Against the Gods

Chapter 1797 - The Witch’s Words

Chapter 1797 - The Witch’s Words

“No, there is one more thing besides the Dragon Queen that could cause the Dragon Monarch to resolutely ignore the fall of the Eastern Divine Region and the chaos being caused by Yun Che and the Northern Divine Region right now.”

Zhou Xuzi slowly lifted his head to look at the ceiling as he slowly uttered the words that would violently shake even the Dragon Gods, “The opportunity to become a True God.”

This was something that any profound practitioner would not be able to resist, much less the Dragon Monarch and the god emperors.

Even the Dragon Gods felt their souls stirring at the sound of those words. The White Rainbow Dragon God even took a step forward as he said, “So you’re saying…”

“No, this is merely conjecture at this point,” Zhou Xuzi replied. “However, even if there is merely a thousandth of a chance of this being true, if he fails due to being disturbed… What do you think the consequences will be?”

This time, even the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s fiery eyes trembled violently.

The opportunity to break the limits of this current era and become a True God. This was the highest aspiration of all the god emperors in the history of the God Realm. It was the goal that every single one of them had striven towards their entire lives.

Even though no one had ever succeeded, it was the ultimate goal of every generation of rulers. There was nothing that they wouldn’t do or sacrifice in order to accomplish this feat.

Just like the Star God Emperor. For the merest possibility of a chance to ascend, he had not hesitated to sacrifice his three most talented children.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had been absolutely right. This was the most likely explanation for the Dragon Monarch’s behavior if the Dragon Queen wasn’t involved. He might have either found some sort of opportunity or managed to touch that realm somehow.

As a result, he had not informed anyone of his departure this time, and that included the Dragon Gods.

As a result, he had specifically given this instruction: “I am not to be disturbed”.

The more the Dragon Gods thought about what the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said, the more they felt that it might be true.

In this current era, the person who was most likely to reach the level of a True God was undoubtedly the Dragon Monarch.

It was at this moment that a bead of cold sweat slowly rolled down the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s forehead.

If this was true, if the Dragon Monarch ended up failing because of his repeated interruptions, it would be a sin unlike any other… The opportunity to ascend to the status of a True God was practically unheard of in the first place and missing out on this opportunity might very well mean missing out on a chance to ascend for the rest of his life.

Moreover, when compared to the opportunity to become a True God, the ominous Northern Divine Region and the disasters that struck the Eastern Divine Region and Southern Divine Region seemed infinitesimal in comparison.

If the Dragon Monarch succeeded and returned with a power that exceeded the limits of this era, he would only need to snap his fingers to cast down the devils of the north. The God Realm would undergo a complete change after that and the dragon god race would climb to even greater heights.

Once he thought of that, the Crimson Destruction Dragon God solemnly nodded to Zhou Xuzi and said in a grave voice, “The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s words are enlightening. I had nearly allowed my impetuousness to get the better of me. If I had truly gone to disturb the Dragon Monarch again, I might have caused a great calamity instead.”

The Jade Dragon God also gave a heavy nod of his head as he said, “Yes, this is something of the utmost importance. Even if there is only a miniscule chance of the Dragon Monarch succeeding, we still mustn’t disturb him. Furthermore, even if the Dragon Monarch wasn’t preoccupied with such a momentous task, what harm would it do to let that Yun Che run rampant for another two months.”

Every Dragon God nodded their head in unison. After all, no one would dare to take the slightest of risks if it concerned the Dragon Monarch’s “opportunity to become a True God”.

The Azure Dragon God’s blue eyes flickered and it looked like he was about to say something, but the moment he opened his mouth, the violent reaction and soul-shaking words of the Dragon Monarch once more surfaced in his mind… In the end, he chose to remain silent and nod his head along with the rest of the Dragon Gods.

“However,” the Crimson Destruction Dragon God continued as lava seemed to froth in his eyes, “even though we cannot mobilize our entire realm into action to wipe those devils from the face of this world, we definitely can’t allow Ash’s death to pass without any response. Otherwise, the entire world would think that our Dragon God Realm is afraid of this pack of devils!”

The Azure Dragon God replied, “Of course, it is only natural for us to respond. The Southern Sea God Realm has been destroyed and the other three king realms have been cowed into submission. The other five king realms of the Western Divine Region must be reeling from this turn of events. If we don’t deal a painful blow back to these devils, the five king realms will also be hesitant to act. After all, they will use those three useless pieces of trash in the Southern Divine Region as an excuse to not get involved. They will surely devote most of their resources to protecting themselves when the time to act comes. Hmph, that would be disgusting.”

Even though the Azure Dragon God’s words were hard to swallow, they also presented a problem that they had no choice but to tackle. The devils of the north were all champing at the bit to give their lives for the cause, but the three king realms of the other three divine regions had always valued their own hides above all else. No one wanted the foundation that they and their ancestors had built up for hundreds of thousands of years to be destroyed, so the bigger the threat, the more they would try to weasel their way out of it.

“Big Brother, you make the decision,” the White Rainbow Dragon God said.

The Crimson Destruction Dragon God slowly strode forward, the sound of his every footstep striking directly at the hearts of the gathered Dragon Gods.

He stood in front of the doors of the sacred hall, his eyes piercing space to gaze towards the distant east. After that, a heavy silence fell as he closed his eyes and said, “We will avenge Ash’s death tenfold.”


He opened his dragon eyes and all the space in a five hundred kilometer radius violently shuddered.

“Jade, I want you to personally go to the Qilin Realm, the Emperor Chi Realm, the Blue Dragon Realm, the Hui Dragon Realm, and the Myriad Manifestation Realm. Tell them to make full preparation for war within the next two months. We need to be able to mobilize all the forces of the five king realms with a single word by the time the Dragon Monarch returns.”

The Jade Dragon nodded his head and replied, “Alright. However, I don’t think we’ll need to mobilize their forces at all.”

“As for Ash’s death, I will handle it myself!” the Crimson Destruction Dragon God said, his every word causing the heavens to rumble.

The profound formation at the front of the hall flashed and a draconic figure blurred into existence. Another Dragon Guard had come with a message.

“My lord Dragon Gods, I have an urgent report from the east. The devils who have conquered the Eastern Divine Region have started to move their forces in massive numbers. This was something that just began, but their movements were extremely quick and hurried. Even though we were not able to investigate any further, it seems like they’re prepared to make some sort of massive push. It is very possible that all the devils who are stationed in the Eastern Divine Region are getting ready for some sort of massive migration.”

The faces of the seven other Dragon Gods turned somber as they looked towards the Crimson Destruction Dragon God.

“Are their forces preparing to return back to the Northern Divine Region?” the Azure Dragon God asked after a brief moment of silence.

“It looks like the events that happened in the Southern Divine Region took the devils stationed in the east by surprise as well. It’s obvious now that they weren’t prepared for this to happen at all,” Zhou Xuzi said. “They naturally know that the Ash Dragon God’s death will provoke a furious response from the Dragon God Realm. To make matters worse, the core of their forces are currently stationed in the Southern Divine Region. They will definitely incur crippling losses if they get caught by the Dragon God Realm’s wrathful counterstrike.”

“Thus, the only way that they can maintain the health of their forces is to swiftly retreat to the Northern Divine Region before the wrath of the Dragon Gods can fall upon them. As long as they retreat in one piece, they can cook up more plans later,” Zhou Xuzi said with a sigh of lament. “The Devil Queen and her minions have always been decisive and ruthless in their actions. How truly dreadful.”

“Hmph, they’re trying to stay the executioner’s blade by severing their own arm and fleeing, huh?” The Crimson Dragon God’s voice turned dark and sinister. “Very well, then we will dye the border of the Northern Divine Region in their own blood. These filthy devils, and the rest of the world as well, will forever remember the price of stirring up the wrath of the Dragon Gods once we are through.”

The Dragon God Realm’s strength reigned supreme above all other god realms, but they had never stooped to bullying others or abused their authority to start conflicts. In fact, this unequalled god realm had not bared its claws at anyone for more than two hundred thousand years.

However, times were swiftly changing in the God Realm, and it was time for their dragon claws and draconic might, which had remained hidden for far too long, to shake the world once again!

“Pure, follow me, now,” the Crimson Destruction Dragon God said in a serious voice. His draconic energy swirled around him violently and it was obvious that he was about to spring into action.

“Alright,” the Pure Dragon God answered.

“Wait a minute, only Big Brother and Pure?” the Sky Dragon God asked. The muscles around his eyes were twitching wildly with pent-up energy and it was clear that he wanted to be part of the action as well. “I’ll go too!”

“There’s no need,” the Crimson Destruction Dragon God said in a cool voice. “Two of us is enough. If we send too many, it will seem as if we actually view them as something significant. It would instead harm the dignity of the Dragon Gods.”

After he finished speaking, a gust of wind violently swirled around him. As the space around the sacred hall violently twisted, the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s figure disappeared into the distance. The Pure Dragon God hurriedly followed after him as two Dragon God auras zoomed toward the northeast.

At the same time, Eastern Divine Region, Eternal Heaven God Realm.

Within a silent barrier, Chi Wuyao slowly opened her long-closed eyes. A strange black light flashed in them for an instant before dissipating slowly into their depths.

“Two months,” Chi Wuyao muttered as an extremely faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

There were far too many things that could “happen” within the next two months.

However, she was growing increasingly concerned about one particular thing.

Why exactly had the Dragon Monarch decided to delve into the depths of the God Realm of Absolute Beginning? Did he have his own reasons for doing so? Or was this the result of someone else’s interference?

At first, Chi Wuyao had merely dismissed it as a happenstance that his disappearance had coincided with the Northern Divine Region’s invasion of the Eastern Divine Region.

However, her suspicions had multiplied by many times since then.

If this was due to outside interference, what method had this person used!? How exactly were they able to keep someone like the Dragon Monarch stuck inside the God Realm of Absolute Beginning for such a long time? Furthermore, they had been able to completely conceal the reason for why he left.

The lure was so strong that it even caused the Dragon Monarch to ignore news of Yun Che’s return and the Eastern Divine Region’s fall.

It couldn’t be… that he had actually found an “opportunity to become a True God”, right? It would not be amusing for her lie to become a scary truth.

She waved her snow-white hand, causing the barrier to instantly fade away. At this time, Jie Xin and Jie Ling, who had been patiently waiting all this while, immediately moved forward to greet her.

“Master, everyone had already hidden inside the prepared profound arks. We only await Master’s orders,” Jie Xin said.

“Tell them to move after ten hours have passed. There will naturally be people to greet them in the Southern Divine Region,” Chi Wuyao replied. “Remember, secrecy is of the utmost importance at the beginning of this campaign. If any of our actions get leaked, it won’t be as fun later on.”


Suspicions arose in Jie Xin and Jie Ling’s hearts and they raised their heads at the same time to ask, “Master, why do we need to wait for ten hours first?”

Chi Wuyao didn’t answer. Instead, she calmly surveyed the room with those alluring eyes before she said in a soft and silky voice, “Jie Xin, Jie Ling, we’ll leave the things here to Qing Ying and Chan Yi. I’m taking a trip back to the Northern Divine Region and I want both of you to accompany me.”

“We’ll leave immediately.”

“Oh right, Hua Jin, I want you to come along as well, and I want you to bring ‘that thing’ with you.”

The Ash Dragon God had been killed… The Southern Sea God Realm had been destroyed… All of the Sea Gods and Sea Kings had died, and even the Southern Sea God Emperor Nan Wansheng and his predecessor Nan Guizhong had been killed on that very same day… The Dragons of Absolute Beginning had appeared in the Southern Divine Region to aid the devils… and the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm, Xuanyuan Realm, and Purple Micro Realm had given orders to hunt down the “remnants” of the Southern Sea God Realm...

The God Realm, which was already being gradually enshrouded by darkness, was rocked again and again by this series of world-shaking news.

There were countless profound practitioners across the Eastern Divine Region, Southern Divine Region, and Western Divine Region who were reeling from these recent events.

Even the profound practitioners and realm kings from the Northern Divine Region who were stationed in the Eastern Divine Region were shocked beyond belief when they heard the news. In fact, most of them still couldn’t believe their ears even a day after they received the news.

It was said that the Devil Master only brought a few people with him to the Southern Sea God Realm to attend the coronation of their crown prince, an event that the Southern Sea God Emperor had invited him to attend, and it resulted… in him casually destroying the entire realm!?

This was the strongest king realm in the entire Southern Divine Region!

Moreover, the events of that day were so shocking that the other three king realms of the Southern Divine Region had practically surrendered to Yun Che!

And what was going on with the Dragons of Absolute Beginning!?

The Northern Divine Region was even more stunned by this news than the other three divine regions. Even though they no longer dared to question the Devil Master’s heavenly might, even though their loyalty and devotion towards him had become completely fanatical, they were still utterly flabbergasted by the news. Many profound practitioners of the north simply fell to their knees and started to worship Yun Che like an actual deity.

The fear and apprehension the profound practitioners of the three other divine regions felt toward the devil race had multiplied in the span of a single day. Their sense of impending doom and foreboding reached an all-time high.

Many eyes turned toward the west.

A Dragon God had died, so this time, there was no way that the Dragon God Realm could simply stay put any longer.

However, this stream of extremely shocking news also made their absolute confidence in the Dragon God Realm to inevitably waver.

They anxiously awaited the Dragon God Realm’s imminent fury and response. However, they were also terrified that the Dragon God Realm’s wrath might not be able to deal a crushing blow to these devils… If that was the case, the future of the God Realm would be too dreadful to imagine.

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