All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 653 - Was Determined To Win Over Ye Yutong

Chapter 653: Was Determined To Win Over Ye Yutong

Fu Hongyi frowned and said, “Han’er, Fu Hanchuan is not a member of the Fu family. You don’t have to call him brother.”

Fu Shihan bit her lip and did not say anything.

Old Master Fu was obviously furious. He nodded and said, “That’s right. A person like Fu Hanchuan is not worthy to be my grandson.”

Fu Shihan retorted softly, “Grandfather, Brother Hanchuan was merely bewitched by that vixen. He will understand in the future.”

Old Master Fu remembered that no company was willing to work with them on that project because Fu Hanchuan stood up for Qin Sheng.

His eyes were very cold. “As expected of a vixen.”

Old Master Fu had made up his mind that he could not let Qin Sheng marry Fu Hanchuan.

The Fu family already had a Zhou Sihui. He did not want a second Zhou Sihui to appear.

Although Qin Sheng’s results and abilities were excellent, Old Master Fu still steeled his mind.

The stronger her abilities were, the more Old Master F was worried that he would not be able to control her and would let Qin Sheng take over the company.

Fu Shihan sat beside Old Master Fu, hugged his arm, and said coquettishly, “So, Grandfather, you can’t let Brother Hanchuan be with that vixen.”

Old Master Fu patted Fu Shihan’s hand. “Grandfather is old and doesn’t have much energy to deal with this matter. This still requires Yutong to work hard.”

Fu Mingxu, who had just returned from outside, heard Old Master Fu’s words, and his eyes flashed.

He changed into his slippers and walked in.


Old Master Fu nodded and said with a sigh, “Yutong is so outstanding. It’s such a pity to be paired with Hanchuan. How good would it be if she could be together with Mingxu?”

He sighed. “It’s a pity that she has her heart set on Fu Hanchuan.”

“Grandfather, I can understand why Yutong likes Brother Hanchuan. After all, Brother Hanchuan is very outstanding.” Fu Mingxu smiled warmly.

Old Master Fu sneered. “No matter how outstanding he is, he can’t help our Fu Corporation in any way!”

Fu Hongyi said from the side, “Dad, Mingxu has graduated this year. If you have time, why don’t you ask Mingxu to help the company and train him? That way, Mingxu’s ability will definitely not be weaker than Fu Hanchuan’s.”

Old Master F frowned and rejected Fu Hongyi’s suggestion. “We’ll talk about this in the future.”

Fu Mingxu was very understanding. “Grandfather is in good health and has the energy to handle the company’s matters. He doesn’t need my help. Besides, doesn’t the company have Dad?”

Old Master F nodded in satisfaction.

Fu Mingxu’s words were very in line with his thoughts.

He rarely said, “Mingxu, you don’t have to worry. Sooner or later, this company will be handed over to you. As for Fu Hanchuan…”

Old Master Fu snorted coldly. “He can forget about getting a share of the Fu family’s assets.”

Fu Mingxu lowered his head, his eyes full of pride.

Fu Shihan poured a cup of tea for Old Master Fu. “Grandfather, don’t worry. I will definitely manage the company well.”

She had listened to Fu Mingxu’s words.

When Fu Hanchuan was down and out and had something to ask of them, Fu Hanchuan would definitely treat her as his younger sister.

Therefore, the shares of the Fu family could not fall into Fu Hanchuan’s hands.

Old Master F took the tea. He felt that Fu Shihan was extremely considerate.

He thought of something and reminded, “Fu Hanchuan has been bewitched by Qin Sheng. She is going to study at Imperial Capital University. Fu Hanchuan should follow her. Han’er, in the capital, you have to help Yutong and Hanchuan get closer.”

Fu Shihan nodded obediently. “Grandfather, I will definitely do that.”

“That’s good.” Old Master Fu Drank the tea.

Fu Mingxu, who was sitting at the side, pinched his fingers. There was a look of determination in his eyes.

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