neat square bricks, and the task was reduced by 90%. Players only needed to pick up the bricks and arrange them like stacking blocks.

In less than half a day, kitchens, warehouses, dormitories, and other buildings were erected from the ground, and all construction was completed!

“The speed is really fast!” He Yiming looked at this scene and nodded in satisfaction.

“Brother Ming, it’s not good. We were attacked!!!”

But at this moment, several players walked out of the Hall of Resurrection and ran to He Yiming in a panic.

“Assault?” He Yiming was taken aback!

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