All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 1280 - 1280 Let Them Divorce

1280 Let Them Divorce

When Qin Yufei said this, he did not have much confidence.

He was indeed worried that he would really say those words.

Fu Hanchuan sounded serious.

There was no trace of lying on his face.

At that time, he was drunk and completely did not remember what he had said back then. He could even take out his household register and give it to Fu Hanchuan personally, let alone anything else.

Perhaps, he really did say that he agreed to their marriage..

Old Master Qin glared fiercely at Qin Yufei. He was furious. “As a father, you actually gave the household register to Fu Hanchuan personally. Aren’t you giving Sheng Sheng to Fu Hanchuan personally?”

If they had hidden the household register well, Fu Hanchuan would not have had the chance to bring Qin Sheng here to get married.

He usually looked like a very smart person, and he was also very skilled in the business world.

He didn’t expect that he would drop the ball at the critical moment.

Qin Yufei was very guilty. He avoided his gaze and did not dare to look at Old Master Qin anymore.

Fu Hanchuan took out the household register and returned it to Old Master Qin.

Old Master Qin looked at the household register and was very displeased. He directly threw it to Qin Yufei. “Take it.”

The atmosphere was still tense.

Lin Haoyu and Lin Haocheng had also arrived at the scene. Lin Haoyu immediately saw Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan holding hands. He frowned and reminded Lin Haocheng.

“Haocheng, go and separate them.”

Lin Haocheng looked over and saw their intimate actions. He rushed forward and pulled them apart.

“If you want to talk, then talk. Why are you acting so intimate? There are so many people around now. How can this be? Fu Hanchuan, although you and Sheng Sheng are boyfriend and girlfriend, Sheng Sheng is a girl, so you have to pay attention to her reputation.”

Qin Sheng looked around. There was no one else besides them.

She could not help but hold her forehead.

“Sheng Sheng and I are already husband and wife. We’re not just a couple,” Fu Hanchuan reminded him.

Hearing this, the others glared at Fu Hanchuan.

Lin Haocheng choked. After a while, he straightened his neck and said, “Didn’t you guys still not hold a wedding? Other than our family, no one else knows that you’re married. What kind of husband and wife are you?”

When Lin Haoyu heard Lin Haocheng’s words, his eyes flashed.

A plan formed in his mind.

“If you get the marriage certificate, can’t you also get the divorce certificate?” Lin Haocheng asked again. “By then, Sheng Sheng will be single again.”

The more Lin Haocheng thought about it, the more he felt that it made sense.

He voiced out his thoughts. “I have a suggestion. Grandpa Qin, Grandpa, Fu Hanchuan and Sheng Sheng came over to get the marriage certificate. We didn’t know about this before, so the marriage this time doesn’t count. Aren’t we still at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau? Then why don’t we go over and get the divorce certificate now? It’ll save us trouble.”

Old Master Lin gave Lin Haocheng a slap on the head. “You idiot. If we really get a divorce so soon, wouldn’t outsiders laugh at our Sheng Sheng? They will say that Sheng Sheng was despised by Hanchuan.”

After being hit for no reason, Lin Haocheng covered his head and explained in a wronged manner, “Fu Hanchuan didn’t dump Sheng Sheng. It should be our Sheng Sheng who dumped Fu Hanchuan.”

Old Master Lin was very moved by Lin Haocheng’s words.

But soon, he shook his head again. “That won’t do. It’ll leave a stain on Sheng Sheng. Sheng Sheng’s divorced. That’s not good.”

Hearing this, Lin Haocheng nodded. “What else can we do? Are we going to let Sheng Sheng marry Fu Hanchuan?”

Old Master Lin and Old Master Qin fell silent.

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