Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1787 - Two monsters

Chapter 1787: Two monsters

Ling Han couldn’t help but sigh. He had won just over a dozen pieces of Pseudo-Divine Metal; not enough.

Better than nothing at least.

“Are you fighting or not?” Qianzhao Tian demanded impatiently. For king tiers like them, time was incredibly previous, so how could it simply be wasted for nothing like this?

“Seeing that you people have brought so many gifts, I’ll play with you guys.” Ling Han leaped out, and fell into the chessboard.

In front of him, Qianzhao Yuan was standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

On the outside, everyone was watching the battle from a distance of a good few meters away. With their vision, they naturally had no need to come too close. Furthermore, if they were too close, they would be blocking each other, and would not be able to see clearly instead.

“Three moves,” Qianzhao Yuan declared proudly.

Ling Han rubbed his head, and said, “Though I am very strong, I am only in the second severance, after all. It is still quite difficult for me to defeat a fourth severance within three moves. Why don’t we exchange a few more moves?”


Qianzhao Yuan immediately rolled his eyes. What he meant was that he was going to defeat Ling Han in three moves; how did this guy understand it like that?

He laughed coldly, and said, “You are really outrageously brazen. However, what significance is there for you to babble nonsense to me?”

Just a second severance, and he dared to fight him? Pei!

He made a brazen move. Boom, he shot out a palm strike, pressing down on Ling Han. Strong wind screamed, turning into several hundred spikes formed with Regulations, descending as if the heavens were collapsing.

Ling Han did not dare to be careless. He had heard that there were veteran fourth severance elites in the various forces, and some had even attained a flawless severance; after going through countless years of experience, their battle prowess was very, very strong.

His hands balled into fists, and he shot out punches repeatedly.

Peng, peng, peng. Amidst a series of fierce exchanges, Ling Han’s figure slid backwards. In a head-on confrontation, he was indeed no match for a peak stage at the fourth severance.

This Qianzhao Yuan was only a normal severance, but was not too far from the level of flawless severance, and with countless years of practice, his battle prowess was really terrifying.

‘He really is a second severance!’ Qianzhao Yuan frowned. He could sense Ling Han’s aura the moment he made his move, and he was indeed a second severance. He himself had gone through this process, so if he was still unable to distinguish it, he really should find a rock to smash himself to death and commit suicide.

But a second severance was actually able to get on with only a slight disadvantage in a head-on confrontation with himself?

It should be known that a fourth severance should be capable of insta-killing a second severance, and even a king tier could not be exempted from this rule!

What kind of monster was this!?


Outside the chessboard, the king tiers all showed a hint of seriousness in their expressions.

They all had incredibly outstanding battle prowess, and could be invincible among their peers, and when they reached the peak stage of their cultivation level, such as in the second severance, they could possibly even resist an opponent in the early stage of the third severance.

But with a gap of two minor levels?

It would be a definite defeat, and a crushing defeat at that. There would be nothing like falling into a disadvantage, followed by the sequence of a few dozen to a few hundred moves before being defeated.

But this guy…. was too freakish!

Just at this moment, a delicate fragrance wafted in the air, and an exquisite beauty also arrived quietly, bringing an incomparable languid bearing. Her black hair winding, her complexion fairer than snow, being so beautiful that mere words could not describe.

“Fairy Rou!”

“Fairy Rou!”

The people in the area all turned their heads, and began to greet this exquisite beauty, all of their eyes holding admiration that could not be concealed.

Bewitching Maiden Rou!

Naturally, no one would call her Bewitching Maiden Rou right to her face, but in the majority of people’s hearts, she was an undoubted bewitching maiden, stealing their hearts, and luring away their souls.

“What is everyone watching? So much noise and excitement?” Bewitching Maiden Rou smiled delicately, her charm on full blast.

Everyone hurriedly began to relate the events, and Bewitching Maiden Rou replied with an “oh” as she sat down at the side with slight curiosity, beginning to watch as well.

She was very curious about Ling Han. A man that was capable of restoring an ancient cultivation technique in a mere half day’s time yet was completely unperturbed or affected by her charm technique made her very much want to know what lay at the bottom of Ling Han.

Thus, it was also she who had deliberately leaked the events at the time. She knew that Qianzhao Tian and the others would definitely make trouble for Ling Han, so she would be able to watch the show from the sidelines, and probe Ling Han at the same time.

‘Your willpower is so strong, and your comprehension ability is so high, so what about your battle prowess?’

She had just watched a few moves, and she immediately showed a grim expression.

Too powerful!

A mere second severance, yet he was able to just barely resist a fourth severance of peak stage. It should be known that Qianzhao Yuan was not an ordinary fourth severance peak stage, but rather had practiced at this cultivation level for who knew how many years, so his strength should not be inferior in any way to a king tier of the same cultivation level.

Which also meant that Ling Han presently was already qualified to match a fourth severance king tier.

Even if Ling Han would be blasted back quite harshly with every attack he sustained, he was still completely unharmed. After retreating, he would immediately charge back at the extreme speed of lightning, as if his body itself was forged from Divine Metal.

How can there be such a freak?

“Are you interested in my husband?” The Empress approached her without her knowledge. Though Ling Han had said that he did not want any more love debts, she was still unable to forget the fact that Bewitching Maiden Rou was a Divine Fetus, and if she practiced dual cultivation with Ling Han, it could help Ling Han soar.

In her eyes, Ling Han was her top priority.

Bewitching Maiden Rou humphed, and did not reply, though she could not help but admit that her heart had indeed trembled slightly. However, it would really be too much of a joke if they expected her to fall for him just like this.

“Humph, that kind of man with a lowly status dares to covet Fairy Rou?” Qianzhao Tian scoffed. “He is really out of his league!”


His words had just rung out when a snow-white palm was already striking towards his face, the move both fast and harsh.

Qianzhao Tian was stunned, and hurriedly bounced backwards, practically using his full effort.


Just how big was the ship? He abruptly smashed into the shipboards, the impact causing a numbness throughout his body.

This was a battleship at the level of Immortal Palace Tier, and the external material was in fact Six-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal, which was capable of blocking a full-power strike from an Immortal Palace Tier elite, and though the structure in here was slightly inferior, it was still Two-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal, so how could Qianzhao Tian possibly be capable of crashing through them?

Thus, this collision caused him to see stars, almost making him pass out in dizziness.

The Empress withdrew her hand slowly. Her goal was only to give Qianzhao Tian a scare so that he would crash into the wall on his own. Otherwise, if she had to use her hand to slap him, she would find it too filthy.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel stunned, and looked towards the Empress as if they had just discovered her presence.

And that was indeed the truth. Previously, everyone’s attention was on Ling Han, and then Bewitching Maiden Rou came, so their attention was diverted onto that extremely bewitching woman. Only now did they discover that the Empress’s figure was so perfect, and she had such a noble bearing.

Even if the Empress’s face was still veiled, everyone had a feeling that it would be hard to decide who was more captivating between her and Bewitching Maiden Rou.

Hiss, this was too inconceivable!

Additionally, this woman had very powerful strength; she actually could force Qianzhao Tian into such a pitiful state.

Though she had indeed struck abruptly, Qianzhao Tian was not only a third severance, he was also a king tier of the present generation!

Was the Empress a fourth severance?

What was frightening was this fact: she was only in the second severance!

For a moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on the Empress. Even the charm of Bewitching Maiden Rou had suddenly declined greatly, her limelight greatly taken by the Empress.

If this was another person, she would definitely feel nervous and anxious being the focus of attention from so many king tiers. But the Empress was completely indifferent. She only cast a disdainful glance at Qianzhao Tian, and menacingly asked, “How could my husband be someone you can insult?”

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