Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion

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Ling Han and Liu Yu Tong departed. Ling Mu Yun and others wanted to stop them but didn’t dare to act. Even Ling Zhong Kuan was defeated—who else in the Ling Clan had the power to resist?

None… unless Ling Dong Xing returned, that is.

However, even if Ling Dong Xing returned, which side would he be on? That was obvious.

The five maidservants had extremely colorful expressions. They have watched such an interesting show that it’d be enough for them to brag about for three years.

“Where are we going?” Liu Yu Tong asked Ling Han after leaving the Ling Clan Grounds.

“Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion.” Ling Han replied.

Liu Yu Tong made an “oh”. She thought that Ling Han would be prescribing her medicine. After all, she was a “patient”.

The two walked quickly, and after only ten minutes, they reached their destination.

Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion was a very powerful existence, and had a branch in every city in Rain Country. Whether there were any branches outside of Rain Country, Ling Han wasn’t too sure due to his limited knowledge. Anyway, the variety of medicinal plants and pills in Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion should be more than enough as they should have every kind available on market. If something couldn’t be bought there, then it definitely could not be bought in other places as well.

Ling Han entered the pavilion and approached a counter. Behind it sat a very beautiful young girl. Seeing Ling Han walk over, she immediately stood up with a smile, and said, “Hello, my name is Xiao Tao. I’m honored to be of service.”

Her eyes focused on Liu Yu Tong for a moment. After all, this young girl was unusually beautiful; even she felt slightly captivated despite being female herself.

Ling Han nodded, saying, “I would like to buy Violet Lotus Grass, Blue Branch Fruit, Hundred Year Vermilion Bamboo, Red Leafed Potato, Rotted Leafed Dead Tree Roots.”

Xiao Tao’s face went completely blank. She had been working here for over two years, and yet had never heard even the names of these five medicinal plants. She stared blankly for a moment before saying: “Customers, I apologize, but I haven’t even heard of these medicinal plants. Please wait for a moment, I will ask someone else on your behalf.”

“All right,” Ling Han nodded. These five medicinal plants were indeed quite uncommon, because aside from using them to concoct the Element Heart Recover Spirit Powder, they were very rarely used for other concoctions. And even though the Element Heart Recover Spirit Powder was not a high-grade concoction, it was a medicine he created personally during his previous life. Although he had taught the formula to a few people, it may not have been passed down through the generations.

After a while, they saw Xiao Tao and a middle-aged man around thirty years of age walk towards them.

“Are you the one who’s causing trouble?” The middle-aged man looked at Ling Han, his face filled with disdain.

Ling Han frowned. “What do you mean, causing trouble?

“Bah, randomly naming some non-existent medicinal plants, isn’t this purposely causing trouble?” The middle-aged man harrumphed, his facial expression proclaiming silently: hah, I’ve seen through you.

Ling Han asked, “Why do you think that I just randomly named some non-existent medicinal plants?”

“Aren’t you asking nonsense? I’m a grand alchemist from the medium level of Yellow Grade. Even I have never heard of these medicinal plants, so aren’t you just randomly naming them? Get out of here!” The middle-aged man waved his hand as if he was shooing away flies.

His name was Ma Da Jun, and he was indeed an alchemist at the medium level of Yellow Grade.

There were other customers in the shop, and once they heard his words, they all let out an “oh” sound, their faces filled with respect.

Alchemist was a very scarce and noble profession. There were four major grades in the profession – Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow. Every grade was further divided into three minor levels – high, medium and low levels. However, even an alchemist from the medium level of the Yellow Grade was a welcomed and respected existence, someone all major powers would fight to have.

It was like that also in Grey Cloud Town. There was only one alchemist of this rank, and he worked in Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion. Usually, he didn’t even need to concoct any medicinal pills; the purpose behind his presence was simply being an overseer.

Thus, Ma Da Jun naturally had enough of a reason to be prideful.

“Even Alchemist Ma has said so, this brat must indeed have come to cause trouble.”

“What a joke, he actually came to Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion to misbehave. Where did this fool come from?

“Maybe he’s come to please the audience?”

Everyone was on the side of Ma Da Jun. An alchemist was an extremely noble existence, and thus their partiality was hardly surprising.

Ling Han was slightly irritated, and said, “If you’ve never heard of them, that’s because of your own lack of ability. How can you without any basis proclaim that others are just causing trouble? Go and ask for the most well-educated person in your shop, I shall speak to him.”

“Who do you think you are to command me?” Ma Da Jun similarly looked extremely unhappy. He had come out personally to expose him, so why was he still here, being a pest? Moreover, Ma Da Jun was the person in charge of this Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion! Who else would be better educated than him here?

Naturally, that was excluding Grandmaster Zhu. The other was just here on a holiday when he suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and so was just borrowing this Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion’s facilities to concoct pills.

Seeing this, the corners of Liu Yu Tong’s lips slightly lifted, and looked a little expectant.

She would not act this time.

Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion was a colossal existence. Even the imperial family of Rain Country would have to treat them with respect! She was only a member of the younger generation of the Liu Clan, so she definitely could not accompany Ling Han to mess around in this place.

Aren’t you quite capable? Why are you being embarrassed now?

Although she agreed to become Ling Han’s follower, it was just temporary. Moreover, with her pride, that was something she was most unwilling to do—at least at present. Thus, she really wanted to see Ling Han’s embarrassed face.

However cold a woman was, she would still want to retaliate when made unhappy.

“Get lost!” Ma Da Jun brushed off his hands, looking impatient.

“You won’t regret this?” Ling Han slowly said.

“Haha, what can you do to me?” Ma Da Jun felt unreasonably tickled. This young man actually dared to threaten him.

The other people in the shop too looked as if they were watching a comedy. Was this young man a spoiled young master from some clan? However, even if he was the son of the clan head of either one of the two Great Clans, he would still not be qualified to stand against a medium level alchemist of the Yellow Grade.

Ling Han only smiled, and turned towards Liu Yu Tong.

A feeling of despise flashed through Liu Yu Tong’s heart—was he going to ask her to take action again? However, she only heard Ling Han say, “Help me shout loudly ‘You’ve put too much Copper Valley Sand!’ Do it three times, the louder the better.”

What did that mean?

Liu Yu Tong’s beautiful eyes widened, but when she saw the confidence on Ling Han’s face, her heart trembled and she couldn’t help but do as he told her, “You’ve put too much Copper Valley Sand! You’ve put too much Copper Valley Sand! You’ve put too much Copper Valley Sand!”

She was a person from the Element Gathering Tier, so her shout was like a lion’s roar.

“You’re both crazy, chase them out of here!” Ma Da Jun furiously said to the two guards in the shop.

“Peng!” A loud noise echoed out, as if something had exploded—any alchemist would be able to tell that this noise was caused by an exploding furnace, something that every alchemist would experience.

“Tong, tong, tong, tong!” A series of footsteps was heard from upstairs. Very quickly, a white-haired elder appeared at the top of the staircase, and shot right in front of Liu Yu Tong like an arrow, excitedly asking, “How do you know that I’ve put in too much Copper Valley Sand?”

The elder’s figure still had some traces of suffering from a furnace’s explosion: his brow, beard and hair were all partially burned and half his face was blackened with ashes; his clothes were likewise in disarray, covered in singes. Being intently stared at by such an old man, the odd feeling within Liu Yu Tong’s heart could be imagined.

But what caused her greater surprise was the silver emblem hanging on one side of the elder’s chest. That was the sign of an alchemist, and silver represented… Black Grade! One emblem represented low level.

This elder was a low level alchemist of the Black Grade!

Goodness, this kind of existence, even in the great clans of the imperial city, would be considered a revered guest. Even the Clan Head of her Liu Clan, faced with the other, would have to very politely address the other as “Grandmaster”.

But now, this “Grandmaster” was actually looking at her with a fawning gaze, his face filled with the desire to seek knowledge. How would Liu Yu Tong not feel odd?

She couldn’t help looking at Ling Han. How many other mysteries was this young man hiding?

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