Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1029 - Scared Away

Chapter 1029: Scared Away

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Pei Ji appeared extremely strange right now.

He was still a normal person down to his thighs, yet from thereon downward, his legs looked like the roots of some old tree. It was a complex entanglement of metal rods, and they lifted him up to become something like a giant.

“Hahahaha! Watch how this old man annihilates you all!” Like a gigantic centipede, the countless metal rods started to move and carry him toward Ling Han and the others.

Everyone hurriedly dispersed to avoid being knocked over by Pei Ji’s strike.

Xiu, xiu, xiu!

Ling Han unleashed his Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow and fired several volleys of Origin Power arrows.

Some of these Origin Power arrows were silver-white, some were crimson-red, and some were earthen-yellow. The silver-white arrows were ordinary Origin Power arrows, while the crimson-red ones were imbued with the divine patterns of flame, and the earthen-yellow ones were imbued with the divine patterns of gravity.

Pei Ji didn’t dare face these arrows head on, so he raised his “leg” and formed a dense net before his body that was surprisingly able to block the Origin Power arrows. Not only was this net able to block Ling Han’s Origin Power arrows, but it was even able to block the attacks from the other people as well.

The difference in cultivation level between them was a bit too large.

Pei Ji was an elite at the peak stage of the consummate level, yet what about Ling Han and the other four people?

Fu Tian was unconscious. Yin Yuanxiang was at the late stage of the medium extreme, and her battle prowess was at the peak stage. Jin Zhihui was at the early stage of the medium extreme, and his battle prowess was also at the early stage. Shui Yanyu was at the peak stage of the low extreme, and her battle prowess was one star above her cultivation level. Ling Han was at the early stage of the medium extreme, and his battle prowess was five stars above his cultivation level, though his peak battle prowess could reach six stars.

Even if they teamed up, they were still no match for Pei Ji.

“You brats actually dare attack me? You’re all seeking death!” Pei Ji said with a sneer.


Ling Han cast a net as his body flashed about. He had been preparing the Crimson Ground Locking Net this entire time, and he was finally able to fully activate it at this moment. As the net flew out, it became larger and larger. This kind of treasure was naturally able to expand and shrink a great deal. At its limit, it could even envelop a mountain, much less Pei Ji, who was only six meters tall.

Pei Ji didn’t expect this, and the small size of the workshop meant that there was no room for him to hide, either. He was instantly enveloped by the net.

“What?! Why did my power suddenly fall so dramatically?” Shock spread across his face as his cultivation level fell to the peak stage of the high extreme. His cultivation level had fallen an entire minor level!

One had to realize that as a puppeteer, he didn’t possess a powerful battle prowess to begin with. Thus, he was understandably flustered now that his cultivation level had been reduced by an entire minor level. Moreover, the net that trapped him was made out of some peculiar material that he couldn’t break free from no matter what. In fact, it even affected his mobility to some degree.

He frantically let out a low growl, and the female puppet immediately turned around and grabbed at the Crimson Ground Locking Net.

The Asura Demon Emperor hurriedly chased over, and said, “Stupid b*tch, eat this uncle’s saber!” He removed a saber that was sticking out of his body and slashed it at the female puppet.

The Asura Demon Emperor was a sleazeball, and once he put down his dignity as an elite, his shamelessness truly knew no bounds. His speech would become vile and vulgar.

The female puppet simply pushed a palm backward, while her other hand latched onto the Crimson Ground Locking Net and forcefully pulled it up.

She was at the pseudo-Sun Moon Tier, and the overwhelming strength that she possessed allowed her to lift a large portion of the net up. Meanwhile, the Asura Demon Emperor’s saber slashed into her palm with a deafening clang.

Everyone felt as if their eardrums were about to burst, and they were unable to hear anything else. They could only see flashes of dazzling light as the saber continued to clash against the hand.


After a short while, the Asura Demon Emperor was suddenly pushed back. Although both puppets were at the pseudo-Sun Moon Tier, it was evident that the female puppet was stronger than the male one.

Pa, pa, pa, pa…

The sound of uncanny footsteps traveled over, and they saw more and more puppets climb out from all kinds of nooks and crannies. These puppets came in all kinds of strange and peculiar forms.

Pei Ji pointed through the net, and said, “Hahaha! Kill all of those people for me!” There was a strong killing intent on his face, and it was clear that he was infuriated with being forced into such a sorry state.

There were hundreds of these puppets already, and still more were surging out from all over the room.

According to Guo Xiuwen, he had lived on this island for around 30,000 years. With this in mind, Pei Ji had definitely lived here even longer than that. With so much time at his disposal, how many puppets had he managed to create?

These puppets could completely be viewed as an army. Although they were lacking in intelligence, they had many other advantages—they had no weak points, no sense of pain, and no fear of death.

At this moment, Fu Tian also regained his consciousness, though his battle prowess had fallen dramatically due to his severe injuries.

Everyone was shaking with apprehension. There were so many puppets that it was possible that they could drown them to death!

Ling Han roared and charged toward the puppets.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu!

Once he broke away from the others, he naturally became the main target of the puppets. Countless attacks streaked toward him—there were slashes from claws, explosions from soundwaves, and bullets of black light.

Ling Han advanced fearlessly. These puppets were mostly at the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, so he didn’t even need to defend against their attacks, no matter how thick and relentless they were.

He simply unleashed his divine sense, causing the puppets to rapidly vanish wherever he passed.

The nemesis of puppets had come!

His target was the female puppet as the Asura Demon Emperor would be freed once he captured her. When that time came, it would be extremely easy for them to suppress Pei Ji.

“Hurry! Hurry up and get rid of this net for me!” Pei Ji screamed in exasperation.

A dozen or so puppets grabbed onto the net and tried to pry it open.

Meanwhile, Ling Han dashed forward and cast his divine sense toward the female puppet.

Then… the female puppet suddenly vanished.


Pei Ji witnessed this sight just as he broke free from the net, and his eyes almost popped out of his head in shock and disbelief. He hadn’t seen how the male puppet had vanished, yet just then, he witnessed the full process of the female puppet being captured.

Truth be told, he was still completely baffled and unable to comprehend what was happening before him.

“Legless old man, watch how this uncle slays you!” The Asura Demon Emperor roared with laughter as he charged toward Pei Ji.

Pei Ji naturally knew how powerful this puppet was. In fright, he shouted, “Block him!”

Meanwhile, he glared at Ling Han with hatred. This brat had incredibly uncanny abilities, and it seemed as if he were his fated nemesis!

Yang Tiecheng—the great elite who had a battle prowess at the consummate level—had already been dealt with, so dealing with the remaining people should have been a piece of cake. They should have posed no threat at all, yet they somehow managed to pull off this unimaginable feat!

Anyhow, old and experienced as he was, he knew that he couldn’t lose his temper and throw his life away here. He immediately turned to flee, not forgetting to say, “Brat, if you pursue me, I can assure you that all of your companions will lose their lives!”

He laughed loudly as he fled into the distance.

Ling Han hesitated briefly before turning back around to assist the others in destroying the puppets.

Although there was a tremendous number of puppets here, the castaways had the Asura Demon Emperor who was extremely powerful, as well as Ling Han who was the nemesis of puppets. Thus, even though the puppets surged toward them in waves, they were easily mowed down like grass being cut.

After about 30 minutes, the puppets finally stopped appearing, their numbers decreasing with each puppet that was killed.

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