After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 618 - 618 No One Can Get Any Closer

618 No One Can Get Any Closer

She did not expect that the business of selling bean sprouts in Foshan Village gradually declined. Then, many things happened at home. Her two disappointing sons kept causing trouble for her and she eventually forgot about looking for Li Gui.

“My daughter! I miss you so much!” Old Madam Li ran over with tears in her eyes and hugged Li Gui tightly as she cried.

Li Gui could not bear to push her away and asked, “Mother, what’s wrong?”

Before Old Madam Li could explain, the two children with her rushed into the house like police dogs and sniffed everywhere.

Actually, Old Madam Li could already smell the fragrance of food the moment she entered the courtyard. She did not enter the house only because she was afraid of Qiao Mei.

Zhang Qin recalled that Zhang Miao was still in the house and immediately rushed in. She stood in front of the dining table and spread out her arms as she shouted, “You’re not allowed to come closer! Who let you in! Get lost!”

It was not a big deal for them to eat the food, but the immobile Zhang Miao was near the dining table and it would be a disaster if they hurt her.

When Old Madam Li saw that Zhang Qin dared to speak so fiercely, she entered the house and pointed at Zhang Qin while scolding, “You little brat, how can you talk to your older sisters like that! Are you asking for a beating! I’ll beat you to death, you little brat!”

Qiao Mei frowned as she listened from outside. It had only been a while after entering the courtyard, but these people had started arguing again. If she did not chase Old Madam Li away, Zhang Miao would not be able to rest well.

For some reason, she had also been especially averse to noises recently. Every time she heard it, she would feel distraught. It was probably caused by the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy.

Qiao Mei sat there silently and did not go forward to help. This matter was just like the situation when the Zhang family came to ask Li Gui for money back then. She could manage it once, but she did not want to do it again. If she interfered too many times, Li Gui would still be bullied if she was not around. This time, she did not want to interfere anymore and would let Li Gui handle it herself.

Zhang Qin was not afraid of Old Madam Li at all. She glared at Old Madam Li and stood rooted to the spot with her back straight. It was just a beating! What was the big deal No one could go forward and hurt her younger sister!

Qiao Mei had said it before! They were siblings and must protect one another! Only then would they not be bullied by outsiders!

At the moment, Zhang Miao was injured and could not move, Zhang Chao was also sick, Qiao Mei was pregnant, and Li Gui had not slept well for a few days in order to take care of Zhang Miao. She was the only one left in this family who could protect all of them!

She just needed to hold on until Zhang Wei returned!

As long as she was around! No one could bully her family!

“Mother, my youngest daughter is sick and can’t get up from the brick bed. That’s why Zhang Qin is like this. She’s not throwing a tantrum at you!” Li Gui explained.

“Hmph, you have to teach her a lesson. Such an uneducated girl who doesn’t even respect her elders. She deserves to be beaten up!” After Old Madam Li finished speaking, she pushed Zhang Qin to the side and went forward to pick up a bowl and started eating, not caring whose cutlery it was.

Zhang Qin wanted to go forward and say something, but Li Gui only silently pulled her back. She wrapped Zhang Miao in a blanket and carried her to another room with great effort. During this period of time, Old Madam Li did not even look at them and was only focused on eating.

“Zhang Qin, take good care of your sister in this room. I will be in the other room. Don’t come over, do you understand?” Li Gui instructed.

“But what if she hits you again?” Zhang Qin asked as she looked at Li Gui worriedly.

Li Gui patted Zhang Qin’s head gently. Actually, she did not know how to face Old Madam Li. After all, this was the mother who gave birth to her and raised her. No matter how big a mistake the old woman made, she still could not be unfilial.

“Don’t worry, I will be fine. Just stay here and I’ll be back soon.” After saying that, Li Gui returned to the room where Old Madam Li was.

At this moment, the three of them had already finished everything on the dining table, including the soup.

“Get me another bowl!” Old Madam Li said as she rudely handed the bowl to Li Gui.

Li Gui sat on the stool and said sulkily, “That’s all.”

“That’s all! Who are you trying to fool! I don’t believe you! I don’t need you to scoop rice for me! I’ll find it myself!” Old Madam Li put on her shoes in exasperation and went to the kitchen to look for food.

There was indeed nothing left in the pot, cabinet and rice jar. It seemed that Li Gui was not lying. There was only that much food at home. She saw two cucumbers on the floor and did not care about the condition they were in. She picked them up and started eating without even washing them.

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