After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 616 - 616 Compensate Slowly

616 Compensate Slowly

Xu Lan never even dreamed that Qiao Mei would be concerned about her and think about her.

Could it really be that when Qiao Mei left in a hurry back then, she just missed Qiao Qiang? Was it really not because Qiao Mei hated her for the loss of her children?

“Xia Zhe… Can you ask Qiao Mei to call me when she’s free… No, no, no! Just give me her address. I’ll send her some stuff. It’s going to be winter soon and I’m worried that she’ll get cold. I don’t know what she’s lacking, but I want to send her more things,” Xu Lan said timidly.

If she rashly gave Qiao Mei a call, she was worried that Qiao Mei would not pick up the call. Qiao Mei might even despise her for being too nosy. It was best to just send a parcel.

“My elder sister knows the address. Mother, you can just ask elder sister. I still have something on here, so I won’t talk to you… I’ll talk to you another day.” Xia Zhe wanted to say “I won’t talk to you anymore”, but he was worried that Xu Lan would feel sad and thought that this was his first and last call, so he changed his words at the last minute.

Xu Lan was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes as she said, “Fine, fine, fine! Go ahead! Call me again when you’re free!”

After hanging up, Xu Lan still held onto the phone reluctantly and refused to put it down. Tears slowly rolled down from her eyes.

She finally knew how ridiculous she had been back then. However, it was very difficult to have a balance between her career and family. If she had cared more about Xia Zhe when she was free, perhaps the relationship between them would not have been so stiff.

However, it was not too late to salvage the situation now. At least Xia Zhe did not reject her.

As long as she treated Xia Zhe well, the conflict would definitely be resolved as time passed.

Liu Fen went forward and took the phone receiver from Xu Lan’s hand. She helped her to sit on the sofa and said, “Now that you know about Qiao Mei’s situation, don’t you feel much better?”

“It’s also rare for Xia Zhe to call me. This is the first time he has spoken to me for so long since he grew up. He even said he’ll call me another day! Did you hear that! Did you hear that! Is it true!” Xu Lan held Liu Fen’s hand tightly, eager to know if she had heard wrongly.

“Yes! I heard everything clearly! He’ll call you another day!” Liu Fen said with a smile.

At the moment, Xu Lan’s complexion was rosy and her eyes were lively. She was no longer as lifeless as a few days ago.

“Let’s not wait anymore. I’ll change my clothes now. You come too! Let’s go shopping and buy clothes and things that Qiao Mei needs!” Xu Lan went upstairs excitedly to change her clothes.

Liu Fen was also happy to see her so energetic. She returned to her room to pack up her things and go shopping together.

It was almost noon when Qiao Mei woke up. If she was in an ordinary village, she would have been scolded long ago!

Zhang Wei and Zhang Qin were still sweeping the fallen leaves and dead branches in the courtyard. Zhang Chao squatted at the side and silently fiddled with a few strange items. Many of the tree branches that looked quite good could be used to make models. Although they looked very rough in the eyes of others, they were perfect pieces of work in Zhang Chao’s eyes!

Not long ago, he had used branches to make a small crooked boat. Li Gui had never understood what he was doing, but Qiao Mei could tell at once and excitedly praised him for doing a good job. Zhang Chao’s confidence increased greatly and he had made more models over the past two days.

According to Zhang Qin, her eldest brother was busy training up and her second brother was busy building items. If she did not do anything soon, she would be ostracized by her family!

She was just joking.

“You’re here so early. Have you all eaten?” Qiao Mei rubbed her eyes and walked out of the house.

Zhang Qin put down the broom and said, “Elder sister! It’s lunchtime now! Mom said that if elder sister wakes up and doesn’t have anything to eat, you can come to our place. Mom made a lot of delicious food!”

Qiao Mei looked at the pots and saw that there was indeed nothing prepared for her. She guessed that Li Gui and Qiao Qiang had probably come to some sort of agreement. Otherwise, no matter how busy Qiao Qiang was, he would not forget to take care of Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei brought the three children back to Li Gui’s house. As soon as she reached the door, she saw Old Madam Li and two young girls walking shakily in their direction.

The three children all knew that this was their maternal grandmother. Zhang Wei had the deepest impression of her. When they were still living in the Zhang family, Old Madam Li often went to Li Gui to ask for money.

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