Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Kneel

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Ling Han walked into the Martial Training Court and saw a beautiful young girl practicing martial arts skills in the center. She was wearing a white warrior dress and her movements were as graceful as a deity’s. Around her was a number of young men and women who had gathered to watch. The young women’s gazes were heated whilst the men wore intoxicated expressions as they observed her practice.

That young girl was Shen Zi Yan. Everyday, she would be cultivating in this location.

She truly was very beautiful, but when compared to Liu Yu Tong, her beauty fell short. Moreover, Ling Han had long been used to seeing remarkably stunning beauties in his last life, so naturally he was not moved.

His predecessor was a hopeless romantic. However, now that he was dead, the one in charge was he who had once been a warrior of the Heaven Tier!

Ling Han took a deep breath. He felt the last remnants of his predecessor’s obsessive feelings vanish into thin air. Now he was finally the one and only owner of this body.

His predecessor had two things he could not let go of. One was his father, and the other was Shen Zi Yan. Now that these two obsessions have been completely neutralized, the predecessor could finally and completely “depart”, and no longer have the slightest bit of effect over this body.

In truth, his predecessor knew very well that he and Shen Zi Yan could never be, so he had only meant to secretly admire her from afar. Otherwise, if this obsession was something like wanting to marry her and no one else, Ling Han would be in big trouble.

“Get out of here!” It was at this moment that Shen Zi Yan stopped her movements and shouted these words coldly at him.

How overbearing, did she think that her family owned the Martial Training Court?

Naturally, Ling Han didn’t want to even bother with this kind of condescending, arrogant girl who thought the whole world revolved around her. After all, the obsession had vanished, and in his opinion, Shen Zi Yan simply could not be considered incomparably beautiful, nor was she shockingly talented. She really didn’t even have the qualifications for him to consider her for one moment longer.

For the sake of his predecessor, he did not react to her insulting words, and turned away, intending to leave.

“Stop right there!” A young man dressed in embroidered clothing sprang out and, with a few steps, rushed in front of Ling Han, blocking his way. He said, “Didn’t you hear Younger Sister Disciple Shen’s words? She told you to roll out of here. You don’t use your legs to roll.”

His name was Cheng Hao, and he was the second son of the Clan Head of the other Great Clan in Grey Cloud Town. He was also one of Shen Zi Yan’s admirers. However, Shen Zi Yan had never treated him any differently from the others. Now, he had finally found an opportunity to show off in front of her—teach Ling Han a hard lesson in order to obtain Shen Zi Yan’s favor.

Moreover, this was not the first time he had bullied Ling Han, because among the people he could bully, Ling Han’s status was the highest and thus bullying him gave him the most satisfaction.

Ling Han’s eyes automatically turned severe. The images of his predecessor being bullied by Cheng Hao played vividly before his eyes. Originally, he would not have bothered had Cheng Hao remained a simple face in the crowd, but now that he had spotted Cheng Hao, even if the latter had not provoked him in this manner, he had no plans of letting matters rest.

“Are you looking to die?” He said in a murderous voice.

“Hahahaha, Ling trash, are you threatening me?” Cheng Hao gave a laugh, yet very quickly his gaze turned severe, “We haven’t seen each other for just a few days, and now you’ve grown so brave that you actually dare to talk back to me?”

Everyone in the area started laughing. Ling Han’s identity as a piece of trash was well-known throughout the whole academy, so these words naturally seemed like the greatest joke in the world to them.

Ling Han smiled coldly and walked towards Cheng Hao.

“What is it now, are you going to beg me to spare you? If you’re going to beg, then make sure you speak loudly enough,” Cheng Hao said nonchalantly.


It was at this moment that a sharp, crisp slap was heard, causing everyone’s laughter to suddenly stop.

Cheng Hao covered his face with one hand; his face expressed his utter disbelief. Just now, he had actually been given a slap by Ling Han… given a slap by a piece of trash!

How great a humiliation was this?!

He immediately entered berserk mode, and blue veins popped up all over his forehead as he said thickly, “Are you tired of living that you actually dare to hit me?”

“I can’t hit you?” Ling Han said calmly. His predecessor had been bullied by Cheng Hao numerous times. He was only getting back a little interest now.

“How dare you!” Cheng Hao never thought that Ling Han would not only not beg for his life out of panic, but actually dared to talk back to him. He was originally already extremely furious, so how could he hold himself back now. He immediately raised his hand which flew towards Ling Han.

The current Ling Han was in the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier. Even though that was still two layers lower than Cheng Hao, they were both in the middle stage of Body Refining Tier. With Ling Han’s battle experience as someone who had once wielded the power of the Heaven Tier, how could he possibly lose?

“Pa!” Cheng Hao had just raised his hand, but Ling Han had already reacted accordingly and his right hand flew out. Although he acted later, he reached his target earlier and, once again, another solid slap landed on Cheng Hao’s face. With the great strength behind this slap, Cheng Hao staggered, causing the hand he raised to only hit empty air.

“Trash!” Ling Han said in a calm tone, shaking his head.

Everyone was silent. This label of “trash” originally belonged to Ling Han, but now no one could find it in themselves to laugh, for Cheng Hao had indeed been slapped twice.

If the first time could be considered to be the fault of Cheng Hao’s carelessness, then the second time could only be Ling Han’s display of ability.

But how was this possible? Wasn’t Ling Han the publicly acclaimed biggest piece of trash in the whole academy?

Meanwhile, Cheng Hao had been enraged to the point that both his eyes had turned red. With a great roar, he threw himself at Ling Han.

However, the difference between himself and Ling Han was much too large.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

No matter how he attacked, Ling Han somehow managed to act later yet hit first, each slap causing him to stumble; his attack power naturally subsided by itself.

“I see now, Ling Han’s power is actually not as strong as Cheng Hao’s, it seems to be only somewhere around fourth or fifth layer of Body Refining Tier. However, his sixth sense is too terrifying. Every time Cheng Hao makes a move, it’s as if he already knew where Cheng Hao would attack, and make the necessary adjustments in advance.”

“Fourth or fifth layer of Body Refining Tier? That can’t be, he has the Five Elements Disarray Spirit Base, so even if he wants to break through to the middle stage of the Body Refining Tier, he would only be able to achieve that at least after he’s twenty.”

“No matter what his cultivation level is, just his skill in reading attacks is scary enough!”

After watching for a period of time, the students in the area too discovered this “secret”. The “secret” was actually something very simple—Ling Han would predict all of Cheng Hao’s attacks and react accordingly in advance to compensate for the gap between their cultivation levels.

Meanwhile, Cheng Hao was completely slapped silly. There was a persistent buzzing in his head and his face was scarlet and swollen, turning it into a pig’s head. Only the fury he felt kept on supporting his continuous attacks, but all of it was pointless effort.

He was finally scared, and no longer dared to make any move.

But how could Ling Han just let matters go like this?

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

He kept up a furious litany of slaps, and Cheng Hao’s lip very quickly was split. Fresh blood was spilled, and he looked extremely pitiful.

At this moment, no one dared to step up and intervene.

“I surrender this time, don’t hit me anymore,” Cheng Hao pleaded.

However, Ling Han did not stop his movements. In the past, when Cheng Hao bullied his predecessor, when had he ever been merciful? He thrashed him for a moment longer, before he said, “Kneel!”


Cheng Hao felt this was utterly absurd, this trash actually dared tell him to kneel? If he really knelt, then not only would his pride be completely shattered, even the Cheng Clan would be laughed at by others. After all, he was the second son of the Cheng Clan’s Clan Head!

This was too much, even when he and his older brother had bullied Ling Han in the past, they had only dared to thrash the other until his whole body was covered with injuries. They had not dared to make the other kneel down.

This could possibly spark off a blood feud between the two clans!

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