All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 749 - Qin Sheng’s Experience

Chapter 749: Qin Sheng’s Experience

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Old Master Lin glanced at him but didn’t say anything.

Lin Haocheng took out his phone and showed Old Master Lin the information he had gathered.

“Grandpa, look, Sheng Sheng is so outstanding. She will definitely be worthy of our family, the college entrance examination champion and the National High School Mathematics Competition champion.”

Lin Haocheng’s tone was full of pride.

Old Master Lin took a quick look and returned the phone to Lin Haocheng. Lin Haocheng’s information could be found on the internet.

Old Master Lin had been at home for the past few days, often using his phone to look up information about Qin Sheng.

He had even downloaded the forum of H City High School.

He had also seen some gossip, including some posts that guessed the relationship between Qin Sheng and Qin Churou.

Lin Haocheng held his phone with a puzzled look on his face.

Was his grandfather not moved at all?

Where could he find a good-looking granddaughter with good grades?

“Grandpa, don’t you like Sheng Sheng?” Lin Haocheng was curious. “What did Sheng Sheng do to offend you? She made you have a problem with her at first sight.”

Old Master Lin denied it. “Who said I don’t like her?”

Lin Haocheng frowned. “If you didn’t like her, why didn’t you even want to look at her information just now?”

Old Master Lin blurted out, “I’ve looked through all the information you’ve found.”

As soon as he said that, Old Master Lin understood that he had said something wrong. He could only snort coldly and did not say anything else.

He was thinking in his heart, hoping that Lin Haocheng did not hear clearly.

However, Lin Haocheng’s ears were very sharp.

When he heard this, his eyes widened. He could not believe it. He did not hear wrongly, right? No way.

His grandfather had actually secretly looked up Qin Sheng’s information!

It was not that his grandfather did not like Qin Sheng, it was that he was arrogant and did not admit it.

Lin Haocheng smiled and narrowed his eyes. He sat closer to Old Master Lin. “Grandpa, are you going to inspect Sheng Sheng for a period of time?”

Old Master Lin felt uncomfortable all over.

He kept feeling that Lin Haocheng had seen through his thoughts.

“Lin Haocheng, aren’t you busy? Why aren’t you leaving?”

Lin Haocheng shook his head. “No, no. I’m taking a break at noon today. I’ll start work at 3 in the afternoon. It’s still early.”

His gaze fell on Old Master Lin. “Grandpa, since you like Sheng Sheng, then lure her back. If it’s too late, it’ll be too late, not only will someone take her as a granddaughter first, even that big bad wolf Fu Hanchuan is eyeing her like a tiger. If you hesitate any longer, Sheng Sheng will belong to someone else.”

Old Master Lin frowned.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Old Master Lin picked it up. It was his subordinate’s number.

He wanted to pick it up, but he glanced at Lin Haocheng.

He took the phone and went outside. Lin Haocheng had a hunch that something was wrong, so he quietly followed.

He hid by the door and listened to Old Master Lin’s call.

On the phone, the subordinate reported, “I’ve found out Qin Sheng’s background.”

“Speak,” Old Master Lin ordered.

Thus, the subordinate told him everything he had found out about Qin Sheng’s background.

He investigated very carefully.

Qin Sheng was abused in the Feng family and went out to work alone to earn tuition and living expenses.

In the second semester of her third year of high school, she was brought back to the Qin family. After she returned, Qin Hai and Lin Shuya treated Qin Sheng very badly. Her food and clothing couldn’t compare to Qin Churou’s adopted daughter.

Later on, in order to obtain the investment of Feng Entertainment, Qin Hai cut off his relationship with Qin Sheng.

It also included some of Qin Sheng’s academic achievements.

After hearing the words of his subordinate, Old Master Lin fell silent.

“Anything else?”

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