Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1910 - Absolute monarch tier

Chapter 1910: Absolute monarch tier

Yan Xianlu was handsome, but not as word-shakingly pretty as Lao Song, and was just ordinarily good-looking.

However, when Yan Xianlu appeared, whether it was Lao Song or Shan Jitong, their graceful bearing was suppressed as if they had become the background to set off his brilliance, dim and dull in his presence.

They were all at the fifth severance, but there was actually such a huge gap!

The King of the Celestial Path was definitely not just an empty boast.

Yan Xianlu’s expression was calm, but the three followers behind him could feel a sliver of anger from their master.

…He had invited others to gather here, but the host had yet to arrive, and the guests had actually come to blows already. Could it be that they thought that just because he had not personally seen it with his own eyes, he was unaware that a battle royale had previously occurred here?

If this spread out, it really would become a joke. Someone actually dared to create trouble at the feast that he, Yan Xianlu, hosted?

“We were just playing around to pass some idle time,” Shan Jitong said smilingly. His figure was as upright as a sword. It was naturally impossible that his bearing would weaken in front of Yan Xianlu.

Fifth severance meant monarch tier, so how could a monarch tier possibly fear anyone?

Meanwhile, Lao Song directed a gentle and reserved gaze at Yan Xianlu. His eyes flickered green, and there was an indescribable emotion in them.

Previously, Shan Jitong had mocked that he was interested in Yan Xianlu. It looked like this was not just empty words. There really existed this kind of possibility.

Yan Xianlu only smiled faintly, but did not pursue the matter. He raised his head to look at the skies. That massive sun had gradually dimmed, and a bright moon was beginning to exude its luster, while the sky was covered with stars that shone brilliantly.

“There is still some time left until the three stars align,” he said calmly. “Since everyone is getting impatient from waiting, let’s all just sit down then.”

He took the lead to sit down, and it was as if his movement had a powerful influence. A considerable number did not even realize it themselves as they sat down with him. Only then did their expressions shift drastically.

Every move of this person could actually influence others, and affect even such top-notch emperor tiers like themselves!

Only a limited number were exceptions, such as Shan Jitong, Lao Song, Ling Han, and the Empress. The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was standing with support from Ling Han, while Bewitching Maiden Rou was assisted by the Empress—this was a woman of the Ling Clan, so how could she be affected by outsiders?

In addition, there were five others that were standing. They were not monarch tiers, but rather possessed the potential to break through to become monarch tiers.

Yan Xianlu’s eyes wandered over the group. When his eyes passed over Ling Han and his group, he paused slightly, but his eyes immediately wandered away. Even the Empress and Bewitching Maiden Rou could not garner a second glance from him.

This person’s willpower was frighteningly staunch!

Ling Han smiled at the Empress. They drew out a stone chair from within their Spatial God Tool, and then sat down.

They would sit, but it was definitely not because of a command from Yan Xianlu.

Yan Xianlu revealed a smile filled with hidden meaning. His eyes swept over the masses, taking note of those few that were capable of standing upright. These were the true people he wanted to recruit. The rest were ordinary, and he couldn’t even bother himself to recruit them as his subordinates.

“All of you have traveled far, thank you,” he spoke up. “I have invited everyone here firstly so we can discuss cultivation together—”

“Hehe.” Shan Jitong immediately showed an expression of disdain. “To discuss cultivation with these people? Yan Xianlu, has your head been kicked by a donkey? Are these people even worthy?”

He was a monarch tier. What king tier or emperor tier was worthy of being his equal?

“What did you say!?” A considerable number stood up, their faces filled with indignant fury.

“Isn’t that the case? You all are just a bunch of trash!” Shan Jitong scoffed. “Even if all of you joined forces, I would be able to suppress you with only a single finger. What right do you all have to discuss cultivation with me? Isn’t that just a joke?”

“You can give it a try!” A youth in green leaped out, three silver horizontal lines on his forehead.

Shan Jitong glanced at him, and disdainfully said, “Silver Clam Race? I remember that a so-called prodigy emerged from your race, called Ha Ming or something, and I suppressed him within three moves. He could not even hold up to a single blow!”

The expression of the youth in green changed swiftly. Pointing at Shan Jitong, he exclaimed, “You, you are the Seven Swords Demon King!”

“And now, do you still wish to exchange blows with me?” Shan Jitong asked calmly.

The face of the green-robed youth flushed red, and then turned green. Yet he simply turned around and left. He had directly fled.

The Ha Ming that Shan Jitong had spoken of was a senior that was a good few generations older than the green-robed youth. When he had been in the Severing Mundane Tier, he, too, had been invincible once, and was acknowledged by the race as the person that had the highest chances of becoming a Celestial King. However, Ha Ming had gone out on a training trip once, and was horribly defeated by a Severing Mundane Tier. From then onwards, his Dao Heart was completely lost, and he had become completely ordinary.

The person that had defeated him was called the Seven Swords Demon King. That was because all his opponents would definitely lose within seven strikes from his sword.

The youth in green did not know that this Seven Swords Demon King was Shan Jitong, or he would definitely not dare to provoke the latter.

When Ha Ming had been defeated, Shan Jitong had still been a fourth severance. The two of them had been equal in cultivation level, and there had been no suppression in terms of cultivation level. And the youth in green knew himself well. Whether it was in terms of natural talent in cultivation or strength, he was greatly inferior to Ha Ming.

He had no wish to have the same ending as Ha Ming.

Everyone was shocked. The youth in green was a prodigy that had recently risen from the Silver Clam Race, and had a cultivation level of fourth severance peak stage. His battle prowess was astonishing, but he had actually been scared off into flight with a few words from Shan Jitong. This was really hard to imagine.

“Hiss, the Seven Swords Demon King!”

After a moment of shock, realization finally dawned on them. As it turned out, Shan Jitong was that mysterious Seven Swords Demon King!

In the past, there had once been a young elite swordsman issuing challenges everywhere, and who knew how many Severing Mundane Tier prodigies had been defeated within seven strikes from his sword. For some, even their Dao Heart had crumbled.

But 30,000 years ago, the Seven Swords Demon King suddenly disappeared without a trace. Now that they thought about it, Shan Jitong should have been at the fourth severance peak stage at the time, and had issued challenges everywhere for the sake of breaking through to the fifth severance.

Clearly, Shan Jitong had succeeded, and that was why he had disappeared 30,000 years ago. That was because there was no need for him to travel around and issue challenges anymore.

“Yan Xianlu, exactly what have you invited us here for?” Shan Jitong asked impatiently. Though Celestials had a limitless lifespan, he was not willing to waste his time on meaningless affairs.

Yan Xianlu smiled calmly, but said something that was completely off-topic. “This Three Yang Peak is the place where my master achieved Dao. When he succeeded, three stars aligned, and the unusual scene was astonishing.”

“This time, it is the anniversary of an epoch since my master achieved Dao. My master has predicted that a bizarre event would once again descend from the heavens, and the one who could ascend to the peak would gain great fortune from the heaven and earth!”

He looked at Shan Jitong and Lao Song. As expected, both of them looked tempted. He continued, “The reason that I have not broken through to the Dividing Soul Tier was precisely because I have been waiting for this day.”

“Since there is something as good as that, why did you summon us?” Lao Song asked.

“Today is the day the three stars align. The Celestial King Tier-level might here will decline to its weakest, but even so, it is not everyone that would be worthy of climbing the mountain,” Yan Xianlu said calmly. “I have never minded contesting with others. Furthermore, I have another important matter.”

“What is it?” Shan Jitong asked. In the area, only he and Lao Song were worthy of speaking to Yan Xianlu like equals.

“There is no rush yet,” Yan Xianlu said calmly. “Without reaching the mountain’s summit, even if you knew, there would be no meaning to it.”

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