Age of Adepts

Chapter 1508 - Sunfire Cape and the Ancient Red Dragon

Chapter 1508 Sunfire Cape and the Ancient Red Dragon

It seemed like the soul fragment of the Eighth Grade Fire Hierarch was refusing to give up!

Greem hesitated for a moment but ultimately opened a gap in the forcefields to let the spiritual flux in.

“Kid, you’re real mean, aren’t you? To think, you would be gone for so long once you left!” The spiritual flux impatiently started griping upon entering.

“O’ Great Lord Gomanreas, if you have nothing else to say, please forgive me for not dealing with you! I am a very busy man,” Greem put on an icy front.

“Kid, I smell the scent of divine authority fragments on you again…how strange. Your power isn’t all that impressive, so how is it that you can always obtain such unexpectedly high-grade resources? Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“I got my hands on these by throwing myself onto the battlefield! Alright, if you have nothing more to say, I will need to go rest now!”

“Hold on,” Gomanreas couldn’t help but speak up. “Kid, think about it a little more. As long as you are willing to sacrifice divine authority fragments to me, I can provide you with unimaginable benefits.”

“Do you have a habit of making empty promises, my lord? “Greem smiled coldly and took out a divine authority fragment and tossed it lightly in his palm. The shining crystal reflected an enchanting prismatic light. “If you want to trade, why don’t you list what you have to offer. I will trade with you if it’s satisfactory. There’s no need for all this beating around the bush!”

Gomanreas’ soul abruptly paused for a moment. The spiritual flux lingered on the divine authority fragment for a while before recovering to normal.

“My true form is no longer present, my soul has been scattered throughout the Fire Elementium Plane, and my god kingdom is completely gone. However, as a former Fire Hierarch, I do indeed still have some things left in my possession. Those things…can’t just be exchanged for that one measly divine authority fragment in your possession.”

Having said that, Gomanreas was immediately stunned again as he watched Greem produce a second fragment out of nowhere. His spiritual flux started to waver.

“Those still aren’t enough…”

Then, there were three divine authority fragments in Greem’s hand.

A hint of impatience also appeared on Greem’s face.

Gomanreas knew that if he didn’t show anything that could interest Greem soon, he would probably be chased out of here.

“These still aren’t enough! However, I can show you what I have first.”

An unusual mental flux rippled, and a slowly rotating image of an object appeared in the air.

There was an intricate cape woven out of the red feathers. Pure magical fire flowed along the fabric, making it outstandingly beautiful.

“Sunfire Cape, a Sixth Grade magical item, woven entirely out of the tail feathers of high-grade phoenixes. It contains the Firefeather and Fire Halo ability. It has a base defensive power of 50,000 points and can reflect 20% of all damage. Moreover, the mythical phoenix’s magical characteristic will allow the item’s owner to enjoy the privilege of rebirth once a day!” Gomanreas explained in a soft voice.

Greem couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air.

What a powerful artifact of fire!

Not only did it have very high base defense, but it could even reflect a portion of the enemy’s attacks. More importantly, having this item meant having one chance of being revived every day. It was quite an amazing item when all these factors were taken into consideration!

Still, Greem was somewhat dissatisfied that Gomanreas could only produce a single Sixth Grade item despite once being an Eighth Grade Fire Hierarch.

“O’ Great Lord Gomanreas, could it be that…you have nothing of Seventh or Eighth Grade to show?” Greem grumbled.

“Seventh or Eighth Grade?” Gomanreas was surprised. “Kid, you don’t think Seventh and Eighth Grade items can be found anywhere, do you? Even back then, I only possessed one Eighth Grade artifact and three Seventh Grade artifacts.”

“Well, show them to me!” Greem said impatiently.

In all honesty, Greem had never even seen what items above Sixth Grade looked like!

“But most of those things were destroyed in the final battle. Even what remained was split up between the Fire Kings. How could there be anything still remaining?”

“So even this Sunfire Cape is just for show?”

“Well, not the cape. That’s what’s left of my god kingdom. A small chunk of it remained and turned into a miniature plane, which allowed some things to be preserved. That’s why I still have some items left!”

“That’s good. Well, how do you intend to trade? I sacrifice three divine authority fragments to you, and you give me the Sunfire Cape?”

“This…we might need to negotiate a little more!” Gomanreas suddenly paused as if there was something he was hesitant to say.

“What do you mean?”

“An ancient red dragon survived the fall of my god kingdom; it currently resides in that miniature plane and treats it as its lair. So, if you do want that cape, you might…just maybe…perhaps…have to make it past the ancient red dragon first!”

“Ancient red dragon? What grade is it?” Greem was shocked to hear this.

“Seventh Grade!”

“Farewell!” Greem expelled Gomanreas’ spiritual flux without any hesitation and closed the defenses of the tower once more.

A Seventh Grade ancient red dragon. Goddamn! Wouldn’t he be marching to his death if he were to actually go!?

As for why there was a Seventh Grade ancient red dragon in Gomanreas’ god kingdom? Nothing was surprising about that. As an Eighth Grade Fire Hierarch, it was unavoidable that he would have a bunch of high-grade subordinates under him.

The ancient red dragon had likely once been his pet!

That was only because Gomanreas was Eighth Grade and the ancient red dragon was Seventh Grade. Their positions were incredibly different, which was why the dragon was so obedient to him. However, their roles were completely reversed now. Gomanreas only had a fragment of his soul left. What was he supposed to use to command a Seventh Grade ancient red dragon?

It wasn’t hard to imagine how the dragon went rogue.

Gomanreas’ soul was still persistently trying to contact Greem, but Greem simply ignored him.

This soul definitely had a bunch of good stuff in his position. He wouldn’t easily give them up until he was desperate. Greem made sure to really take his time and keep Gomanreas hanging.

He had plenty of time anyway. He didn’t mind spending hundreds of years playing with him!

After kicking Gomanreas aside, Greem headed straight for the magical prison inside the tower. A prisoner he was greatly interested in was still imprisoned here!

Dracolich Truman was tied to a red metal pillar inside a dim and dark dungeon. A chain forged of adamantium passed through his collarbone, shoulder bones, ribs, and limbs. This chain burned with golden flames.

The Undying Flame constantly seared his soul and body, leaving the dracolich on the brink of death. The fire would then stop and allow the undead to recover some magic energy. The powerful regenerative abilities of the dracolich allowed him to recover quickly.

Then another round of torture would begin!

It was a repetitive and terrifying process that was ongoing.

It had been a dozen years since Greem brought Dracolich Truman here from Plane Gere. Greem had never interrogated or talked to him once during this time. He had simply left him here alone to suffer.

When Greem once again stood in front of the dracolich, the creature was on the verge of breaking down. He had almost gone insane!

It couldn’t be helped. No sentient creature could endure such seemingly endless torture.

Dracolich Truman had believed himself to be important in the past and was prepared to last until the end for his faith. Who would’ve thought the adept would just cast him aside and say nothing for a dozen years, only leaving Truman to suffer!

This kind of neglect was what terrified Truman the most!

“Have you made up your mind? Hand over your phylactery, and I’ll let you go. You will also have some degree of freedom to speak of. If you have the guts to refuse me, the next time I’ll see you will be in a hundred years,” Greem said nonchalantly, as if he would turn and leave at a single word of refusal.

Truman truly couldn’t stand it any longer!

He was an undead creature; living for up to ten thousand years was no trouble at all. If he was really going to be tortured for so long, what was the point of having been revived as a dracolich in the first place!?

Dracolich Truman lowered his head in pain.

Greem watched closely as the dracolich dejectedly cast a spell and opened a portal to an alternate dimension where he took out his phylactery.

It was a purple box embedded with all sorts of magical gemstones. Strange and profound magical circuits were drawn all over it. You could sense the slightly fluctuating soul aura even through the layers of magical forcefields and barriers.

Truman knelt on the ground and offered up his phylactery with both hands.

Greem took the phylactery with his hands and scanned it with the Chip to confirm its authenticity. He then carefully put it away. As a beam of scarlet light shone on his fingertip, he drew a fire rune on Truman’s forehead. He finally nodded in satisfaction as he saw the rune slowly etch into the undead’s skull.

With the phylactery as a hostage and this fire brand, Greem could finally trust the dracolich to some extent.

“This adept tower is located in the Fire Elementium Plane. Since it’s not a suitable place for you to live in, I will arrange a different place for you. I will send you to the World of Adepts shortly. You will help Mary managed the Crimson Clan and Horton Magic Academy! Furthermore, here are a few more things. Deliver them to Mary and tell them they are gifts from me!” Having said that, Greem waved his hand, and a bunch of things drifted before Dracolich Truman.

A divine authority fragment, ten points of divine virtue, a thousand divine power crystals, the Sixth Grade Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers, the Fifth Grade Boots of Avoidance, and the Fifth Grade Deathblow Bracers.

Dracolich Truman licked his lips greedily when he saw the series of top-class treasures and resources before him. For the first time, he understood the wealth of this new master of his.

Damn! Were these things that a Fifth Grade human adept should own? If you were willing to give me any one of those things, I would have surrendered a long time ago.

Dracolich Truman thought so with endless resentment!

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