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Chapter 16: First Ice Man’s Technique

Chapter 16: First Ice Man’s Technique

“Quack!” A War Hunchback beast was raising its hooves in rage, trying to charge, but its two front hooves were covered in layers of ice. It moved extremely slowly, and its speed was not as fast as the player!

There was a figure less than ten meters in front of this War Hunchback Beast. His body bowed slightly, his hands were slightly tensed, and the cold air slowly condensed into shape, turning into a small ice arrow!

“Frost Arrow!!!” The next moment, the player with the ID: ‘First Ice Man’ pushed with both hands, and the ice arrow flew and hit the front hooves of the War Hunchback Beast.

Both hooves were hit by the Frost Arrow, which immediately got covered in a layer of frost. This greatly reduced its speed!

Grabbing this opportunity, the ‘First Ice Man’ attacked, and a bead-shaped ice appeared.

“Ice Ricochet!” First Ice Man attacked once. The bead of ice flew, accurately hitting a position one meter in front of the War Camel Beast’s body, and then ejected and hit the beast’s lower abdomen!

“Oh oh oh!” This blow immediately injured the beast, causing a certain amount of damage!

Whenever the War Camel Beast was about to chase, a frost arrow would hit the beast, making it slow down!

When the beast turned around and wanted to leave, First Ice Man attacked fiercely from behind!

The enemy advanced, he retreated. The enemy retreated, he advanced!

First Ice Man used this technique and killed this War Hunchback Beast!

This was seen by many players, including Beef Noodle.

“Damn! You are such a bully!”

“You are worthy of being called First Ice Man. The show is finished!”

“Xiuer, is that you?”

The onlookers watched it with their own eyes, and were all shocked. Then, they were overjoyed.

They couldn’t imitate Indomitable Bear’s strong style of play. But First Ice Man’s technique was replicable.

Many players began to cultivate cold ice arrows and ice missiles and practiced on the spot in the sect square.

Once the players became proficient, they would go down the mountain to fight!

“Hold the grass, the beast escaped!”

“Fuck, it is not easy to aim at!”

“Ahhhhhhh! No, I can’t do it~~”

Soon, many players died tragically. Some were due to their Frost Arrow’s failure to hit the beast, while others were due to operational errors. There were many ways to die!

“Fu*k! We’ll quickly die to if we attack it alone, so, let’s form a team!” Some players immediately thought of a countermeasure!

“The Frost Arrows Kite Flow Duo, let’s have a good operation!”

“The Frost Arrows trio, two are missing one! One will be able to eject!”

“This ice technique is really amazing! The Ice technique is invincible!”

Many players formed teams one after another. Soon, there was a trio who took turns launching Frost Arrows. It successfully killed their first War Hunchback Beast!

If there was a first, then there would be a second!

The beasts were quickly killed by the players!

At this moment, everyone was an ice master!

“Hahaha, I succeeded, I finally killed the War Hunchback Beast head-on!” Beef Noodle shouted, stepping on the corpse of a beast.

“Brother Mian, the next one is coming here!”

“That’s it, don’t stop!”

“That’s a must! I won’t sleep today!” Beef Noodle shouted with a wave of his hand!

When almost all players were converting to ice technique, a figure in the library stood proudly!

It took a full six hours to practice more than a thousand times! But this figure had successfully achieved his goal.

ID: Wang Lufei! “My arms are finally finished!” With his, Wang Lufei’s, mouth upturned, he turned and walked out of the library.

“Exchange 6 points for physical training!” Wang Lufei opened the exchange interface and spent his contribution points, all of which were exchanged for the physical training value.

Boom boom boom!

With the crazy increase in his aura, Wang Lufei’s strength directly and continuously broke through to the fourth level of the Body Forging Realm!

“War Hunchback Beast, I’m coming!” Wang Lufei roared!

Coming to the foot of the mountain, Wang Lufei quickly selected a beast.

“Quack!” This beast also spotted Wang Lufei, and rushed up with a strange cry!

Wang Lufei avoided the blow with a very skillful move and immediately used the Indomitable Bear’s strong style of play. After a roll, he rushed to the lower abdomen of the beast!

At this critical moment, Wang Lufei’s eyes gleamed, and he activated his Martial Arts! But Wang Lufei’s martial art was completely different from the Martial Arts of the other players!

With Wang Lufei’s low roar, his right foot lifted up, and it instantly turned jet black!

This pitch-black was not much, but it happened to be condensed on the right foot of Wang Lufei’s attack!

This scene looked like the domineering colored arm in a certain anime!

“Charged kick!” In the next moment, Wang Lufei launched the charged kick that got the bonus of color!


Suddenly, a normally charged kick slammed into the lower abdomen of the beast.

“Ahhh!” The beast screamed and was vomiting blood. Its injuries were serious!

Injured, the beast was furious, and when Wang Lufei got up, it raised its heel and kicked him viciously.

This kick was too fast, and it was too late for Wang Lufei to hide, so Wang Lufei bowed his body and crossed his arms to block him!

“Colored arm!” Almost at the same time, Wang Lufei roared, and black lines appeared, directly wrapping around Wang Lufei’s arms.

The next moment, the back hooves hit Wang Lufei! Wang Lufei screamed and he sent flying a dozen meters away. But …

After a few short breaths, Wang Lufei staggered and stood up!

“It was really … blocked!” Wang Lufei wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. Although the injury was serious, his whole body was filled with excitement!

With some help, he succeeded in blocking the killing blow of the beast!

Although Wang Lufei couldn’t resist a second attack, another chance meant another chance of a comeback!

Wang Lufei seized this opportunity!

Next, Wang Lufei used Indomitable Bear’s strong style of play and successfully killed the beast after more than ten colored kicks!

“I … I won!” Wang Lufei looked at the corpse at his feet. He couldn’t help himself from shouting in excitement.

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