Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Ma Lang

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After the battle at the Cheng Clan Residence, the two clans who had been of equal status in Gray Cloud Town set off towards two different destinies.

The influence of the Ling Clan increased day by day, and they soon possessed enough power to be proclaimed the most dominant clan in Gray Cloud Town. On the other hand, the Cheng Clan was trapped in a huge dilemma, forced into a corner. One of the reasons behind it was the stagnation of their economy, but the other more important reason was the fact that their morale had received a heavy blow.

Ling Dong Xing really did have a good son!

This was currently the common understanding amongst the townspeople of Gray Cloud Town. None of them would recall the fact that just two months ago, this “good son” had still been a publicly acclaimed piece of trash and considered a complete joke.

The smaller clans in the town began to have frequent dealings with the Ling Clan, hoping to become in-laws with the Ling Clan. Their target naturally was the previously famous trash, and the currently well-known great genius, Ling Han. Of course, the Shen Clan thus became the butt of their jokes.

Initially, they had already claimed Ling Han, this excellent potential son-in-law, yet they themselves decided to go back on their own word and reject him.

Many wondered how Shen Zi Yan was feeling now.

Chen Feng Lie had just left, but another member of the Stone Wolf Sect arrived. His name was Ma Lang. He brought with him a law enforcement team, aggressively interrogating each and every clan, apparently looking for someone.

When Ling Han found out, his heart stirred. Could it be that these people had come because of Hang Zhan?

Very soon, Ma Lang and his group had arrived at the Ling Clan Residence.

The Stone Wolf Sect was overlord within the nearest one thousand miles. Ma Lang was here on behalf of the Stone Wolf Sect, so no matter who it was, everyone had to give him enough face. As a result, the high-ranking members of the Ling Clan had all gathered at the Main Hall to receive this “Special Envoy”.

Ling Han arrived a bit late, and when he entered the Main Hall with Liu Yu Tong in tow, it was already fully occupied. He gave a shake of his head to the servant who had been about to greet him before quietly walking over.

There was only one person amongst those present who was not a member of the Ling Clan, and that was a young man all dressed in white. He seemed to be about twenty three or twenty four years old and looked very average, yet there was a very powerful aura being exuded from him, full of an extreme self-confidence.

The only flaw was the fact that the smile on this guy’s face was much too false, inducing disgust in those who saw it.

Aside from him, there also stood a line of people dressed entirely in black outside the Main Hall. All of them were in Element Gathering Tier, but their cultivation levels weren’t very high. It appeared that the average cultivation level among them was either second or third layer. None of them seemed to have entered into the fourth layer.

…Fourth layer and seventh layer will forever be a difficult barrier to breach.

‘This young man in white should be Ma Lang then,’ Ling Han thought, once again turning his eyes towards the former. His cultivation level was much higher than his companions as he had already reached the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier. Within this area, along with his apparently young age, he definitely would deserve the name of genius. The power of Shen Zi Yan, Cheng Xiang and such so-called “geniuses” was less than nothing when compared with this young man.

“Ling Clan Head, within the recent month, has any of your clansmen entered the vicinity of the Balance Mountain?” Ma Lang asked.

Ling Dong Xing’s heart skipped a beat. He naturally knew very well that Ling Han had just returned from his trip to Balance Mountain, but now that Ma Lang had so coincidentally asked about it, how could he not be slightly alert? However, no matter how it was, he has had many years of experience in the position of Clan Head, and so was of course very shrewd. His expression did not change the slightest as he said, “As far as I know, none of my clansmen entered the vicinity of the Balance Mountain.”

Thankfully, Ling Han had both left and returned very secretly. The other members of the clan only knew that Ling Han had disappeared for about a month, but none of them knew where exactly he had gone.

“Is that so!” Ma Lang gave a nod of his head and did not say anything else. He simply sat there with his eyes closed, seemingly deep in thought.

Ling Dong Xing was well aware of the situation, and hurriedly had someone present a wooden box, and said, “Young Master Ma must have had a difficult journey. Please accept this small token of sincerity from the Ling Clan, Young Master Ma!”

Ma Lang finally opened his eyes, and received the wooden box. He made no pretense of modesty and actually opened it on the spot. Inside only lay several thick pieces of paper, but when Ma Lang flipped through the contents, a smile appeared on his face.

These pieces of paper were monetary notes. Each piece had a denomination of five hundred coins, and there were in total four pieces, which equated to two thousand coins. This was really quite a large sum of money.

He had come here on a mission, yet had already intended to seek monetary gifts. Who would not fear and respect him when he had brought with him a law reinforcement team from Stone Wolf Sect? After all, he was now considered a representative of Stone Wolf Sect. He had made his rounds around all the minor clans of Gray Cloud Town, leaving the Ling and Cheng Clans last.

As expected, Great Clans will be Great Clans. They were always very generous with their “gifts”.

As he had already gotten his hands on “benefits”, he naturally felt very pleased. He suddenly stood, and said, “I am under command of our Seventh Elder and am currently trying to apprehend a murderer. If you know of anyone who has entered into the vicinity of Balance Mountain within the last month, Ling Clan Head, please do inform me. I will be remaining in this town for a few more days.”

“Of course!” Ling Dong Xing answered. He too stood up, and said, “Let me see you off, Young Master Ma!”

Ma Lang cheerfully nodded, putting himself in the role of “imperial envoy”, both hands placed behind his back, taking big strides.

“Young Master Ma!” And right at this moment, someone suddenly spoke. It was Ling Zhong Kuan.

Ma Lang frowned, turning around and saying, “What is it?”

“I suddenly recalled, that there is one member of the clan that had disappeared for about a month. Perhaps…. he had gone to Balance Mountain!” Ling Zhong Kuan said, a cold smile playing about his lips.

“Oh, who is it?” Ma Lang asked.

“This person’s name is Ling Han, he is the son of our Clan Head,” Ling Zhong Kuan had been waiting for Ma Lang to ask him about it, and so his reply was quick.

Hearing such words, all the members of the Ling Clan started cursing Ling Zhong Kuan in their hearts.

Putting aside the fact that Ling Han was now a ray of hope to the Ling Clan and a strong pillar of support for the clan in the future, even if he was the trash he had once been, as long as his surname was Ling, you still can’t help an outsider hurt your own clansman! And he wanted to become Clan Head with this kind of temperament? The future of the Ling Clan would really become bleak if he succeeded.

Ling Dong Xing was naturally raging in his heart, and regretted that he had not tidied up the clan. Based on the fact that they all shared the same surname of Ling, he had not been ruthless, but he had never thought that Ling Zhong Kuan would actually be so heartless himself.

Ma Lang turned to look at Ling Dong Xing, and asked, “Ling Clan Head, was there such a matter?”

Ling Dong Xing’s expression remained unchanged, as he said, “My son did leave on a training trip slightly over a month ago, but he had not gone to Balance Mountain.”

“Oh, then where had he gone?” Ma Lang narrowed his eyes.

“Seven Wind Mountains,” Ling Han stepped out.

“So you’re Ling Han?” Ma Lang turned his gaze to Ling Han.

“I am Ling Han,” Ling Han nodded

Ma Lang stared at Ling Han, a grim expression on his face, causing all those present to feel a chill that foretold of an upcoming storm.

“Hahahaha!” He suddenly laughed, walked over and patted Ling Han’s shoulder, saying, “Don’t be so nervous, we are just here to ask around a bit. I still have to go to the Cheng Clan Residence, but I’ll return for a visit. I think we will have many common topics to chat about.”

This young man really was very temperamental.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Hope to see you again.”

“Ling Clan Head, you don’t have to see me off!” Ma Lang gave a wave of his hands, and left together with his group of black-clad people.

When his figure disappeared from sight, all those in the hall finally released the breath they had been holding. Somehow, without themselves realizing it, their bodies had been covered in a layer of cold sweat. This was a sign of how much pressure the presence of this young man had exerted on them.

Poisonous snake!

That’s right, a poisonous snake! This young man was exactly like a poisonous snake! Anyone who shared the same space with him would be anxious to the point of perspiring.

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