Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1027 - Abhorrent Practices

Chapter 1027: Abhorrent Practices

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Ling Han grabbed Guo Xiuwen. He was still unconscious after being knocked out by Ling Han’s Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique previously.

This secret technique was naturally more deadly to those of a lower cultivation level. In fact, cultivators at the low extreme could be easily killed by it.

Guo Xiuwen’s eyes shot open as he was slapped awake. However, he was completely stupefied by what he saw.

‘Where is this? How long was I unconscious for us to have reached some unfamiliar place so far away from the island?’

“Y-y-you… You…” He was almost scared to death upon seeing Ling Han as the latter was completely unharmed.

‘Did he not open the jade vial?

‘No… I can clearly see the fragments of the jade vial in the distance, so he definitely opened it.’

“Are you disappointed?” Ling Han asked with a smile. “Tell me, why should I not kill you?”

“I-I-I… I’m also a victim! I was forced into doing this!” Guo Xiuwen said in a shaky voice. He pushed all of the blame onto Pei Ji.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “Perhaps you were forced to in the beginning. However, I don’t see a shred of remorse in your eyes right now. You’re no different from Pei Ji anymore.

“Little Asura, kill him!”

The Asura Demon Emperor immediately entered the puppet tiger and raised its tiger head, and said, “As you command, Master!”

Guo Xiuwen was both shocked and confused. This puppet tiger had been created by him, and he had also used it as his steed for a long time. It could be said that he knew it through and through. However, this puppet tiger actually opened its mouth to speak just then! This almost frightened him to death.

Ever since he remembered, he had never set foot outside this island, so it was only normal that he wasn’t aware of the matters regarding the Netherworld. As such, he found this situation completely unfathomable.

“You… You’re also a puppeteer!” He was convinced that he had figured out the truth. Ling Han was definitely a puppeteer who was numerous times more skilled than him, thus allowing him to easily capture his puppet and even give it the ability to speak. His supreme skills made the puppet tiger extremely lively as if it were truly sentient and intelligent.

The Asura Demon Emperor leaped over and snapped its jaws shut, crushing Guo Xiuwen’s neck with a single bite. Guo Xiuwen’s divine sense was also obliterated by this overwhelming attack, and the life drained from him in the blink of an eye.

“Stay by my side and don’t attack without my command,” Ling Han said.

The Asura Demon Emperor was overcome with joy. ‘Is Master planning to let me out?

‘I’m so touched!’

Ling Han waved his hand, and the two people and one tiger immediately appeared in the workshop.

“This is… the Immortal Realm!” the Asura Demon Emperor said in astonishment. Although he had already guessed that Ling Han had arrived in the Immortal Realm after learning that his cultivation level was at the medium extreme of the Mountain River Tier, he was still astonished when he experienced the completely different regulations of heaven and earth and the rich Spiritual Qi for himself.

Only a few years had passed, yet Ling Han had already advanced into the Immortal level. Moreover, he could even take out a puppet at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier with a casual wave of his hand. This astonished him immensely.

“Lead the way,” Ling Han commanded.

The Asura Demon Emperor hurriedly nodded, and said, “As you wish, Master!” Now was the time for him to perform. He had to show his master just how loyal he was!

He immediately opened the door and exited the workshop.

“Search every single room!” Ling Han said.


The Asura Demon Emperor rammed open the door of the neighboring room. However, apart from piles of tools and materials, there was only an empty platform in the middle of the room. There wasn’t anyone there.

They left the room, and the Asura Demon Emperor rammed open the door of another room.

“Ugh…” A distressed expression appeared on Shui Yanyu’s face; she immediately turned around and started to vomit.

The layout of this room was identical to that of the previous two rooms, with piles of tools and materials sitting everywhere. There was also a platform in the middle of this room, yet unlike the other two rooms, there was a corpse that had been cut into eight pieces resting on top of it.

It was Fan Yong.

He hadn’t been refined into a puppet yet, and thus his expression of terror from before his death was still frozen onto his face. The sight was enough to send shivers through one’s body.

In fact, Ling Han held a suspicion that Fan Yong had still been alive when he had been cut into eight pieces.

How could one not be petrified as they watched their body being dissected, their organs being dug out, and their blood flowing out drop by drop? It was no surprise that the expression on his face was so twisted.

“This bunch of monsters!!” Shui Yanyu said angrily.

Ling Han unleashed his divine patterns of flame and burned Fan Yong’s corpse into ashes. Although there was strong animosity between them, Fan Yong’s crimes also disappeared along with his death.

“Next room!”

The Asura Demon Emperor obediently led the way. He knew that his master was in an extremely bad mood right now, with even his tone being icy cold as if it had seeped out from an ice cave. Meanwhile, he found these sights to be extremely normal and unsurprising. Wasn’t it just a dismembered corpse? The Netherworld had tonnes of things that were hundreds or even thousands of times crueler and bloodier than this.


He rammed his way into the fourth room.

There was… a living person!

“How… How did you people enter? Huh? Isn’t this senior brother’s puppet tiger? Why is it with you guys?” The person in the room was Tong Yulong, and he was currently busy with making his puppet. He had only turned around because he had heard a disturbance.

A female body that was being processed lay on the platform that was already painted red with blood. Her slender legs and arms had already been severed from her torso, and her abdomen had also been sliced open. Tong Yulong was in the process of digging out her organs.

This female was none other than Liu Ying.

To their surprise, she still hadn’t drawn her last breath yet. Her eyes slowly focused on Ling Han, and her lips trembled a little. However, she was unable to make a single sound.

This didn’t matter, though, as Ling Han could guess what she wanted to say—kill the monsters on this island! Also, kill her and free her from this world of pain!

“Kill him!” Ling Han commanded coldly.

The Asura Demon Emperor immediately lunged toward Tong Yulong.

“Roar!” A puppet wolf appeared and blocked the Asura Demon Emperor’s advance. This puppet was also at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier, meaning that its battle prowess was no lower than that of the Asura Demon Emperor.

Ling Han took a few steps forward and cast his divine sense out like a net.


The puppet wolf instantly disappeared from the room.


Like Guo Xiuwen from before, Tong Yulong’s eyes also bulged out in shock, his tongue hanging out in disbelief. Meanwhile, the Asura Demon Emperor had already arrived before him and swatted his paw over.


His head was obliterated, and the headless corpse crashed to the ground with a loud thud.

Ling Han swung his sword and destroyed the remnants of Liu Ying’s life force. Liu Ying gave him a grateful look as she shut her eyes one final time. Then, Ling Han waved his hand and burned Liu Ying’s corpse to ashes.

They entered the fifth room and discovered another victim.

Yang Tiecheng!

This sturdy man had also been dismembered, with each of his limbs immersed in some sort of silver liquid. Unlike Liu Ying, however, his life force had already completely vanished. He had already been dead for quite some time.

He had most likely been dismembered sometime today as Ling Han had still seen him in the morning.

Ling Han only had killing intent for Luo Wu and Fan Yong, and he didn’t have any good impression of Liu Ying, either. After all, she had come here to kill him. However, he harbored great respect for Yang Tiecheng as the latter could push his emotions aside and firmly follow his principles. There were few people who could do this.

Moreover, they had battled side by side before, and he had even entrusted his back to Yang Tiecheng at one time.

“Rest in peace, Brother Yang. I’ll definitely slay those monsters to appease your spirit!” Ling Han said solemnly. Then, he turned around, and said, “Let’s return to our residence. Perhaps we can still save the others!”

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