After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 287 - Save Myself

Chapter 287: Save Myself

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“I want to hold on to my current position. It’s best if I can keep this position until I retire!” Cao Da said agitatedly.

Until retirement? At Cao Da’s age, there was more than 30 years to go before he needed to retire.

“Until retirement?” He Ning glanced at Cao Da uncertainly.

Putting aside whether He Ning had the ability to help him keep his position for more than 30 years, using a 100-year-old wild ginseng to exchange for riches for the rest of his life was really asking too much.

“No, no, no. A few years is also good enough,” Cao Da immediately corrected himself when he saw He Ning’s expression.

Standing at one side, the Cao family’s daughter-in-law sweated profusely. She had never seen someone like He Ning, who exuded a sense of authority even while sitting there motionlessly.

“Sure,” He Ning said nonchalantly.

In the coming days, there were going to be big changes at the top. Cao Da was the kind of person who was dispensable so it would not be difficult to protect him.

“Thank you, Third Master He! Thank you, Third Master He!” Cao Da said excitedly.

He Ning just sat there quietly without any expression and ignored Cao Da.

“Then shall we take our leave now?” Cao Da said.

“Wait, where did you get this ginseng?” He Ning asked.

Cao Da was stunned for a moment and did not answer the question. He wanted to keep the source of the ginseng to himself so that he could keep asking He Ning for favors and getting the He family to help the Cao family.

“Is it from a dirty source?” He Ning said slowly.

Cao Da was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. He turned around and said respectfully, “Xia Zhe from the Xia family brought this to us. He used this ginseng to exchange for our house.”

When did the Xia family have such a treasure? Besides, shouldn’t such a thing be given to that old man Xia Jun to keep in case of emergencies? Why would they use such a treasure to exchange for a house?

“Xia Zhe gave it to you?” He Ning asked.

“Yes, he gave it to us. He said that his wife dug this ginseng out at her village,” the Cao family’s eldest daughter-in-law added.

“His wife? Xia Zhe is married?” He Ning was very surprised by this news.

He had been living in this house for more than three months, focusing on his health and not bothering about the outside world. He Mei had always been very concerned about Xia Zhe’s affairs. It was too strange that she did not react to Xia Zhe’s marriage.

“He’s married, probably for more than three months. From the looks of it, his wife is pregnant,” said the Cao family’s eldest daughter-in-law.

He had originally thought that the He family and the Xia family would have a better future together if they had a marriage alliance. He did not expect this future to have disappeared.

“Alright, I understand. You can leave now,” He Ning said with a frown.

After the Cao family members left, He Ning thought for a long time before calling his eldest brother, He Guo.

“I’ve just sent people to investigate this matter. It’s very likely that the marriage happened because the woman lied to Xia Zhe.” He Guo told He Ning about all his speculations.

Although He Ning was not able to investigate these things personally, he believed in his eldest brother’s capability. Given that such things were usually not groundless, he wanted to let these speculations ferment and become something real.

He Ning already had a plan in mind.

“Leave this matter to me. When you have all the information, organize everything and send it to my house. I’ll make the necessary arrangements after that,” He Ning said.

“Sure, sure, sure. It’s best if you are able to handle this matter,” He Guo said happily.

The main thing was that He Ning succeeded at everything he did. He Guo just needed to wait quietly to become Xia Zhe’s father-in-law. When the time came, all the Xia family’s possessions would belong to him.

“I hope He Mei did not cause any more trouble recently,” He Ning asked.

“She has been very well-behaved recently and has not gone there to cause trouble,” He Guo said after some thought.

“That’s good. Let her stay at home for the time being. When this matter is settled, she can do whatever she wants.” He Ning hung up after that.

At this juncture, he could not let He Mei ruin the big plan. Otherwise, if this matter failed, he would need to think of other ways to salvage the situation.

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