All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 18: It’s reasonable to steal the Colored Arm of a disciple, isn’t it?

Chapter 18: It’s reasonable to steal the Colored Arm of a disciple, isn’t it?

“Wang Lufei, where did your Colored Arm … come from?” He Yiming asked without understanding. When Wang Lufei returned to the Sect Square to eat hot pot, he found an opportunity to ask him.

“It’s reasonable a for cultivator king to be armed, right?” Wang Lufei answered as expected.

“???” He Yiming ignored the boy’s illogical reasoning but continued to ask. He then understood.

“Martial Arts could evolve to Colored Arm after a few improvements?” He Yiming was really surprised!

Originally, He Yiming thought that this technique would have little effect on him. But it was obviously incorrect!

Without saying anything, He Yiming learned the Colored Arm created by Wang Lufei and also used this technique.

“Colored Arm!” as He Yiming whispered, He Yiming’s right index finger turned jet black.

“Wow!” With a wave of his hand, He Yiming relaxed and cut a stone with his fingers!

“Awesome!” He Yiming was surprised.

He was in the middle stage of the Spiritual Vein Realm. In terms of cultivation techniques, he had mastered the Azure Emperor Immortal Body!

With the same techniques, He Yiming was more than ten times stronger than Wang Lufei!

“If I do my best …” He Yiming’s eyes flashed, and he went down the mountain to find a War Hunchback Beast.

“Quack!” The beast saw He Yiming. It immediately rushed excitedly.

He Yiming raised his hand, his mid-stage Spiritual Vein cultivation base was fully operating, and the powerful force brought by the Azure Emperor Immortal Body burst. A punch hit the War Hunchback Beast’s body!


This War Hunchback Beast was blown away for several meters. It vomited blood and got injured!

“What if I use Colored Arm again?” He Yiming squeezed his right hand, and his right fist turned jet black.

“Quack!” The War Hunchback Beast was injured, but still violently rushed over with a more terrifying aura!

He Yiming did not flinch or dodge! When the hooves of the War Hunchback Beast kicked, He Yiming raised his right hand!


The War Hunchback Beast felt as if they were kicking on a big mountain. It not only failed to kick the opponent to death, but it was shocked and was pushed back.

“Blocked?” He Yiming’s body trembled, and then he stood firmly.

He actually blocked the attack using Colored Arm?

This is too strong!

He Yiming did not retreat but moved forward. He punched. This punch was armed!


The War Hunchback Beast, whose skin was rough and thick that even ordinary swords and guns couldn’t hurt it, was blown by He Yiming’s punch!

The skull was the hardest part of the War Hunchback Beast! But facing He Yiming’s armed punch, it shattered like glass!

He Yiming was stunned. After Wang Lufei’s tweaks, Martial Arts turned into Colored Arm, which turned out to be terrifying!

“Very good! Colored Arm makes me glad!” He Yiming smiled immediately.

Although the Colored Arm was created by Wang Lufei, as his teacher, wasn’t it also his?

This was also very reasonable!

“Disciples, gather!” He Yiming quickly issued a notice through the system, so the players put aside what they were doing and gathered in the Sect Square.

“Brother Ming is going to announce a major event again?”

“Are you going to open a new map?”

“It’s possible, the War Hunchback Beast is too weak. Let’s find fiercer monsters to make us look cool!”

Many players whispered.

“It’s really amazing …” He Yiming glanced and couldn’t help but exclaim.

ID: Beef Noodle

Cultivation base: Seventh Stage of Body Forging Realm

Talent: None

ID: Wang Lufei

Cultivation base: Sixth Stage of Body Forging Realm

Talent: None

ID: Indomitable Bear

Cultivation base: Seventh Stage of Body Forging Realm

Talent: None

He Yiming saw that the players’ cultivation bases had all improved. Most of them were tripled. Beef Noodle, Wang Lufei, and Indomitable Bear had the highest cultivation bases!

This showed that these players could already kill the War Hunchback Beast very easily. If they often died, their cultivation bases couldn’t so high.

“At this speed, these players’ cultivation bases will reach the peak of the Body Forging Realm sooner or later!

“But if they want to break through to the Spirit Vein Realm, they need a spirit elevating pill!”

“It seems that we must quickly start the cultivation of spiritual grass and spiritual fields!” He Yiming thought secretly.

But what he wanted to announce was another matter.

“The performance of the disciples is very good! This Sect Master is extremely pleased!

“There are two disciples who performed the most outstanding!

“’First Ice Man,’ ‘Wang Lufei,’ step forward!” He Yiming spoke lightly, and Wang Lufei and First Ice Man walked forward excitedly.

“Woah, is it a reward again?”

“It’s possible!”

“I don’t know what the reward is? Is it another Body Forging Pill?”

Many players were curious about it.

“The two disciples are talented and have created Frost Arrow and Colored Arm. This Sect Master is extremely satisfied!

“Hereby, this Sect Master is conferring you two the status of Inner disciples!

“From now on, the First Ice Man will be responsible for teaching Frost Arrow and Wang Lufei will teach Colored Arm!

“I hope other disciples will study hard! Of course, it’s all voluntary!” He Yiming spoke faintly, and then through the system, gave the First Ice Man and Wang Lufei the title of Inner disciples!


Suddenly, a line of small golden letters appeared in front of First Ice Man and Wang Lufei!

Inner disciple!

At present, this title was not actually in practice. It was nothing other than that other players could take screenshots, and the inner disciple had an additional video recording function!

But for the player, it made a world of a difference!

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