Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: King of Eternal Night

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“Father is not trying to attack your self-confidence here, but for every round of Da Yuan Tournament, within the ranks of the participants, there is no lack of powerful warriors in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and you’ve just entered the Element Gathering Tier. No matter how extraordinarily gifted you may be, you are still unable to compare with elite warriors in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier,” Ling Dong Xing switched the topic of conversation to advise Ling Han.

It’s good to have great ambition, but overconfidence was definitely nothing good.

Ling Han nodded. Every layer of martial arts was a stage, and every three layers was a large stage. There were very few geniuses that could manage to step over this stage, and defeat those with higher cultivation levels than their own. [1]

He was now only in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, how far was his power from that of the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier? Moreover, there were some who had broken through to the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier long ago, and although they had not yet broken through to the Gushing Spring Tier, they could still master their martial arts skills to a higher, stronger level. These warriors would naturally have battle strength that was on a completely different level.

If he had reached the peak of the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, then with the power of the Five Elements Origin Nuclei, he’d have a high chance of winning even against someone in the middle stage of Element Gathering Tier. But if his opponent was in the late stage of Element Gathering Tier… the chance of Ling Han winning would only be fifty-fifty.

“After a while, I plan to head to the Seven Wind Mountains for training,” Ling Han said. Although he had made this decision some time ago, there was still a need to inform Ling Dong Xing of it.

Ling Dong Xing was instantly shocked. He naturally knew what kind of place the Seven Wind Mountains was–it was a world where demonic beasts rampaged, and there were extremely fearful creatures within the innermost parts of the forest. Thus, even martial artists in Spiritual Ocean Tier dared not venture too deeply! Ling Han was only in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, it was too dangerous for him to enter the Seven Wind Mountains.

Besides, there were just two months left until the year’s end, so even if he went there for a training trip, it wouldn’t be possible for him to make much progress anyways.

“Please don’t worry, Father. I will only travel around the outer zone, and won’t venture too deeply in,” Ling Han said, smiling. He truly had no such intention, for the martial artist who had discovered the Earth Dragon Grass was also only in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier–he too could not have ventured deeply into the Seven Wind Mountains.

Still, Ling Dong Xing could not help but worry. However, he also understood that his son was now a grown-up man, so it was impossible that he would listen to his father on every issue. Thus, he had only given him repeated instructions and advice. Fortunately, Ling Han was not planning to immediately set out for the Seven Wind Mountains.

Father and son conversed a moment longer about their daily lives before Ling Han returned to his room, where he took a bath to wash away the dust accumulated during his travel. He took out and changed into a new suit of clothes, though he felt it was a little tight.

He was still in the growing period, and within this month of travelling in the wilds, he not only grew taller, but his physique had also become much sturdier. Thus, when he wore the clothes he had worn in the past, he suddenly felt as if the clothes had shrunk a size.

Thankfully, the Ling Clan had no lack of money, so Ling Han called for a servant to take his measurements and immediately head to the tailor’s to collect some ready-made clothes for him to choose from. But when he spotted Liu Yu Tong, he could not help once again calling for a servant. Then, he had Liu Yu Tong announce her measurements as well, so that the servant could collect some clothes for her too.

This beautiful little attendant girl would naturally be attending tonight’s banquet with him.

Very soon, the servant returned with a pile of clothing. There were more than ten sets of both male and female attire, and Ling Han and Liu Yu Tong slowly browsed through them. Ling Han very quickly made his choice, but Liu Yu Tong tried one suit after another. She appeared not to be too satisfied with the suits, yet also seemed to have much interest in every one of them.

Liu Yu Tong finally made her decision right about when the sun was about to set. After she had changed, Ling Han could not help giving a whistle.

Truly beautiful.

She was already an exquisitely beautiful girl. Now that she had changed into a long, lake water green dress, her delicate, well-shaped figure was on full display. Her round breasts, slender waist, slightly uplifted behind, together with a pair of shapely long legs, formed an image of complete femininity.

She had even deliberately put on some light make-up, allowing her facial features to be even more distinctly displayed. She really did make a tempting picture.

Seeing Ling Han’s slightly shocked expression, Liu Yu Tong could not help feeling a little proud. All this while, she had experienced a lot of shock because of Ling Han, and now that she had finally given him a little payback, she felt very pleased, so much that even the corners of her lips had lifted up in a smile.

She was originally an icy beauty. Now, with a smile on her face, it seemed as if the ice had melted and she looked truly lovely and alluring, elegant and graceful. Even Ling Han, with his firm composure, could not help staring.

“Let’s go!” Liu Yu Tong slightly raised her jade-like chin, creating an attractive arch, making her look a little arrogant.

Beauties will be beauties, every move and action would make an observer carefree and pleased.

But when they exited the residence, Liu Yu Tong still had her beautiful face veiled, and carefully hid her alluring features behind the veil. Ling Han secretly felt this was a bit of a pity, yet at the same time, he felt a little pleased too, for the beautiful face of his little attendant girl could only be admired by him alone.

“Oh, right, do you know of any prominent geniuses in Da Yuan City?” Ling Han asked, while they were walking.

Liu Yu Tong’s steps paused, and she said, “Are you intending to participate in the Da Yuan Tournament?”

“You’re quite smart,” Ling Han smiled.

“Rain Country has a nationwide great tournament that is held once every three years. If you manage to get into the top fifty in the Da Yuan Tournament, then you’re guaranteed enrollment within Hu Yang Academy,” Liu Yu Tong said. “This was originally meant to discover geniuses for Rain Country.”

So that’s how it is, Da Yuan City was not the only example.

“If you’re talking about geniuses…” Liu Yu Tong pondered for a moment, lightly opened her mouth, and spoke, “The imperial city is too far away from here, so I’m not really sure. I only know of one person, because he is also a student of Hu Yang Academy.”

“And who’s that?” Ling Han asked casually.

“Qi Yong Ye, the fourth son of the current Da Yuan King. Others gave him the nickname: King of Eternal Night. He truly is extremely talented, with exceedingly high battle strength. When he was in the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier, he had once killed a warrior in the eighth layer of Element Gathering Tier,” Liu Yu Tong did not hide her expression of admiration. Killing and defeating were two different matters after all.

“Three years ago, he was in the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and he had already gotten the second place in the Da Yuan Tournament. Now, he should already be in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier.”

This truly was an extremely powerful opponent. Ling Han’s battle spirit uplifted–it would be invigorating to trample such a strong opponent.

The two of them rendezvoused with Ling Dong Xing, and the company of three boarded a carriage that set out from the Ling Clan Residence. Meanwhile, closely following behind them were Ling Zhong Kuan and his grandson, who had also boarded a carriage of their own.

“Father, you still haven’t dealt with them?” Ling Han asked.

“When all is said and done, Ling Zhong Kuan is still the Chief Butler. Moreover, he has been running things for so many years that his power is deeply rooted. Although I’ve managed to remove some of his power, he’s not someone I can deal with in a short period of time,” Ling Dong Xing frowned, looking slightly displeased.

This pair of grandfather and grandson actually dared to try to steal the opportunity to enroll in Hu Yang Academy he had earned for his son, they were truly despicable!

Ling Han nodded. In the end, it was still the issue of actual power. If Ling Dong Xing was in the Gushing Spring Tier, then no matter how bold Ling Zhong Kuan was, he would not dare have any wild thoughts.

The carriage swayed slightly on the way, and after about twenty minutes, they had arrived at the main door to the Cheng Clan Residence.

The Cheng Clan was the other Great Clan of Gray Cloud Town, so naturally their mansion was not something that common people’s real estate could compare to. It occupied a space of a few tens of acres, the high walls of the mansion towering like a giant, creeping beast.

Not only the Ling Clan was invited to the banquet tonight, for all clans that were even slightly powerful within Gray Cloud Town had all received invitations. Thus, the Cheng Clan had already spread out a red carpet at their main entrance, with eight servants standing on either side. Every time a guest arrived, these servants would announce their arrival loudly and clearly, and naturally, there would be someone to come out from the residence to receive the guest.

When Ling Han and his companions stepped down from their carriage, immediately, a servant announced loudly, “Noble guest has arrived!”

“Haha, Brother Ling, I’ve waited a long time for you!” A middle-aged man stepped out to receive them, raising his clasped hands in the direction of Ling Dong Xing. His face was redder than dates, and his figure tall and sturdy. He was the Cheng Clan Clan Head, Cheng Wen Kun.

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