After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 811 - 811 Good Idea

811 Good Idea

“It’s fine. You can pay me when you have money. Mom, have you thought about your plans for the future?” Qiao Mei asked.

When Li Gui was still in the village, she had already started to think about the kind of work she could do after going to the capital. She did not have any special skills and only knew how to farm and do manual labor. She did not know anything else. If there was really no other way, she could collect recyclables to sell first. At the very least, this could subsidize her family’s expenses.

“I’m sure I can find work. I’m strong and there will definitely be people who want to hire me. Don’t worry,” Li Gui said casually.

She did not want Qiao Mei to worry, nor did she want Qiao Mei to ask the Xia family for help. She had already caused Qiao Mei enough trouble by coming to the capital. She wanted to prove that she could continue living well on her own.

“Mom, do you think we can sell the seeds we grow in the village?” Qiao Mei said.

Li Gui was also thinking about the same thing. If not for the fact that she had to come and take care of Qiao Mei, and also needed to stay away from Qiao Zhuang’s family and their malicious schemes, she would definitely stay in the village and plant the seeds diligently.

“Of course we can. Those seeds originally came from the capital! I noticed that there’s some land in the backyard, so I’m thinking about planting some here. Even if there’s no place to sell them, it’s good to have some to eat at home,” Li Gui said as she brought Qiao Mei into the living room.

The land in the backyard was definitely not as big as what they had in the village. The entire backyard could probably only produce 300 pounds of seeds. When they sold the seeds for one dollar a pound in the village, it was a special deal cut by Qiao Mei. Under normal circumstances, 300 pounds of seeds could at most make 40 dollars after deducting the cost, which was not even enough for one month’s expenses in the capital

At the thought of this, Li Gui sighed helplessly. However, Qiao Mei looked at Li Gui with satisfaction. She had wanted to do this business since she came to the capital, but she had not thought about where she could do it. She had intended to rent an empty plot of land in the suburbs and grow the seeds in large quantities. However, to do that, she needed to take her time to find that right place and could not be too hasty.

It was very good that Li Gui had such ideas. After being by her side for so long, Li Gui had become bolder and even knew how to think of ways to do business.

“Then where do you want to sell it?” Qiao Mei continued to ask.

Li Gui had not thought of this yet. When she was moving things with Xia He these few days, she saw someone selling corn and tea eggs outside the shops at the entrance of the alley. She wondered if it was the shop’s own business.

When she lived in the county city, she knew that every small alley would have one or two people setting up stalls. These people would sell things that they made. No one in the county city cared about these things. As long as no one reported it and no one gathered around to cause trouble, people would not deliberately make it hard for others to make money.

“I… I don’t know. The capital is different from where we come from. I haven’t thought about it yet.” Li Gui lowered her head in embarrassment.

She was actually afraid of causing trouble for Qiao Mei. The capital was such a big place and she was sure that people were definitely not allowed to set up stalls at will. If she brought the seeds around with her and tried to sell on the go, she probably would not be able to make any sale. Besides, she could not simply carry all the seeds on her back. She had to continue to think of other ways.

If she was discovered and arrested, she would be sent to the police station and the Xia family would have to come and help her. This would really be embarrassing for Qiao Mei. People were not allowed to do private business now, so it would not be not a small matter if she was arrested.

“I’ll ask about this. Don’t worry,” Qiao Mei said.

Based on her memories from her other life, the economy would open up this year and the commoners could start their own small business. There would not be any issues.

However, Li Gui’s worries were not unreasonable. Although Qiao Mei had a lot of money, money was not omnipotent. In some cases, it was more important to have reliable people around.

After the two of them were done with their discussion, Li Gui took the food stamps and meat coupons that Qiao Mei had given her and wanted to go to the nearby market to buy vegetables. She intended to cook up a feast tonight to celebrate their move to their new home. Li Gui had even invited Xia Wen and Xia He to come by so that everyone could have a good time together.

“Qiao Mei! Come quickly!” Xia He had reached Li Gui’s house with a big bag of things and she was finding it difficult to enter.

Qiao Mei looked at Xia He in shock and said, “Are you moving in? Why did you bring so many things? Didn’t eldest brother come with you?”

Qiao Mei quickly walked forward. Xia He placed the bag on the ground and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She pointed at Xia Wen in the distance with a gloating expression.

“Over there!” Xia He laughed loudly at how miserable Xia Wen looked.

At this moment, Xia Wen was carrying one burlap bag over his shoulder and dragging another one behind him. He looked very miserable and every step he took seemed especially difficult. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he looked like a refugee.

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