Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1740 - Tower of Three Realms

Chapter 1740: Tower of Three Realms

Ding Xing was shocked, his figure quickly retreating. However, the ice attacked, and his movements became incredibly and extraordinarily slow.

The Empress charged over, delivering a palm strike at the air.


Ding Xing’s figure immediately exploded into tens of thousands of pieces like an ice carving. Every single shard of ice could clearly be seen, and there was definitely not a single drop of blood spilled.

Xuanyin Source Water, the coldest existence in this world!

However, a second severance grand elder would not die so easily. Ding Xing’s spirit escaped his body, intending to flee.

His spirit took the form of a tiny figure the size of a fist. The moment it left his body, its speed was extremely fast. A spirit that had lost the support of the physical body was a very dangerous thing. A Severing Mundane Tier grand elder could not be killed, but his spirit was comparatively more fragile, and it was very easy to be hunted down.

What was the purpose of hunting it down?

Firstly, it could be directly refined, and one could extract the comprehension of Regulations that a cultivator had accumulated throughout his lifetime. Secondly, it could be sealed into some Forbidden Tool and become a one-time deadly weapon that had incredible might.

Additionally, the concoction of some alchemical pills also required a spirit to make up for the shortage of certain Regulations.

However, the spirit was extremely difficult to capture. Without the burden of the physical body, its speed was astonishingly fast.

…Having the same lifespan as the heaven and earth, this cultivation level was extremely difficult to reach, but it was likewise very difficult to die.

The Empress humphed coldly, and shot out a finger. Xiu, a streak of sword light swept past, its speed even faster.

Pa, Ding Xing’s spirit was shattered, scattering in all directions like a firework.

A second severance elite, dead!

The Empress and Ling Han exchanged a look. They were both king tiers among first severance, and if they were still unable to deal with Ding Xing with the two of them joining forces now, that would be really illogical.

“Let’s go find the others first. Who knows if Changsun Liang and the other guys have gotten into a fight,” Ling Han said.

The three of them left, heading towards Moon Scattering City.

‘Why did the Black Tower not open the seventh floor?’ Ling Han suddenly thought.

“I don’t know, either.” Small Tower was a little dazed. “After you advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, I regained some more memories, but at the same time, I have also gained some new questions. Now, the only thing I can confirm is that I know who I am.”

‘Aren’t you the Tsundere Tower?’

“You’re saying that you know the Black Tower’s real name?” Ling Han asked.

The Black Tower was only a name that he had casually come up with. It appeared to be completely black in color, so this was the name he had given it. In truth, his knowledge of the Black Tower was quite limited.

“En.” Small Tower nodded. “My original name is… Tower of Three Realms!”


All of a sudden, a clap of thunder rang out, as if the heaven and earth itself were shaking.

Ling Han was involuntarily stunned. This should be the reaction that the heavens had towards the words “Tower of Three Realms”. For certain objects that could affect the heaven and earth, directly calling out their names would draw a reaction from the heaven and earth.

It was said that Celestial Kings were beings like this; directly calling out the name of a living Celestial King would cause a sudden clap of thunder in the middle of nowhere.

But the problem here was that his conversation with Small Tower was only limited to his mind!

The Tower of Three Realms, was it really so awesome?

“Do not think of this name again, and never speak it directly,” Small Tower declared solemnly. “This will draw the attention of several truly powerful figures, and they could reach this place with a single thought.”

Yi, when the Black Tower had fallen into the Lower Realm, was it also for the purpose of avoiding the divine sense of these mighty figures?

Hold on, the Asura Demon Emperor had said before that the Lower Realm had long since entered into the Immortal Realm through opening the sky before, yet had descended back into becoming a small world again. This drew great curiosity from the Immortal Realm and the Netherworld, and that was why the Asura Demon Emperor and innumerable other Immortal level elites had entered into various small worlds.

Could it be that the Black Tower or the previous owner of the Black Tower thought that throwing the Black Tower into the Immortal Realm was not enough of an insurance, and had thus deliberately stuffed the Black Tower back to a lower level again?

But why did it have to bring a small world along with it?

You could have directly entered into a small world, and wouldn’t it be more covert?

Ling Han asked Small Tower, but Small Tower could not answer any questions.

There was no result to be gotten from this exchange, and Ling Han did not waste any more time. The three of them soon returned to Moon Scattering City.

Ling Han did not need to deliberately make queries to clearly find out about the major incidents that had happened in these few days, because this was the hottest topic of conversation.

Changsun Liang, Xiao Sheng, Song Ji, Ma Ying, and other young king tiers had all successfully advanced to the Severing Mundane, and they had respectively engaged in several great battles.

…In the first match, Changsun Liang versus Xiao Sheng, the result was a tie.

…In the second match, Song Ji challenged Changsun Liang, and the result was still a tie.

…In the third match, Ma Ying and Xiao Sheng battled for three days and three nights, and the result was that Ma Ying suffered a narrow loss by a single move.

Judging from these results, the battle prowess of the top tier prodigies was quite equal. Even if Ma Ying had a narrow loss, it could also be due to various minor factors, and it could not be claimed that she was really the weakest among the four in terms of strength.

Furthermore, a spar was different from a life-or-death duel. Everyone definitely had a great many powerful moves that they had not shown.

Additionally, some young elites had also popped out. Though they were slightly weaker than Changsun Liang and the others, they could still be considered prodigies. Furthermore, the path of cultivation was still very long, so they might still have a chance of surpassing Changsun Liang and the others.

These were incidents that had already taken place, and there was still a great event that had not taken place—the Fu Clan would be hosting a great banquet tomorrow night, inviting all the prodigies that had successfully broken through in this time’s opening of the Severing Mundane Pool.

Some prodigies were definitely worth recruiting, such as Changsun Liang, Xiao Sheng, and the others.

The Fu Clan was not old-fashioned, and would frequently draw young prodigies into the clan, and the prodigies would also be glad to join a three-star force.

Even though there was only the difference of a single star between two stars and three stars, the gap was practically as wide as the distance between heaven and earth.

For example, even if Changsun Liang was very talented, if he had not been nurtured with the full efforts of a three-star force, the possibility of him advancing into the Immortal Palace Tier was practically zero! The inheritance of cultivation was the fruit of intelligence accumulated over innumerable years by innumerable elites. To break through to a completely new cultivation level through one’s own efforts was much, much too difficult.

The words king tier only represented talent in cultivation and battle prowess that was invincible amongst one’s peers, but did not represent the power of creation—advancing into a completely new, unknown cultivation level would require creating one’s own cultivation technique, and this actually did not have much relation with being a king tier.

Thus, everyone wanted to gain a ticket into the Fu Clan.

There were many people who could go to the Fu Clan this time because Ling Han and the Empress had advanced by successfully striking the heaven and earth, leading to a certain change in destiny, which made it relatively easier to advance to the Severing Mundane Tier this time round.

Those that initially had had no hopes had also successfully reached the Severing Mundane Tier by now. Those that initially could only barely step into the Severing Mundane Tier were now ordinary Severing Mundane Tiers, and there were even a few more that had achieved a flawless severance. However, having a flawless severance was the limit. It was impossible that they could advance to the Severing Mundane Tier via the alternative method because of this.

In short, there were a total of 272 people that were qualified to attend the celebratory feast of the Fu Clan, and each person could bring a partner.

The great feast naturally could not be held at the Fu Clan Residence; that was too far. It was rather going to be hosted in the Sky Mountains outside Moon Scattering City—this was closer to the few cities in the surrounding area, and the Fu Clan did not merely want to recruit people under the rule of the Black Moon Sect.

Ling Han thought that he could go and take a look at the Fu Clan Residence, and use the resources of the Fu Clan to find out the whereabouts of the Roc Palace. Thus, he, the Empress, and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden rested for a day, and made their way to the Sky Mountains as well.

There was a tiny stone door at the foot of the mountains, and at the doorway, there was a large mass of people gathered. Some could enter, and the moment they stepped over the threshold of the stone doors, their whole person immediately disappeared.

Realization dawned on Ling Han. This was a Spatial God Tool.

However, there were people standing guard at the doorway, and one would first have to show their invitation card to enter.

“We don’t have an invitation card; how are we supposed to enter?” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden asked.

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