All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 14: New Library

Chapter 14: New Library

“Look, there are so many War Hunchback Beasts!”

“Oh my god, there are hordes of War Hunchback beasts by the river!”

“Little beast, here I am!”

“I found it first. Go away!”

“Leap of Faith!!!”

As the players attacked wildly, the beasts kept falling down. On He Yiming’s side, his Karmic Luck value was constantly changing. +1 +1 and then +1!

Soon, He Yiming’s Luck value accumulated to more than 150 points, so He Yiming spent 100 points and converted it all to improve his cultivation base!


The majestic Qi of Heaven and Earth turned into a whirlpool, then gathered on top of He Yiming’s head. It flowed into He Yiming’s body like a potion!

He Yiming only felt the immense aura pouring into his body, and he hurriedly used the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to absorb it!

If it was an ordinary cultivator, he wouldn’t be able to bear such a huge force and would explode within minutes!

It was the Azure Emperor Immortal Body. With such heaven-defying technique, even such a terrifying power of Heaven and Earth was perfectly absorbed. Not a drop was missed!

The next moment, spiritual power flowed, and it happened naturally!


Middle Spirit Vein Realm!

“This cultivation speed … is simply defying the heavens!”

He Yiming opened his eyes. The moment he saw improvement after the breakthrough felt so refreshing!

The feeling of immeasurable power coursing throughout the body was simply the supreme enjoyment and it made people fascinated!

He Yiming settled down without realizing that an entire day had passed!

He Yiming couldn’t help but sigh. It’s no wonder that those powerful people could cultivate in isolation for hundreds of years!

During cultivation, time flies too fast!

“Let me see how many beasts these players have killed!” He Yiming opened the system interface and was stunned.


In just one day, these players killed another 387 War Hunchback Beasts!

“The fourth natural disaster, a well-deserved reputation! These War Hunchback Beasts are going to be extinct at this rate!” He Yiming whispered.

“I can sign in again!” A new day has begun, and He Yiming happily begins to sign in!

Ding, the host checked in successfully!

Sign-in rewards. A brand-new building, library! New technique X2 has been added!

Cold Ice: An ancient basic spell. Absorbs the qi of heaven and earth and condenses it into cold air! Rank: First Rank.

Martial arts: Ancient basic martial arts. You can quickly condense your body with the power of self-cultivation and greatly increase your body’s strength! Grade: First Grade.

Seeing the sign-in reward, He Yiming was taken aback and then walked out of the hall.

“That’s …” He Yiming looked at it, and his eyes suddenly lit up!

The library, which was almost dilapidated, suddenly turned into a nine-story tower with glittering golden light!

The first floor of the tower had opened!

Two jade slips were lying quietly on a bookshelf, waiting for the players to read it.

The host can freely set permissions to the new library and can also set how many contribution points it takes to enter or purchase the right to read jade slips separately!】

The system prompt sounded at the same time.

“Huh? That’s not bad! I can harvest another wave!” He Yiming was taken aback, then laughed.

“Brother Ming, it’s not good!”

“Brother Ming, think of a way!”

“Yeah yeah!”

As soon as He Yiming appeared, many players surrounded him one after another.

“Dear disciples, what happened?” He Yiming suppressed his excitement and asked solemnly.

“Brother Ming, those War Hunchback Beasts are getting smarter. They are no longer fooled!”

“Yes, those nasty beasts don’t jump into the pits!”

“Yes. When I did the leap of faith, this beast spat me out. It’s shameless!”

The players were gritting their teeth one after another.

“???” He Yiming was speechless.

Who is shameless? You are all about to make it extinct. No matter how stupid the War Hunchback Beast is, it was bound to react!

Of course, He Yiming couldn’t say these things!

“Disciples, don’t panic. Please look over there!” He Yiming waved his hand and pointed to the location of the library.

“F*ck! When did it come out?”

“There are new updates?”

“This tower is so domineering! Is this the new version of the sect library?”

The players were stunned, and then excited.

“Dear disciples. The library has been sorted out after the master renovated it in one day!

“Disciples can enter the library and cultivate brand new techniques!

“Currently, Cangshu Pavilion has two new techniques: Cold Ice and Martial Art! The specifics depend on the understanding of the disciples!” He Yiming spoke faintly and then sent a notification skillfully.


The new library is available! Players only need to pay 100 contribution points to enter the library for 6 hours and freely read the techniques on the first floor!

2nd floor and above are not open yet, so stay tuned!

Following the notification, the players exploded!

“This is a new technique!”

“Quickly, quickly, I want to learn!”

“Fuck, don’t squeeze. Show a little bit of decency. Can’t you line up?”

The players swarmed towards the library.

He Yiming was also a little curious about what the building rewarded by this system looked like, so he followed them in.

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