Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2158 - Follow

Chapter 2158: Follow

“What!?” Ai Kaifeng practically could not believe his own eyes.

…The two attacks he had delivered had actually been easily resolved, and the person who had moved was Ling Han!


He almost wanted to rub his eyes just to confirm if this had really happened.

A mere Heaven Soul was actually capable of resolving his attack, or even two attacks that had been simultaneously delivered?

Was he about to defy the heavens?

“L-Ling Han!” Though Yi had been running forwards, his divine sense had naturally allowed him to make sure that everything that happened in his vicinity was within grasp, and he, too, had clearly “seen” this scene.

He was really close to dying in shock.

In the past, Ling Han’s and his strength were close, so that was why the two of them had become friends through their battle. Yet just how many thousands of years had passed by now? How had this guy become so strong?

At this moment, all three people stopped moving at the same time, though both Yi and Ai Kaifeng had stopped as a result of their shock.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Brother Yi, since we parted, we have only reunited with much difficulty. Don’t you think that we should have a nice drink and chat?”

Yi laughed loudly. “As long as you can settle this guy, I naturally would be glad to do so.”

“It’s no big deal.” Ling Han nodded.

Yet Ai Kaifeng exploded in fury. Two mere Dividing Soul Tiers actually declared that they would kill him. This was really a massive joke. Ling Han had indeed resolved his blow, but against a Dividing Soul Tier, how could Ai Kaifeng have gone all out?

Moreover, Ling Han had to have used some kind of precious tool just now. Otherwise, no secret technique could possibly allow a Dividing Soul Tier to cross over the natural gulf of the Immortal Palace Tier.

“Reckless idiocy!” Ai Kaifeng charged over. Since Yi was not running anymore, this was naturally good news for him.

Ling Han crossed his hands behind his back, and when Ai Kaifeng charged right in front of him, he clenched his right hand into a fist, and delivered a countering blow.

Ai Kaifeng naturally would not show weakness. He, too, shot out his right fist, intending to beat Ling Han till the latter burst with this one strike.


The two fists instantly crashed into one another—strictly speaking, there was still a gap of around nine meters between them, but the force of both attacks had crashed together first. Regulations and Origin Power surged out, and an astonishing brilliance spread out, and then it was the rippling out of a shock wave.

Bang! Because Yi had been standing nearby, watching the battle, his whole person was suddenly sent flying by the shock wave, and threw up blood. He was astonished, and with a hurried tap of his feet, multiple patterns of light appeared beneath his shoes, causing him to speed up abruptly, and he actually became even faster than the shock wave created from the aftermath.

Ai Kaifeng felt a strong power surge towards him, and his feet involuntarily fell back multiple steps. He couldn’t help but feel shocked, because not only had Ling Han not retreated in the slightest, he had taken the opening to charge towards him.

Instantly, Ai Kaifeng’s life perspectives were all warped.

He had actually been sent backwards by a Heaven Soul!

He had been forced to retreat!

This was practically a nightmare! Right, he had to still be dreaming, or how else could such an inconceivable, bizarre event possibly happen?

However, reason told him that this was no dream, but a true event that had genuinely transpired.

“Ai Kaifeng, just because your cultivation level was higher than mine, you have repeatedly mocked me, and even wanted to kill me! Hehe, so what if your cultivation level is higher than mine? I will still beat you until you burst!” Ling Han was merciless, each and every punch aiming at Ai Kaifeng’s lower half, looking like he was determined to destroy his d***.

Ai Kaifeng was enraged, embarrassed, and astonished all at the same time. He was actually no match for Ling Han, yet not only did Ling Han dare to turn around and hit him, he was actually focusing all his assault on his d***.

As the saying went, never aim for the face in a fight, and the importance of the d*** was naturally greater than the face’s.

“I’m going to kill you!” Ai Kaifeng roared.

“In the past, you couldn’t kill me, and now you are even less capable of killing me, and can only be beaten by my hands till you burst!” Ling Han declared coldly. Previously, because his strength was lacking, and his complete focus was also on how to flee from An Ran, he was not in the mood to tangle with Ai Kaifeng.

But now, it was time for revenge, and revenge was a dish best served cold.


A punch landed on Ai Kaifeng’s d***, and his legs immediately curled up, an extremely agonized expression appearing on his face. Even if he had cultivated to the Immortal Palace Tier, he still had a weakness, and the d*** was one of the most fragile parts of the body.

“F***, had I even trifled with you? Picking on me so many times, why are you so despicable?” Ling Han sent out a few more punches, beating Ai Kaifeng into the ground. Then, he raised his foot, and harshly stomped between his legs.

“Ao…” Ai Kaifeng’s whole person had curled up like a giant prawn, feeling like his balls had completely shattered, and he was in terrible agony.

“And you even wanted to kill me? F***, let’s see if I won’t stomp you to death, bastard!” Ling Han was becoming more and more angered and harsher with his stomps as time went on.

He was not just simply stomping a few times, but had used the power of Regulation in every stomp. It was like each stomp was capable of collapsing the heavens and cracking the earth, possessing incredibly frightening might.

Since Ai Kaifeng had originated from the Imperial Void Sect, he definitely had means of saving himself. However, it was clear that he had already used it previously. Thus, he could only allow himself to be madly stomped on by Ling Han, and became weaker and weaker with each stomp, no longer far from death.

He was both enraged and shocked. Could it be that he would become the first First Secret monarch tier that would die from having his d*** stomped?

This would cause his name to stink for all eternity.

However, Ling Han seemed to have zero intention of giving him a quick death. He was simply targeting his lower half as he stomped. Pu, pu, pu, copious amounts of blood sprayed out, and Ai Kaifeng felt that his consciousness was becoming more and more blurred, and death was presently and rapidly enveloping him.

Ling Han was completely merciless. Whoever wanted to kill him, he would take their life. This was karma, and it did not matter who the other party was.


He stomped another time, and Ai Kaifeng’s body was immediately split into pieces, and incredibly frightening Regulations like Slaughter, Metal, and Lightning rushed into his mind, directly destroying his spirit.

A First Secret monarch tier had thus died in such a humiliating manner.

On the sidelines, Yi was already dumbfounded with shock.

He himself was a monarch tier, and could qualify as one of the higher-ranking ones even among monarch tiers, but he completely could not imagine that a Heaven Soul would be able to kill an Immortal Palace Tier at all, and a First Secret monarch tier at that!

Just what extent had the gap between himself and Ling Han reached?

“Brother Ling, I have to say that I am impressed!” Previously, he had addressed Ling Han by his name directly, and only now did he address him as Brother Ling. This was showing that he was truly impressed by Ling Han.

Monarch tiers naturally were all proud, but Ling Han’s strength had reached a level that even monarch tiers could look up to and admire, no, check that, a level that they would have to look up to and admire on bent knees. Even as proud as Yi was, he had to acknowledge this gap, and willingly submit himself to become a little brother.

Ling Han chuckled, patted Yi’s shoulder, and said, “I am presently being hunted by a Celestial King, so let’s leave this place as soon as possible.”

Yi couldn’t help but be rendered speechless.

He was a Dividing Soul Tier, yet had been hunted by an Immortal Palace Tier, and had just barely managed to escape alive. This made him feel extremely proud of himself. However, compared with Ling Han, he was completely left behind in the dust.

Ling Han was being hunted by a Celestial King!

In the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, Celestial Kings were the greatest, and even a Celestial King had not been able to kill Ling Han, so just how heaven-defying was the latter?

These words were naturally an exaggeration of Ling Han, but there was not much difference from the reality. The Spiritual Mountain Celestial King would absolutely not allow him to leave. And before this, it was not just a single Celestial King that had wanted to kill Ling Han, and he had still managed to flee from them.

“Let’s go then.” They set out, and threw caution to the wind. Any other matters could be set aside until they left the Mystery Realm.

They focused on rushing their journey, but after entering into the dense jungle, they had no choice but to slow down. The insect stings that were left behind here were too frightening. The slightest contact would be fatal.

They spent another seven days’ time traveling like this, and then finally exited the Mystery Realm. Hurriedly, they soared into the skies, and fled.

Yi suddenly asked, “Brother Ling, may I follow you?”

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