All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 586 - He Liked Qin Sheng  

Chapter 586: He Liked Qin Sheng

“Miss, what type of clothes do you like?” the shop assistant asked politely.

This shop assistant was very shrewd. She saw Mother Lu and didn’t feel the slightest bit of heartache when she spent money. She must be from a wealthy family.

She needed to suck up to her.

Therefore, her attitude towards Qin Sheng was very good.

“I’m just looking around.”


Qin Sheng walked in the shop, her cold gaze sweeping over the clothes one by one.

She had never been picky about clothes.

To Qin Sheng, clothes were enough as long as they could be worn.

Of course, she didn’t like those pink and tender princess dresses.

She walked to the front of a knee-length dress, and suddenly, she stopped in her tracks.

She looked at the dress.

Qin Sheng frowned.

The shop assistant thought that Qin Sheng had taken a fancy to the dress. She said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Miss. This dress is the most treasured item in our shop. It’s not for sale.”

“Okay.” Qin Sheng nodded lightly.

But she did not walk away.

She studied the dress carefully.

Outside the shop.

Fu Shihan was holding Ye Yutong’s arm.

Ye Yutong frowned and asked, “Han’er, has your brother returned to the Fu family during this period of time?”

Ye Yutong had taken the time to return to the capital over the past few days just to see Fu Hanchuan.

Ever since Ye Yutong met Qin Sheng, she had been feeling very uneasy.

She was always worried that Qin Sheng would become her strongest opponent.

Qin Sheng was a few years younger than Fu Hanchuan, but Ye Yutong still had a strong sense of crisis.

The reason was that Qin Sheng had moved into Fu Garden and lived openly with Fu Hanchuan.

Fu Hanchuan was a germaphobe.

She had worked hard for so many years, but still could not get close to him.

She did not expect a young girl to be able to live in Fu Garden.

So, this time, Ye Yutong had returned to H City again. She wanted to see Fu Hanchuan.

Unfortunately, it had been three days since she had returned, but she did not manage to find a chance to meet Fu Hanchuan.

Hearing this, Fu Shihan comforted her, “Brother Hanchuan has something on and has not been back for a long time. Sister Tong, don’t worry too much. You are so outstanding. Brother Hanchuan will definitely like you.”

Ye Yutong was embarrassed. “But Hanchuan… He seems to like Qin Sheng very much.”

At this point, Ye Yutong bit her lip and the jealousy in her eyes disappeared. “He let Qin Sheng live in Fu Garden and even became a teacher for Qin Sheng at H City High School.”

“Hanchuan is afraid of trouble. He is also a top student at Imperial University and a teacher at a small H City High School. If it weren’t for Qin Sheng, he would never have become a teacher.”

Fu Shihan was indignant. “That woman wants to charm my brother forever just because of her looks? How is that possible? Sooner or later, Brother Hanchuan will abandon her.”

Ye Yutong did not say anything.

She roughly understood Fu Hanchuan’s character. He would not treat her so well just because of Qin Sheng’s looks.

He had fallen in love with Qin Sheng.

Ye Yutong had also heard that Qin Sheng was the top scorer in the National College Entrance Examination!

Back then, even she had only managed to get into the top 100 in the National College Entrance Examination.

Ye Yutong’s sense of crisis was unprecedentedly strong.

Fu Shihan held Ye Yutong’s hand and said, “Sister Yutong, don’t worry. You are beautiful, gentle, and have a good family background. You also care about Brother Hanchuan. Brother Hanchuan will be with you in the future.”

Ye Yutong forced a smile and said, “Han’er, thank you for comforting me.”

“It’s okay, Sister Tong. You will be my sister-in-law in the future. If I don’t curry favor with you, who will?”

As she said that, Fu Shihan pulled Ye Yutong into the shop.

“Let’s go shopping and buy a few more sets of clothes. Then your mood will be better.”

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