Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3292 Demonic Rat

3292 Demonic Rat


Ling Han cursed internally. He didn't seem to have excavated an ancient historical site, but rather a prison. Now, the "thing" that was imprisoned inside was about to escape.

Even if there was still a layer of mountain wall separating them, he could still feel that this existence was overwhelmingly powerful.

Peng, he had not even finished the thought, when the cave wall had already split open, and a head poked out.

This was... a rat's head. However, it was overwhelmingly huge, and was no different in size from a human head.

Instantly, the pressure was like a mountain!

Ling Han felt suffocated. This rat was far too powerful. It definitely wasn't an Extreme Bone Tier elite. In fact, it may not even be an Inscription Tier elite. It was as if it could kill him with a single thought.

This meant that not only did this rat have a higher cultivation level, but its spiritual power was also incredibly terrifying.

Hold on, how could this Demonic Rat speak?

Ling Han had seen a Demonic Beast that could speak before, and that was Brother Monkey. Otherwise, even if it was the strange little pervert pig, it didn't have such an ability.

Without hesitation, he flipped his hands. Pa, pa, pa! He threw out three pillars, locking the hole that the rat had opened.

"Yi, a human child?" This Demonic Rat showed a hint of disdain, "Brat, do you think you can trap Lord Rat just by throwing three measly iron stakes? You are really too naive!"

It took a sniff, and said to itself, "Why is the heaven and earth so weak and mystical power so poor? Looks like those few people were unable to destroy the foundations of the Great Formation. However, since Lord Rat can come out, it means that this great formation is about to collapse."

"Damn it, in such an environment of heaven and earth, how long will Lord Rat take to recover to its prime condition?"

It looked towards Ling Han, and revealed a baleful expression, "It's been a long time since I've had a snack and had a taste of humans. Now that I've escaped today, it's a good day to have a taste of human flesh."

"Human, hurry up and lean your head over!"

Ling Han channeled Brother Monkey Cultivation Technique quickly and finally calmed down. He smiled faintly, and said, "Let's talk after you come out. I don't have time to play with you!"

He turned around and started to run.

The Demonic Rat's cultivation level was unimaginable. It was at least at the Inscription Tier, or even the Enlightenment Tier.

Judging by the rat's tone, it seemed to have come from the Ancient Age, and had been suppressed all this while. Now that it had finally escaped, its abilities were naturally frighteningly high.

Right now, the world of cultivation was only at its infancy. However, the cultivation of the civilization of the last era had definitely reached a pinnacle level. If the two of them collided, the cultivation path of the current generation would definitely be shattered.

"Trying to escape!" the Demonic Rat said disdainfully. With a fierce struggle, it had already wormed out of the mountain wall. Strangely, the mountain wall behind it seemed to be made of water. The hole rippled twice, and actually closed back up.


The Demonic Rat discovered that when it landed, there was actually a vast expanse of white fog ahead of it. What sign was there left of Ling Han?

"It's actually a psychedelic formation." The Demonic Rat gave an 'oh', then humphed coldly, "It's just three formation foundations, and you think it can still trap Lord Rat?"

Its eyes shone, as red as fire, directly piercing through the fog.

Lin, with a single leap, it had leaped out of the formation foundations' encirclement. Then, it sucked with its mouth, instantly forming a terrifying gust of wind.

Ling Han felt his feet float, and he was almost sucked backward.

He was shocked, and hurriedly threw out another Weapon Nurturing Leaf, which slashed towards the Demonic Rat.

He had obtained this sliver of a chance of survival, and once again broke out into a mad run. Shuttle Steps channeled, and he ran without any care.

The Demonic Rat stretched out a finger and swiped, and the Talisman Weapon was instantly sent back several meters.

"Yi, Lord Rat's power has actually fallen to this extent, that even a Talisman Weapon of Extreme Bone Tier can't be destroyed?" The Demonic Rat let out a shocked exclamation, "Damn it, I actually let this human escape!"

"Forget it. I'll recover my abilities first. Once I recover, with the present heaven and earth environment, what existence would be able to withstand a single blow from Lord Rat?"

"At that time, even this human won't be able to escape!"

"Hehe, Lord Rat's natural talent is digging holes, and I'm the first to run out. All the good fortune here belongs to Lord Rat."

"In the past, there was an incomparably powerful Majestic Empire here. Though it has been destroyed, I am sure that there would be a great many good things left behind. If Lord Rat can obtain the slightest bit of good fortune, even if it is just a cultivation technique, it would be enough for Lord Rat to rise."

Ling Han sprinted madly, crashing into who knew how many stone pillars on his way. Thankfully, his skin was tough, and the stone pillars would always break, while he was basically unscathed.

After running for a long time, he finally confirmed that the Demonic Rat had not caught up to him.

He slowed down, no longer using the Shuttle Steps, but his speed was still extraordinarily fast.

Countless questions surged through his mind. The most f*cking question was that he had clearly broken through a formation, so how had he obtained not a treasure, but rather a Demonic Rat?

More importantly, this Demonic Rat was not the only Demonic Beast that had been suppressed. There were still some inside, but this Demonic Rat knew how to dig holes, so it was the first to run out.

No wonder when he was breaking the formation, he felt that the formations themselves were also crumbling. As it turned out, this Demonic Rat was cooperating from the inside.

In other words, even without Ling Han's "help", this Demonic Rat would still be able to escape. It was just that it would be slightly later, but in that case, no one would know about this matter.

Ling Han ran out of the cave and started to speed up.

However, before he reached the warship, the sun had already risen.

As a cultivation mania, Ling Han immediately stopped and began to cultivate.

He believed that he had long since thrown off that Demonic Rat, so he would not scramble during this half an hour's time.

Just as he was about to end his cultivation, he drew on another streak of purple Qi.

This time, Ling Han was certain. Purple Qi could only be absorbed in the mountains, because when he had been cultivating in the cave previously, he had not been able to absorb this kind of high-quality energy.

Why were there none in the city?

In ancient legends, "Celestials" lived on the mountains. Could it be that it was for the sake of absorbing this kind of higher level energy?

Ling Han thought for a moment, then took out a few pieces of honey and carried them on his back as an act, then continued onwards.

Not long after, the warship was within sight.

"Ling Han!" Xuanyuan Dingguo immediately shouted upon seeing Ling Han. There was a look of relief on his face.

He naturally didn't want Ling Han to die. Although he would be able to monopolize these three modified pill recipes if Ling Han did, he believed that cooperating with Ling Han would bring him even more benefits.

Ling Han leaped onto the warship, and said, "Let's go, let's go."

"You've already returned, so what's the hurry?" Tang Yue asked with a smile.

Ling Han said with a serious expression, "Set off first, and I'll explain slowly."

A single person was a very small target, but the warship would be a bigger target.

Seeing how serious he was, Xuanyuan Dingguo and the others all became serious and hurriedly ordered their people to set out.

"Ling Han, what happened?" Qin Xinghuo asked.

Ling Han looked downwards, and said darkly, "I seem to have released a terrifying creature."

"What do you mean?" the four of them asked.

Ling Han briefly related his experiences in the last few days, but concealed the secret of the Essence Nurturing Gourd. He only said that he was lucky, and had snuck all the way to the depths of the cave. He harvested a few Vermillion Fruits, and also managed to snatch some honey. All that was naturally due to the credit of the Weapon Nurturing Leaves. In any case, this was no longer a secret.

Then, he talked about how he had deciphered a formation, and released a Demonic Rat.

"You also know formations?"

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