Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1468 - Troublemakers

Chapter 1468 Troublemakers

Sun Physique!Ling Han had ascended the gigantic golden boulder above the Sunken Abyss Valley and obtained the greatest opportunity. However, his success had also allowed the others to obtain more benefits. With the blessing of heaven and earth lasting for so long, those who had reached the second stage had all absorbed some of the essence of the Sun Stone. This had allowed their cultivation to advance, and had even allowed them to obtain the Sun Physique.

Of course, these were far inferior to the Great Accomplishment stage Sun Physique that Ling Han had obtained. However, this was only the Immortal Realm, and thus even an iota of power from the Celestial Realm was already more than impressive enough.

Jiuyao was as radiant as the sun as he dispersed the black mist.

“What?!” the one dozen or so senior disciples exclaimed in astonishment.

“What cultivation technique is this? It’s actually capable of dispersing Junior Brother Chu’s Extreme Night Dark Mist?!”

“Why do I feel like I can’t even open my eyes?” someone asked, their expression changing drastically.

“My divine sense can’t detect any movement inside that light!” someone exclaimed in shock.

The Extreme Night Dark Mist was the ultimate technique of the eighth campus. Moreover, because the Tranquil Heart Saint had succeeded his Dao through formations, this ultimate technique naturally made use of formations as well. However, one didn’t need to use formation eyes for this formation. Instead, they would act as the formation eye themself.

The integration of humans and formations was incredibly mighty—this wasn’t something that cultivators at the same cultivation level could defeat!

So, why had it been ineffective?

Jiuyao charged forward, launching a wild and ferocious punch.

This was slightly risky. Unless one possessed a physique as freakish as Ling Han’s, one generally wouldn’t be willing to draw too close to their opponents. This was because doing so would increase their own chance of being struck as well. Moreover, this would be especially dangerous if their opponent possessed a God Tool. If they were struck by a God Tool, allowing its murderous aura to enter their body, they would definitely suffer severe damage.

However, the situation right now was different. That senior disciple was blinded by the dazzling radiance of the Sun Physique, and all that he could see was a blurry sheet of white. His divine sense had also been disturbed. In other words, he was as good as blind.

It was because of this that Jiuyao dared to charge forward.

The senior disciple was astonished. However, his battle instincts caused him to immediately leap backward in an attempt to escape the area that was affected by Jiuyao’s “sunlight”.

This was a very sound response. However, Jiuyao continued to advance as the other retreated, maintaining the short distance between them.

One of them was retreating, while one of them was advancing. However, both were incredibly quick.

The senior disciple became more and more shocked. Regardless of how he retreated, his surroundings would always be flooded with a blinding light. He couldn’t see anything. This caused terror to rise in his mind.

‘This… won’t last forever, right?’


The rising panic in his mind naturally caused him to make a slip-up. His retreat suddenly became slower, and Jiuyao’s fist immediately arrived before his body.


He was instantly sent flying. However, at the same time, he also exited the area that was enveloped by the blinding light.

He crashed into the ground with a loud thud. There was a slightly salty taste in his mouth, and opening it, he immediately spat out three broken and bloodied teeth.

Jiuyao retracted his Sun Physique, a satisfied smile on his face.

He hadn’t activated the power of his bloodline. Instead, he had only activated his newly obtained physique. Even so, he had managed to defeat a fellow king tier at the same cultivation level with ease.

The Sun Stone was a precious stone from the Celestial Realm, and it was a stone that had nurtured and given birth to the Nine Heavens Flame, an ancestral flame. Thus, even if Jiuyao had only received a tiny fraction of benefits from it, this was still incredibly freakish when viewed in the context of the Immortal Realm.

The other senior disciples were all stunned. Meanwhile, the young king tiers who still had yet to crawl through the dog flap stood up, complicated expressions on their faces as they gazed at Ling Han, Empress Luan Xing, and Jiuyao.

These were people who dared to resist and fight back. Although they were destined to lose, just their willpower alone was already worthy of their respect and admiration.

“Humph! Sure enough, you people are troublemakers,” Yi Gaoning said with a baleful expression. “You might be strong, but this is completely useless. In fact, it will only cause you to suffer more.”

Jiuyao wagged his finger in disagreement, saying, “Is there anyone else? For those at the same cultivation level, I’ll fight against however many of you step forward! In fact, I’ll even fight against those at the medium extreme or high extreme!” Right now, he possessed two different physiques, both of them extremely powerful. This caused his confidence to rise significantly.

So intimidating was his domineering aura that none of the senior disciples dared to step forward and accept his challenge.

“Humph! You’re a measly cultivator at the Heavenly Body Tier… I can suppress you with a single finger!” Yi Gaoning looked at him in disdain, saying, “Don’t forget, this isn’t a sparring session. Rather, we’re here to give you a ‘welcome ceremony’! Since you’re resisting, we’ll beat you down first!”

He raised a hand and grabbed at Jiuyao. As his hand reached forward, it transformed into a dry and shrunken claw. It was unclear what “species” this claw was from, but it reflected an icy-cold and metallic sheen. It was as if this claw were forged from Godly metal. It was extremely terrifying.

Even more terrifying than this was his Eternal River Tier aura. He didn’t need to fully unleash it, and just a wisp of its might would be powerful enough to suppress all of the beings present.

Jiuyao… wouldn’t be able to resist this might even if he were 10,000 times more powerful!

Empress Luan Xing wanted to help, yet Ling Han raised his left arm to prevent her from interfering. He then extended his right arm, grabbing at that powerful claw.

“Laughable!” Yi Gaoning said with a cold sneer.

He was at the Eternal River Tier! He had only advanced to the Eternal River Tier 700,000 years ago, and right now, he was only at the late stage of the low extreme. However, those at the peak stage of the pinnacle level of the Heavenly Body Tier would only possess power that was on par with the early stage of the low extreme of the Eternal River Tier.

Moreover, was he not a prodigy? He would have an advantage of two stars, and he was more so a five-star genius himself. Thus, with these combined, he would possess a crushing advantage of a whopping seven stars. If he still couldn’t defeat Ling Han, then he might as well kill himself.

Ling Han casually waved his hand, and Yi Gaoning’s claw immediately eroded at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. His claw was like sand that was flying away with the wind. Before his claw could even reach Ling Han, it had already vanished into nothingness.

The Tide of the Ages!

Ling Han had obtained the complete cultivation technique, Song of the Ages, from Hu Yu. This wasn’t like the cultivation technique that he had extracted from Ding Zizhen’s bloodline memory. Those in the Ding Clan would all receive the inheritance, the Tide of the Ages, in their bloodline. However, some would be powerful, while others would be weak. This was completely dependent on their bloodline.

Thus, Ling Han’s grasp of the Tide of the Ages would be affected by the limit of Ding Zizhen’s bloodline. Regardless of how powerful he became, his grasp of this technique wouldn’t be able to surpass Ding Zizhen’s. At the very least, he would need to advance to the Severing Mundane Tier before he could investigate the power of time.

However, Ling Han had cultivated in seclusion for 10 years after obtaining Song of the Ages. As such, how could his grasp of this technique not have improved?


Everyone was stunned upon seeing this. In fact, even Yi Gaoning was astonished.

‘How is this possible?’

This didn’t make sense. As a king tier at the late stage of the low extreme of the Eternal River Tier, shouldn’t he have possessed a crushing advantage over someone at the pinnacle level of the Heavenly Body Tier?

Meanwhile, the seven king tiers who had yet to crawl through the dog flap all exclaimed in emotion. No wonder Ling Han was able to rank second among all of the new disciples! This was true strength! In fact, they even started to doubt whether Gu Daoyi would be powerful enough to achieve such a feat were he to be in Ling Han’s position.

Ling Han retracted his hand, and calmly said, “My disciple doesn’t need your guidance. If he needs any guidance, I’ll naturally provide it to him!”

Yi Gaoning’s expression was slightly adrift. He was pondering whether he should battle against Ling Han.

However, would he still have the face to show himself in the future if he retreated from a new disciple?

Taking new disciples down a notch was tradition. If he failed to complete this task, it was very likely that the supremely powerful king tiers of the academy wouldn’t let him off lightly.

He couldn’t help but curse in his mind. Why had he come across such a freak?

Among the nine Saints, the Tranquil Heart Saint wasn’t famous for his raw battle prowess. Instead, he was famous for his skill in the field of formations. In past years, no supreme king tier had become a disciple of the eighth campus. It was also because of this that he was extremely relaxed and wanton.

However, who knew that he would be so unfortunate? Such was his luck that he had come across this terrifying supreme king tier.

‘Motherf*cker! Is there something wrong with your brain? Why did you come to the eighth campus? You’re screwing me over, do you know that?!’

Yi Gaoning didn’t dare to underestimate Ling Han. “Junior Brother, what’s your name?” he asked in a solemn voice.

“Ling Han,” Ling Han replied calmly.

“Shall we spar?” Yi Gaoning didn’t dare to make any more bold claims. After all, he genuinely wasn’t confident of winning against Ling Han. The power of his opponent was beyond his expectations.

If he knew that Ling Han had been called up second by the Saints, perhaps he would feel slightly more at ease.

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