Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2529 - Battle in Nine Deaths Formation

Chapter 2529: Battle in Nine Deaths Formation

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Ling Han had not even spoken when the Empress stood up, her pretty face frozen over with ice. “The one who should scram is you!”

In terms of dominance, the Empress has never lost to anyone.

Xiao Yingxiong looked towards the Empress, and immediately revealed an intimate smile. “Don’t mess around.”

The Empress was about to flip out, but Ling Han stood up and raised an arm to stop her, pulling the Empress behind him.

He chuckled. “There is nothing much to say. Do you dare battle me in the Nine Deaths Formation?”

A battle in the Nine Deaths Formation?

Everyone was stunned. Ling Han was truly bold if he dared to challenge even Xiao Yingxiong.

However, this brat was no fool.

The Nine Deaths Formation had a unique trait—when high-level Celestial Kings entered into a low-level formation, their cultivation level would be reduced to the corresponding level. For example, when everyone entered into the third level of the Nine Deaths Formation, everyone’s cultivation level would be suppressed to the Third Heaven.

“Humph, why should I accept?” Xiao Yingxiong asked coldly. “Without enough strength, don’t do something that would provoke me!”

Ling Han smiled calmly. “In a battle of equals, I have never encountered someone that can match me. If you do not dare to take the challenge to battle me, just say so directly.”

This was a provocation!

Everyone gasped. Ling Han was really daring to actually dare act so arrogantly.

However, though battle was not forbidden in the martial academy, there were restrictions on cultivation level. The gap between the two sides could not be more than two levels, or an elite would appear and immediately call a halt to the battle.

Thus, unless Ling Han foolishly agreed to battle with Xiao Yingxiong, it was absolutely impossible that Xiao Yingxiong would make a move on him.

No wonder this guy was so confident. As it turned out, he had come prepared.

Xiao Yingxiong glanced at the Empress, his expression becoming increasingly dark, and he answered, “Fine, we will battle in the Nine Deaths Formation!”

He led the way, and walked out of the abode.

Ling Han smiled, and also set out as well. Meanwhile, the Empress was definitely following closely behind.

Now that the trio had left, a commotion immediately arose as everyone surged outside.

When the majority had left, Xuan Ying came at a late moment. He looked at the scattered few that were here, and couldn’t help but feel surprised. That was because he had come at this moment after much consideration, and thought that this moment should be right in the middle of things. Why were there still just a few people here?


Ling Han, Xiao Yingxiong, and the others soon arrived at the entrance of the martial academy. The Nine Deaths Formation was located ahead of them.

“Which level do we choose?” Xiao Yingxiong asked solemnly.

“The second?” Ling Han suggested.

His Body Art would not be suppressed by the formation, so the greater the suppression of cultivation level, the better it was for him. For example, in the First Heaven, he would be able to crush Xiao Yingxiong into the dirt with just a single finger.

Of course, it was actually fine even if they entered into the third level of the Nine Deaths Formation. His Body Art was too strong, and there was an extremely great chance of victory even against a Third Heaven supreme monarch star. However, he would not be able to easily suppress his opponent.

Xiao Yingxiong didn’t even bother to say anything, and directly entered into the formation through the first stone tablet.

Ling Han grinned, and walked into the Nine Deaths Formation as well.

“Now that they are both in the Second Heaven, the outcome of the battle would depend on whoever is stronger in a battle at the same tier.”

“En, whoever has the higher Evolution Index would have more of an upper hand.”

“Then, it is needless to say that it would definitely have to be Xiao Yingxiong. His Evolution Index is as high as 11, and in this term of disciples, the only one that can suppress him is Huo Furong.”

“There is also Heavenborn. He is a monster.”

Everyone discussed spiritedly. They still had a higher opinion of Xiao Yingxiong. Even if his cultivation level was suppressed, a person with a higher cultivation level would definitely have some kind of advantage. This was something that could not be changed.

Right at this moment, two imposing-looking men appeared at practically the same time, falling by either side of the Empress.

“Gu Heyi!”

“Miao Hua!”

These were the two other super freaks, whose Evolution Index was rumored to have reached 11. Furthermore, in cultivation level, they have also reached Sixth Heaven, and possessed incomparable battle prowess.

“What’s going on?” Gu Heyi asked. He was a completely different type from Xiao Yingxiong. He was wearing an amicable smile, and appeared very approachable.

“Lord Gu, Xiao Yingxiong is presently battling in the Nine Deaths Formation,” someone answered.

“Oh, with whom?” Gu Heyi was slightly surprised. Both he and Miao Hua were here, so who else would be worthy of a battle with Xiao Yingxiong?

“Li Si.”


Gu Heyi’s and Miao Hua’s expression became strange. ‘Are you joking around with us?’

“His name is indeed Li Si.” More people nodded. At least, this was something that Ling Han had personally admitted.

“Er… there is also a Zhang San here.”

Someone suddenly pointed at the first stone tablet. The name “Zhang San” was distinctly written at the eighth place on the stone tablet.

Zhang San, Li Si?

“They’re probably the same person!”

“Hiss… though this person is named on the Eternal Stone, it has already been 7,000 years since his last appearance. Everyone surmises that it is possible that he used a forbidden technique to make it this far, which left extremely severe injuries on him, and that is why he has not appeared all this while.”

“Could it be that he has recovered?”

“If he used the forbidden technique again, it is possible that Xiao Yingxiong would really be outmatched.”

See, he had made it to eighth place through using a forbidden technique, and this was something that Xiao Yingxiong could not compare with. Now, if Ling Han used the same trick again, could Xiao Yingxiong win in a battle at the same tier?

‘It’s impossible, right?’

Both Gu Heyi and Miao Hua were both feeling curious. Why would Xiao Yingxiong suddenly battle with this man?

They made some queries, and couldn’t help but look dark at the same time.

He deserved it!

If it was them, they would also move without the slightest hesitation. F***, he actually dared to make a move on their goddess.

“Hopefully, Xiao Yingxiong would teach this brat a harsh lesson,” Gu Heyi said.

“He truly is a foolish guy,” Miao Hua also declared coldly.

“Yi, someone’s come out!” A figure flickered behind the first stone tablet.

He definitely could not have barged through the whole Nine Deaths Formation, as he had appeared so quickly. Instead, he had to have returned on the way he had entered.

Who was it?

Everyone stood on their toes to see, and all immediately looked stunned.

Ling Han, it was Ling Han!

Hiss, just how long had passed, and he had already defeated Xiao Yingxiong?

Even Gu Heyi and Miao Hua were extremely stunned, their expressions becoming incredibly serious. Though they were both very proud of themselves, and thought that they were stronger than Xiao Yingxiong in a battle of equals, their superiority was still limited. No matter what, the battle would only be decided after a few days, at the very least.

Furthermore, the gap between victory and defeat would definitely be negligible.

Yet just how long had passed by now? Ling Han had already walked out. Just what kind of crushing upper hand did he have?

Could it be that this guy’s Evolution Index had reached 12?

“Stop right there!” Xiao Yingxiong also appeared. However, when he ran out, everyone couldn’t help but laugh out loud. That was because this guy was looking too tragic, his face completely swollen and battered. He did not have the slightest air of aloof pride that he had had previously now.

At first, everyone was still hoping that Ling Han had not fought with Xiao Yingxiong at all. Instead, he would have just gone in, roamed for a while, and then come back out again.

But looking at how Xiao Yingxiong looked now, who would have any more doubt?

Hiss, Ling Han was too strong, wasn’t he? In a battle of equals, he could actually be as strong as this? This was absolutely one-sided.

Ling Han turned his head, and asked smilingly, “What is it? Haven’t had enough of being beaten?”

Xiao Yingxiong’s whole body was trembling in fury. “You cheated; your cultivation level is definitely higher than Second Heaven.”

Ling Han laughed. “There’s something wrong with what you are saying. Even if my cultivation level surpasses the Second Heaven, my cultivation level would still have been suppressed to the level of the Second Heaven. Inside the Nine Deaths Formation, everyone’s cultivation level would be equal.”

Xiao Yingxiong was instantly rendered speechless. However, he kept feeling like there was something off. Ling Han was too strong, and his strength was completely illogical.

“Or should we go in and fight again?” Ling Han suggested with a smile.

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