All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 229:

Chapter 229:

At this moment, on the huge race track, a shocking battle had already occurred.

This was not a racing car.

It was a naked slaughter.

“Wolf Claw!!!” Wolf Extermination was driving the black war chariot. Ten-meter long spikes appeared on both sides of the war chariot, directly shattering the surrounding dozen war chariots.

“Hahahaha!” Copper Gall controlled the largest war chariot in the arena, crushing the other small war chariots one by one.

“A thousand arrows!” Beautiful Eyes of the Four-Eyed race deliberately drove the war chariot to the center of many war chariots. With one order, countless huge arrows flew out and swept across the area.

Within a few minutes of the start of the competition, half of the contestants died.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Wolf Extermination and the other powerful competitors noticed a small car flying towards them.

Wuling Hongguang!

There were also five vegetable and fruit people sitting inside.

“Mushroom Men?” Seeing Beef Noodles, Wolf Extermination was furious.

A mere mushroom man, looking at his posture, wanted to fight for first place?


Then don’t blame me for being ruthless!

“Kill those vegetable people!” Wolf Extermination snapped his fingers, and the four or five war chariots under the Blood Wolf Tribe quickly approached the Wuling Hongguang.

“Hey! You guys are surrounded!” These four or five tanks surrounded Hongguang, each of them was proud.

“Melon Skin, do you believe us?” Beef Noodles suddenly spoke.

“I believe you!” Melon Skin nodded.

“Let’s begin!” Beef Noodles nodded towards Illusion.

Illusion took out a chain and tied it firmly to Melon Skin.

“What is this?” Melon Skin did not understand.

“From now on, you are Melon Skin Meteor Hammer!” Beef Noodles spoke indifferently. Together with Illusion, they used their Colored Arm to wrap around the Melon Skin.

“Illusion, you drive!”


Beef Noodles skillfully changed to a new driver. Then, he grabbed Melon Skin and waved it.

Boom boom boom!


Melon Skin was swung by Beef Noodles as a meteor hammer, smashing all the surrounding tanks into pieces.


The audience was dumbfounded.

“Is that a mushroom man? The mushroom man is this strong?” At this moment, on the high platform, the elder of the Four-Eyed race who was in charge of hosting the competition frowned. After a moment of hesitation, he said. “Just in case, go and bring the bloodline test tablet over!”


At this moment, after more than ten minutes of intense battle, the number of tanks on the battlefield was getting smaller and smaller. In the end, only four were left.

The first round of this year’s flying car competition had actually reached such a tragic stage. It was simply shocking to everyone.

However, the most unbelievable thing for the audience was that one of the tanks belonged to five vegetable and fruit people.

“We definitely can’t let these lowest trash pass the first round with us!” Wolf Extermination said angrily.

“Of course!” Four-Eyed Race’s Beautiful Eyes also nodded.

“I’m left, you’re right!”


Wolf Extermination and Beautiful Eyes didn’t say anything else and slowed down. Then, one on the left and one on the right, they prepared to attack Beef Noodles and the others.

“They’re here!” Illusion quickly reminded.

These two guys’ chariots weren’t simple, the Melon Skin meteor hammer obviously couldn’t kill them!

“Banana, can you take off your banana skin?”

“Sure, it’s just a little cold!”

“Alright then, take it off and give it to me!”



Illusion and the Farm Master stared blankly at Beef Noodles as they took off the banana peel.

“Accelerate!!!” Beef Noodles suddenly roared and accelerated!

Hongguang immediately accelerated, surpassing Wolf Extermination and the two chariots.

Just as Wolf Extermination and Beautiful Eyes were about to chase after him, Beef Noodles suddenly waved his hands.

The banana peel suddenly fell onto the road!

“Guys, there’s banana peel in front. Be careful!” Beef Noodles also kindly reminded.

“Banana peel? Hehe, an idiot is an idiot!” Wolf Extermination sneered.

What was a banana peel? His chariot was 20 meters long and weighed more than 20 tons, how could he be afraid of just a banana peel?

“Crush them!!!” Wolf Extermination waved his hand and roared.

Hence, the war chariot rushed straight to the banana peel.


The black banana skin extended endlessly, but it was not crushed at all.

Because this was no ordinary banana peel.

It was…

Armed banana peel!

“Not good!” The moment the war chariot pressed down on the banana skin, Wolf Extermination sensed that something was wrong.

The next moment, the 20-meter-long war chariot started spinning wildly, lost control, and crashed into the other war chariot!


The two chariots are finished together!

“Trash, two trash! Canot even handle Mushroom Men!” At this moment, Copper Gall drove the giant chariot and directly crushed the two chariots at the scene of the crash.

He even crushed Wolf Extermination who struggled to get out of the carriage and wanted to cry for help.

“Mushroom Man, go die!!!” Copper Gall drove the huge war chariot to catch up and crush the small commercial van.

“Bro, that guy has caught up!” Illusion turned around and hurriedly reminded.

“Accelerate, then…

“Turn around!”

Beef Noodles waved his hand.

After Hongguang sped up the distance, it turned around and faced the giant chariot.

“Hahaha, are you trying to be direct? You are dead!” Copper Gall laughed out loud. In front of his chariot, there was more than ten meters of armor.

No matter how hard the small broken car was, it would still shatter with one touch.

“Accelerate!” Under the command of Beef Noodles, Wuling Hongguang rushed towards the giant chariot!

The distance between the two quickly shortened.

At this moment, everyone became nervous and watched quietly.

Just when the distance between the two sides was less than a hundred meters.

“Wood Technique, Wood Slope!!!” Beef Noodles raised his hand and created a slope formed from a wooden vine. He threw it in front of him.

Hongguang rushed to the slope and soared into the air.

“Let’s use Moon Steps together!” Beef Noodles roared. Together with the other two, they extended their feet out of the window and started using Moon Steps.

With the help of Moon Steps, Hongguang started to spin.

“Let me show you the power of a tornado!!!” With the loud roar from Beef Noodles, the black commercial van turned into a whirlwind and soared into the sky. It passed through the ten-meter-tall armor of the giant war chariot and directly went into the copper tank in the cockpit.

“What?” The brave men were dumbfounded.

A war chariot could fly?


The next moment, the revolving van Hongguang crashed into Copper Gall, turning Copper Gall into a pulp.

As the commercial van landed, Beef Noodles, Banana, and Melon Skin walked out together.

“Death Race?

“The other drivers are all f*cking trash!

“I am the true champion of the game!

“Vegetables and fruit people, this victory belongs to us!”

Beef Noodles raised his right hand and suddenly roared.

Seeing this scene, the audience was dumbfounded.

However, the two hundred thousand vegetable and fruit people raised their hands and let out a deafening roar.

“Mushroom Noodles!”

“Mushroom Noodles!”

“Mushroom Noodles!”

At this moment, the Giant Mushroom and Mushroom Noodles were the heroes of the entire vegetable and fruit people.

However, on the high platform, the faces of the Four-Eyed elder and the other three elders were extremely gloomy. Killing intent appeared in their eyes.

“This mushroom noodles must not be left alive!” The four elders looked at each other and immediately agreed.

As a result, the elders of the four great clans stood up and began to act.

“Giant Mushroom, Human Mushroom, Mushroom Noodles, Mushroom Illusion, Mushroom Farmer!” One of the elders of the Four-Eyed Race, Mu Sha, said.

“Now I suspect you are human spies. Arrest all of you!” Mu Sha spoke coldly.

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