Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Bow Your Head and Apologize

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This woman could only be eighteen or nineteen years old at most, yet she had already reached Element Gathering Tier?

But how was it possible that a strong warrior of Element Gathering Tier would actually spout nonsense?

Hang Zhan was shocked for a moment, before quickly giving a “humph” in his heart–so what if she was at Element Gathering Tier? At this age, she could only have just broken through, how would it be possible that she could oppose Elder Yu?

“Elder Yu, take her down!” The lust in Hang Zhan’s heart was fully active. Being a cultivator in the Body Refining Tier, to be able to hold down a master in the Element Gathering Tier underneath his body and toy with her, his sense of fulfillment would be overwhelmingly strong–particularly when this girl was of such exquisite beauty.

He was very close to being unable to hold himself back.

Although Elder Yu had a cautious expression on his face, he too did not think of Liu Yu Tong as a powerful enemy. After all, the girl was much too young. According to his mindset, the girl may be in the first or second layer in Element Gathering Tier… maybe the third layer, at most.

He was someone in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier. Although it was not possible for him to break through to the Gushing Spring Tier in this lifetime, but on the plane of Element Gathering Tier, he found few who could actually battle against him on even footing.

“Young miss, surrender obediently to avoid suffering later,” he spoke up.

Killing intent flashed through Liu Yu Tong’s eyes. She was the princess of the Liu Clan. In front of the Eight Great Clans of the Imperial City, what did a mere Stone Wolf Sect count as? This Hang Zhan actually dared to bear evil intentions towards her, it seemed like he really was seeking death.

But when her current position came to mind, she could not help turning to look at Ling Han, a questioning look on her face.

Ling Han gave a shrug, and said, “This kind of bastard, if you want to kill him, then go ahead.”

Liu Yu Tong turned back around, and the powerful aura of the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier was released without any reservations– it rivaled Elder Yu’s aura, and showed no signs of losing.

“What!” Elder Yu quickly paled, breathing out in shock, “Ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, how is this possible!”

Ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier?

Elder Yu was not the only one to be greatly shocked. Even Liu Dong and his group were flabbergasted, their facial muscles twitching in shock.

Let alone reaching the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, for someone below twenty years old to achieve Element Gathering Tier was already shocking enough! Liu Dong and his friends had originally thought that even if there was a gap between themselves and Liu Yu Tong, this gap wouldn’t be too far, because they too had already achieved the eighth and ninth layers of Body Refining Tier respectively and so were only one step away from breaking through to Element Gathering Tier.

But the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier…. that was a kind of power they only dared to ponder about as something they would only be able to face at least eight, or maybe even ten years later.

Elder Yu immediately clasped his fists in a polite gesture, and said, “Please excuse my Young Master’s previous impoliteness, Young Miss. I hereby apologize on behalf of my Young Master!” Although both of them were in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier and he thought that he would not lose against this young woman, the problem was that his opponent had already reached the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier at such a young age, and this was not something that could be done with the support of any ordinary party.

In other words, it was her background Elder Yu was scared of.

Although Hang Zhan felt upset, and was unwilling to give up, there was nothing he could do. Even if he was an extremely haughty, arrogant man, he wasn’t an idiot. He knew that there were some people that he could trifle with, and there were some people that he definitely should not even think of messing with.

Liu Yu Tong belonged to the category of those he definitely should not even think of messing with.

Liu Yu Tong only gave a wave of her hands, and said stiffly, “I won’t kill you, get out of my way!”

What a joke, how could anyone think of committing blasphemy against the princess of the Liu Clan and live!

“Miss, don’t go too far!” Elder Yu said in a deep voice. Naturally, he would not just stand aside and watch Hang Zhan die.

Liu Yu Tong did not answer. She raised her hands in an offensive stance.

Yellow Grade high level martial arts skill, Snapping of the Plum Hands.

Seeing this, Elder Yu knew that this matter could not be peacefully settled, so raised his hands as well, forming claws.

“Yellow Grade medium level martial arts skill, Flying Eagle Claws!” Liu Dong declared. He was best at claw skills, and so knew the characteristics of many different skills belonging to that class. With one glance, he managed to identify Elder Yu’s claw skill.

“Ling Han, will that one from your family have any problems?” The five of them had already gathered around Ling Han. Liu Yu Tong was now their only ray of hope.

Ling Han smiled softly, and said, “She should not.”

Should not?

Liu Dong and his companions were all unsettled. “Should not” sounded very dubious, but both of the fighters were in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, so really, who could actually say with certainty which one of them would emerge victorious?

While they had been conversing, Liu Yu Tong had already moved, and was now in a fierce battle with Elder Yu.

The two of them exchanged blows, their figures moving like wind–extremely quick.

The two fighters were both masters in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier. Liu Dong and his group couldn’t clearly see their movements or judge the actual situation. They only felt the blurring of their sight, and had completely no idea who was winning.

Hang Zhan naturally couldn’t see clearly either. He couldn’t help feeling extremely anxious, for if Elder Yu was defeated, he would definitely lose his life as well. So, of course he was worried.

But after the battle had lasted for about three to five minutes, the movements of the two fighters had slowed down, not only to the point that Liu Dong and his group could all see very clearly, but also to the point that even they thought that the pace of the battle had become much too slow.

However, a hint of prudence appeared on Ling Han’s face.

Slow did not mean that the two fighters were going easy on their attacks. On the contrary, the situation now was even more dangerous, for they had already entered a life-or-death stage. Should either of the two of them make even a small, tiny mistake, the result would not just be defeat, but death.

He recalled that these few days, whenever he was free, he would be guiding Liu Yu Tong. Based on his previous cultivation of Heaven Tier, whatever little bit of experience he managed to pass on to a lower level martial artist would be extremely precious. As long as she had truly absorbed his teachings, there would definitely be a monumental increase in her power.

With Liu Yu Tong’s level of comprehension, he believed that she should have understood much of what he had been teaching her.

This battle… she should be able to win.

Liu Yu Tong and Elder Yu’s battle slowed down even further. One of them was an old master in the Element Gathering Tier who had been at this stage for a very long time, and thus had extremely vast battle experience. Meanwhile, though the other was young, she was a martial arts genius and had a very high level of comprehension. Moreover, she had also benefited much from Ling Han’s guidance, and was shockingly powerful in battle.

Elder Yu’s forehead was already heavily beaded with cold sweat. His opponent was too strong. He felt the oncoming pressure of death, but he dared not be distracted at this moment, not even to surrender and beg for mercy. If he dared pause, he would definitely suffer Liu Yu Tong’s wrathful strike.

Liu Yu Tong, on the other hand, was becoming more and more serene. She was already completely on the winning side.

The situation was now extremely clear. Even Liu Dong and his group could see clearly that Liu Yu Tong was winning, so they smiled for they saw their worries dissipate. Since they could see clearly, Hang Zhan naturally could see clearly too. He could not help stepping back and retreating, preparing to escape at the first opportunity.

“You’re in such a rush, where are you headed to?” Ling Han flew forwards like an arrow shot from a bow, blocking his way.

“Get out of my way!” Hang Zhan shouted loudly, “I’m from the Stone Wolf Sect, and you dare to trifle with me? I’ll slaughter your whole family!”

How overbearing!

Ling Han drew his sword, his gaze filled with murderous intent. There was nothing worth saying to such a man–the best thing would be to immediately kill him.

“Ling Han, don’t be impulsive!” Liu Dong could not help shouting out. Should Hang Zhan be killed, none of their clans would be able to withstand the furious rage of the Stone Wolf Sect.

“Haha, listen to your companion’s advise, and never oppose me! Otherwise, nothing but death awaits you!” Hang Zhan laughed coldly, “You’re fortunate today!” He was just about ready to run away and escape.

However, he had not yet managed to move from his place when he felt a cool sensation on his neck–a long sword was already pressed against it, immediately causing his whole body to shiver. He felt as if he was almost going to urinate out of fear.

“There is no one that I dare not kill!” Ling Han said calmly, and his voice turned cold, “Kneel!”

Hang Zhan did not dare refuse. The freezing cold eyes of the man in front of him caused him to feel a cutting chill. This was clearly a man of his word.

“Apologize!” Ling Han continued to say.

Hang Zhan immediately felt the urge to stand up and spit out curses, but as he felt the freezing sensation upon his neck, he could only bow his head while thinking that as soon as he got back to the Stone Wolf Sect, he would definitely have his grandfather personally come to kill all these guys in front of him!

Of course, the two beautiful girls would be spared and become his toys instead.

“I was wrong, I’m inhumane!” He said, begging for mercy.

“I hope you will become a good person in your next life,” Ling Han said coolly.

“No-” Hang Zhan immediately sensed the situation was taking a turn for the worse, but he only felt a sharp pain on his neck as his sight suddenly turned dark. Fresh blood spurted out, causing his eyes to go wide in disbelief–Ling Han actually dared to kill him!

At the same moment, Liu Yu Tong gave a soft cry–with a pat of her small hands, it was as if Elder Yu had turned into stone, showing no signs of movement at all. After a long while, his body finally collapsed onto the ground.

“This is going to be a huge catastrophe!” Liu Dong and the rest sighed in unison.

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