All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 235:

Chapter 235:

Within Thousandleaf City.

“Who is it?” Wang Lufei and the other two were still struggling, but a figure appeared quietly.

“Shh, don’t speak!” Wearing a mask, the figure with two horns on his head spoke in a low voice.

It was precisely Ling Tianyu who had seized the opportunity to sneak in.

“…” Wang Lufei and the others were dumbfounded. Why was this outsider looking for them?

“I’m Yu. I’m Brother Ming’s subordinate! I specifically came to help you escape!” Ling Tianyu said indifferently.

“Can you save us?” Wang Lufei hurriedly asked.

“No, there’s a restriction set up by the experts at the Sea Wheel Realm. Once you take a step forward, it’ll be alarmed. I can only kill all of you. That way, you can return to the sect and revive!” Ling Tianyu said indifferently.

“He actually knows that we can revive?”

“Is it an NPC? Brother Ming’s subordinate? Hold the grass? There’s even a hidden NPC in this game?”

“Kill me first! Damn it! I’ve been stuck here for almost three days! I can’t take it anymore!”

Wang Lufei and the other two whispered to each other. Then, Gentleman Qian and Emperor Zoro both spoke, hoping to give themselves a good time.

“I’ve already stolen your storage pouch for you. I’ll give it to Bro Noodles. You can just ask him for it when you’re resurrected!” Ling Tianyu said indifferently. He then raised his hand and killed Gentleman Qian.

“Ah! I feel better now!” Before Gentleman Qian burped, he was satisfied.

The next moment, a Gentleman Qian appeared in the resurrection hall.

“Ah, I’m finally free. Damn, it’s too difficult!” Gentleman QIan was about to cry.

In less than a few seconds, another figure appeared in the resurrection hall.

Emperor Zoro.

“Damn it, I’ve finally revived! Once I buy a few Soul Cutter Blades, I’ll take revenge!” Emperor Zoro gritted his teeth.

However, he still did not see Wang Lufei after a while.


Gentleman Qian and Emperor Zoro glanced at each other and felt a little puzzled.

What about Brother Lufei?

“You… you said I shouldn’t kill you?” Ling Tianyu was stunned.

“That’s right, Big Brother, don’t worry about me. I’ going to continue struggling! I refuse to believe that I, Wang Lufei, can not break free from this restriction!” Wang Lufei gritted his teeth and struggled again.

“These five black spikes are called sealing tools, and they belong to special spirit tools. They were invented by the Hundred Races when they fought against humans!”

“Generally speaking, people from the Hundred Races will heavily injure human cultivators. If they use this opportunity, they will be able to seal their meridians bloodline circulation, and seal their cultivation bases! In this way, you naturally have no ability to resist!” Ling Tianyu spoke.

Ling Tianyu had spent quite a bit to obtain this information.

“I want to try!” However, Wang Lufei’s eyes were very firm.

Even the real Luffy, who wore seastone, could use Colored Arm.

What right did he have to be unable to break free from the forbidden weapon?

“Alright!” Ling Tianyu did not say anything else and quietly left.

Ah! Wang Lufei took a deep breath and started to struggle again!

Time and again!

In the darkness, no one could see.

On Wang Lufei’s body, green, gold, red, black, four-colored light flashed…

At this moment, in a strange world, on a boundless land…

A statue that was a million meters tall emanated an incomparably ancient aura.

Shockingly, it was an incomparably huge Mushroom Man.

In front of the statue was an army of tens of billions of vegetables and fruits. They were neat and tidy. In the distance, there were countless starships.

At that moment, a huge Mushroom Man strode out. He stood in front of the ten billion army and looked at the statue.

“Vegetable Fruit Clan, Vegetable Fruit Immortal Dynasty’s 1000th generation Patriarch, Mushroom Thief Zhi’er. Greetings, Vegetable Fruit Clan Ancestor, Mushroom Noodles!”

“Ancestor, receive a bow from later generations!”

Following the kowtow of the leading Giant Mushroom Man, the trillion of vegetable and fruit people behind him all kowtowed in unison.

After three bows, the giant mushroom man and mushroom thief stood up.

“Ancestor’s protection. Today is the day of our expedition to the Constant Sand World!”

“My Vegetable Fruit people will definitely conquer the endless starry sky!”




The people of a trillion vegetables and fruits shouted in unison, and their voices transformed into waves that condensed into meaning that transformed into boundless Laws that pointed towards the starry sky!

“Farewell, Lord Clan Chief! All of them…”

“The aura of the sand mink!!! Begin!”

On the side, the countless number of people began to dance in unison. The rhythm was consistent and skillful. Shockingly, Shockingly, all of them were doing the 18th set of children’s broadcast gymnastics, the aura of sand mink…”

“Hold the grass!” He Yiming suddenly opened his eyes.


What the hell was this dream of his?

Why was it so real?


He Yiming let out a long sigh. Fortunately, it was just a dream.

But… why did he suddenly have such a strange dream? Obviously, he had never seen anything like mushroom people or vegetable fruit people?

What the hell was the Mushroom Noodles?

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