After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 620 - 620 How Did You Come In

620 How Did You Come In

Whether it was the Zhang family or Old Madam Li, as long as they asked her for money, Qiao Mei would get implicated. Every time, Qiao Mei would fork out money and put in effort to help her settle these matters. Now, Old Madam Li was eyeing Qiao Mei again.

This time, she could not be weak!

She also had the ability to protect Qiao Mei! She had promised Qiao Mei that she would pull herself together and fight them to the end!

“I haven’t raised this daughter of mine for even a day. Why would she give me all the good stuff? Back then, I wanted to raise her, but didn’t all the money go into your pocket? It’s also your fault that Qiao Mei isn’t that close to me now, isn’t it?” Li Gui said as she glared at Old Madam Li.

Old Madam Li was speechless. She was indeed in the wrong in this matter. If not for Qiao Mei being lucky, she would have died at Qiao Zhuang’s house long ago.

Fortunately, the heavens allowed Qiao Mei to survive. She was the most capable one among these children. Not only did she marry well, but she also knew how to earn money. As long as she could coax Qiao Mei, she could have anything she wanted!

“Can’t you just take it that the money is a form of filial piety from you! All these years, you only know how to give money to Qiao Mei! When have you ever said that you will give me money! Take that money as a form of filial piety from you! Don’t mention it anymore!” Old Madam Li said overbearingly.

“You!” Li Gui pointed at Old Madam Li angrily. The old woman had already spent all that money, so there was no point in pursuing the matter now.

“Everything in my house needs to be repaired after being smashed up by the Zhang family. They even took away 300 dollars, which is the family’s entire savings! You have to make up for this money and also give me 200 dollars for my retirement. That’s a total of 500 dollars. Give it to me,” Old Madam Li said.

Back then, Li Gui did not get to enjoy any perks from the betrothal money and the three big items. Everything went into Old Madam Li’s pocket. Now that the Zhang family took her money, she came to ask Li Gui for it.

How shameless!

“Mother, since you want to settle the score with me, shouldn’t you return the money you borrowed from me all these years for my two older brothers to get married?” Li Gui asked.

Old Madam Li used all kinds of reasons to ask Li Gui for money. Over the years, she had already taken more than 300 dollars.

“I… I don’t have money. Go and ask your brothers for money! I wasn’t the one who got married! I’m not the one who owed you the money!” Old Madam Li said.

“Didn’t you say that a daughter is also a biological relative? If my daughter is mine, then why don’t you care about your own daughter? I still owe Qiao Mei 500 dollars for this house, as well as the work points and construction materials from the village. There’s also the 160 dollars that I owed others for the medical fees for Zhang Miao and Zhang Wei. You should help me pay for all these. If my two older brothers can spend so much money on their weddings, then I can spend money too,” Li Gui said as she spread out her hands.

Old Madam Li was about to say something when she was interrupted by Zhao Liang, who had just entered the house.

“Oh my! Is it mealtime!” Zhao Liang said loudly once he saw that Zhang Miao was not in the room.

“Brother Zhao, you’re here. Coincidentally, my mother ate all the food and there’s nothing left at home. I can’t keep you for dinner,” Li Gui said, pretending to look troubled.

Old Madam Li’s face instantly fell. This daughter of hers was saying that she was greedy in front of outsiders!

The entire table was filled with plates. There were only Li Gui and her and the two children in the room. Where could she hide her face! This was a slap to her face!

“Are you from the neighboring village? How did you get in? Did you get approval? Do you have a pass? How can you enter our village so casually? Can you bear the responsibility if something goes missing in the village!” Zhao Liang shouted as he pointed at Old Madam Li.

A few years ago, people were not allowed to move around casually. If they wanted to go anywhere, they had to go to the village office to get approval and apply for a pass before they could go to other villages or the county city.

The rules were not so strict by now. As long as everyone knew one another, there were not so many complicated rules. However, when faced with such an evil person, he wanted to do things impartially!

Previously, the Zhang family had already disturbed the calm in the village. There were already negative rumors outside the village about how there were always fights in their village.

Such a person would only cause chaos in the village! It would ruin the village’s reputation outside! This meant that no one would be willing to come to the village and everyone in the village would want to escape. Soon, this place would become a deserted village.

Zhao Liang would never allow such a thing to happen!

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