After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 2103 - Chapter 2103: New Seed Variants

Chapter 2103: New Seed Variants

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“Sure! We’ll do as you say! When the time comes, I’ll work with Lu Huai with regard to the delivery!” Sun Tian said with a smile.

“Then I’ll leave everything here to you. Whenever you receive payment for the goods, you can pass the money to the factory. The accountant there will pay you your salary on time. It’s almost the new year. If you have time, make a trip to the factory. There are many goodies which you can collect but you need to come and sign off. Everyone in your family has a share,” Qiao Mei said.

“Really! Thank you so much! Mei Mei, you’ve already helped us so much. How can we still accept things from you?” Auntie Sun said embarrassedly. She was not in good health and it was the other family members who put in the hard work. How could she also accept a salary and new year goodies?

“Auntie, you can see yourself as the guardian of this place! You’re protecting my place! You’re a stabilizing factor here! How can you not be considered my employee?” Qiao Mei said.

“It’s a token from the child. If you still reject it, you’re not showing any respect for Mei Mei,” Sun Tian quickly chimed in.

“Alright, then I’ll accept it. You must come to my house for a meal during the holidays!” Auntie Sun said.

“It’s a deal! I’ll definitely come and visit you!” Qiao Mei looked at Auntie Sun and then turned to Sun Tian and said, “Uncle Sun, if we have any vegetables that don’t meet the standard, just sell them in the market. You can price them the same as the vegetables in the market.”

“Then do we still do it under the Qiao brand? Maybe I should just sell them to a few farmers!” Sun Tian said worriedly. He thought that Qiao Mei wanted to market their vegetables as the high-end type. If those people from the government units found out that they were also selling vegetables at the same price as ordinary vegetables, what would happen then?

Qiao Mei smiled faintly and said, “I want them to know that we’re only selling them the best vegetables we have and will dispose of the leftovers at a low price. In that case, they’ll feel happy to have gotten a good deal!”

Sun Tian had never thought of this before. He scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “Mei Mei is still the smartest. I’ll get my son and daughter-in-law to sort the vegetables later!”

“By the way, Mei Mei, the crops in our greenhouse are all ready for harvest. What should we plant next? Are you going to give us new seeds, or should we retain some seeds from the existing crops?” Auntie Sun asked.

Qiao Mei had almost forgotten about this matter. She immediately said, “You can retain the seeds from the crops. For this year, just plant as much as you did last year.”

This place was originally built to “cultivate” new seed variants. The fact was that Qiao Mei only needed to come back every one or two years to transmit some energy to the plants. As long as no one discovered what she was doing, the old seeds would naturally evolve into new seeds, right?

Qiao Mei drove back with five baskets of strawberries and two baskets of watermelons. On the way home, she would drive past Xia Wen’s office and she decided to pass some to him so that he could give them to his superiors as gifts.

Some time ago, Liu Fen had given Xia Wen a call. Her fourth son, Xia Yuan, had just graduated from university this year and he was worried about not being able to find a suitable job. Xia Yuan was not fit enough to be a soldier, but his results were quite good. He was suitable for government services but just lacked the right opportunity.

Xia Wen told Xia Yuan about when the next recruitment examination would be held as well as the scope of the examination topics. The rest was up to Xia Yuan.

After preparing for one month, Xia Yuan was not only accepted to work in Xia Wen’s office, but also got first place in the written examination and interview!

He was now reporting to one of Xia Wen’s colleagues. As everyone there knew about the relationship between Xia Yuan and Xia Wen, the two of them kept a distance from each other and would not contact each other unless it was because of work.

After Qiao Mei sent the fruits to Xia Wen, she went to visit Xia Yuan with some strawberries. Outside Xia Yuan’s office, she saw a woman wearing a low-cut dress leaning against Xia Yuan’s chair. The entire setup looked very suggestive.

Xia Yuan looked awkward as he sat in his chair. The wall was on his left and the woman was on his right, so there was nowhere for him to hide. He had only just started work in this office. If he became involved in a scandal, his future would be ruined.

“Kid, I’m here to visit you.” Qiao Mei walked into the room openly with a basket of strawberries.

The woman looked at Qiao Mei unhappily. She did not seem to feel embarrassed at being caught in the act. Instead, she looked up smugly at Qiao Mei and said softly, “Where did this village girl come from? Did the security officer at the main door let you in just like that?”

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