Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2997 - 2997 One Punch

Chapter 2997 - 2997 One Punch

2997 One Punch

Ling Han had died in the Genesis World of the last era. This was the news released by Golden Silk Moth.

He had personally witnessed Ling Han entering into the particle wall, and then never coming back out again.

When this news spread out, the majority of Heavenly Venerates wouldn’t believe it, because Ling Han possessed the power of the Seventh Tier. Seventh Tiers were undying and indestructible, so how could he possibly die in the Genesis World of the last era?

But afterwards, Chong Yan, Shatter Mountains, and the others all expressed that possessing Seventh-Tier battle prowess and being an actual Seventh Tier were two completely different matters.

Only actual Seventh Tiers were truly indestructible. Different from them, no matter how strong Sixth Tiers or Fifth Tiers were, there was still a possibility that they would die.


After the explanation was affirmed by five Seventh Tier ultimate elites, and added with the fact that there had been no news of Ling Han for hundreds of billions of years, people gradually began to believe it.

Right now, the majority of Heavenly Venerates thought that Ling Han had died.

Xin Qihu was naturally one of the very rare few who were certain that Ling Han had not died. Thus, he was not the slightest bit surprised to see Ling Han standing alive in front of him. Otherwise, if it was another person, they might think that they had seen a ghost.

Ling Han said calmly, “Don’t worry, even if the grass on your grave is green and flourishing, nothing will happen to me!”

“You really have not changed in the slightest, still with as venomous a tongue as ever!” Xin Qihu shook his head.

“Hehe, my fists are tougher!” Ling Han charged out, brandishing his fists in a punch.

What was there to be reserved about?

Xin Qihu hurriedly parried. Peng, the two of them exchanged blows once, and Xin Qihu’s whole person was sent flying. The aftermath reverberated, and the space in all directions collapsed in patches, drawing the extremely terrifying energy storm from within the Void.

The battle prowess of the Seventh Tier was too strong. If they went all out, even the transcendent dimension would one day be shattered.

Xin Qihu barely managed to stop in his tracks, and couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood, his face filled with shock.

More than 500 billion years had passed. Though he had not advanced to the Seventh Tier, he had still reached peak-stage Sixth Tier, and his power was at late-stage Seventh Tier, just a little bit away from the peak stage.

There was nothing he could do about this. The higher one’s cultivation level, the more difficult it would be to battle above one’s cultivation level. It was already very impressive that he could practically battle while surpassing a whole cultivation level.

However, Ling Han was truly freakish. He was clearly only a Fifth Tier, yet possessed the battle prowess of a peak-stage Seventh Tier.

He was inconceivably strong.

Ling Han released a battle cry, and was just about to charge forwards to continue the battle when he saw another three figures appear.

Lin Youlian, Wu Haoyang, Bai Mifan—Bai Mifan had actually advanced to the Sixth Tier as well, surpassing Ling Han in terms of cultivation level.

This was normal. Previously, Zhou Heng had already said that they would put all their effort into nurturing Bai Mifan. It was not the slightest bit strange for him to have become a Sixth Tier now.

With the full efforts of Seventh Tiers to nurture him, how could his advancement not be fast?

Of course, if Bai Mifan wasn’t a supreme prodigy himself, it would be useless no matter how much they supported him.

“Ling Han!” Lin Youlian and Wu Haoyang both called out. Bai Mifan, on the other hand, was much more enthusiastic. He rushed over and gave Ling Han a bear hug.

“I knew you wouldn’t die so easily!” he said with a loud laugh.

Now that the three of them had appeared, and with Bai Mifan hugging him like this, Ling Han naturally couldn’t make another move. He smiled, nodded, and then said to Bai Mifan, “You’ve already advanced to the Sixth Tier, so should I call you senior?”

Bai Mifan deliberately tidied his clothes, then nodded at Ling Han, and said, “You can come and pay your respects.”

“Get lost!” Ling Han shot out a kick with a smile, and Bai Mifan dodged nimbly to the side.

“Brother Ling, are you here to help?” Lin Youlian asked.

Ling Han nodded. “How’s the situation now?”

“It’s not optimistic!” Bai Mifan shook his head. “In the beginning, with the addition of us people with Seventh-Tier battle prowess, Hysteria’s army was naturally easily blocked. However, Hysteria soon created a new type of monster. It’s extremely few in numbers, but it can self-destruct, and its might is comparable to a full-power attack of a peak-stage Seventh Tier.”

“If we don’t dodge in advance, we’ll definitely be severely injured by the explosion. We’ll need to recuperate for hundreds of millions of years.”

Lin Youlian also said, “This should be an ability that Hysteria obtained after swallowing the Flaming Frost Realm. Otherwise, if it had used it against the Flaming Frost Realm, we would have been defeated already.”

Ling Han nodded in understanding. Hysteria definitely didn’t have any intention of posturing or concealing its power. In order to achieve its goal, Hysteria would disregard all scruples, resorting to simple, violent, and direct means.

“With Brother Ling’s help, the strength on our side will be increased greatly,” Wu Haoyang said.

Only Xin Qihu did not speak. He had been punched by Ling Han. Though he had only spat out a little blood, his confidence had been severely wounded.

Previously, he had always been able to suppress Ling Han. Finally, on this day, the tables had been turned. As proud as he was, he naturally could not accept this immediately.

They arrived at the base camp. Lin Youlian, Wu Haoyang, and Xin Qihu soon left. Bai Mifan sat for a while longer, but he still had to focus on cultivating. On the other side, on the battlefield, the Seventh Tiers were struggling to hold on. If they were all suppressed, and Hysteria’s main body showed its might, who would be able to stop it?

Thus, more Seventh Tiers were needed to join the main battlefield—it would not do if they only had Seventh-Tier battle prowess and were not actual Seventh Tiers, as they would soon die.

Ling Han shook his hand and released Ling Feifan. Previously, when the battle of Seventh Tiers broke out, a single shock wave would be enough to kill him.

Ling Feifan didn’t stay by Ling Han’s side. Instead, he joined the army. When Hysteria’s army attacked, he would start a bloody battle, hovering on the border between life and death. His comprehension would then be greatly improved.

Ling Han was also cultivating. If news spread out that he had come to the Realm Battlefield, would Chong Yan, Shatter Mountains, and the others charge over at all costs?

It was possible.

However, Ling Han didn’t care. His current power had already reached the peak stage of the Seventh Tier, and the defense created by the Powers of Dimension was no weaker than the physique of a Seventh Tier. Against these veteran Seventh Tiers, he no longer had any disadvantage.

If they wanted a battle, so be it. What did he have to fear?

He was deducing the Heavenly Venerable Seals, and he was also cultivating at the same time. He was multitasking without the slightest difficulty.

The Hysteria army was very patient, and continuously accumulated power. They did not immediately attack. This had to be because of the existence of intelligent monsters. In this way, if they launched an attack, it would definitely be earth-shattering.

Time passed quickly, and three months passed quietly.

Ling Han was in the midst of cultivating when he sensed that the aura of Ling Feifan was approaching.

He was a little curious. This grandson had already said that he would definitely not depend on him, so why had he come back just like that?


Ling Han’s expression darkened. He discovered that Ling Feifan’s breathing was slightly uneven. For Heavenly Venerates, this was inconceivable.

Zhi, right at this moment, the door was pushed open, and Ling Feifan walked in. Ling Feifan’s body was covered with wounds and bloodstains, and he looked extremely miserable.

Ling Han’s index finger involuntarily moved, and killing intent rose up in him.

This was his only grandson!

“Who did it?” Ling Han asked.

Ling Feifan wiped the blood from the corners of his lips, saying, “Old man, I didn’t embarrass you. There were more than 20 of them, and they were all Second Tiers. They attacked me together, and I defeated six of them.”

“Why did you get into a fight?” Ling Han asked.

“That? It’s still because of you, old man,” Ling Feifan replied, slightly depressed.

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