After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 150 - Chasing Qiao Yu Away    

Chapter 150: Chasing Qiao Yu Away

“Aren’t you capable, didn’t I tell you to stay away from my house?” Qiao Mei narrowed her eyes and looked at Qiao Yu.

“Um… Qiao Mei, don’t be angry. I’m… It’s sister-in-law! Sister-in-law invited me! I didn’t come by on my own! Zhang Wei also asked me to stay for a meal today! Isn’t that right!” Qiao Yu looked at Li Gui pleadingly.

Li Gui could not bear to see Qiao Yu like this, but when she thought about how her children had not eaten for so many days, she silently turned her head away from Qiao Yu.

Qiao Mei also knew the truth of the matter and that it seemed to have been going on for a few days. Otherwise, Zhang Wei would not have gone to look for her.

“Tell me, how do you intend to settle this, are you compensating us?” Qiao Mei said.

“I don’t have money! Qiao Mei, let me go! I won’t dare to do it again! Qiao Mei, I was wrong!” Qiao Yu knelt on the ground and begged Qiao Mei.

She knew how shrewd Qiao Mei was. She had once been beaten up by Qiao Mei and knew how fierce Qiao Mei could be. She also knew that Qiao Mei could not tolerate any hypocrisy and deception. If not for Zhang Wei going off to look for Qiao Mei, she would not have discovered this matter so quickly.

Qiao Mei took a few steps back. She also knew about Qiao Yu’s situation, but she was really unable to feel any pity for her. Qiao Yu had lied to the original owner of the body many times in the past and had cheated her of many things including food, clothes and necessities.

“Even if I ask you for compensation, you don’t have any money. Why don’t I go and look for Second Grandpa since he definitely has money and can definitely pay up for you. After all, you’re the sixth child of his family. If I can’t get any money from you, I can just go and look for him,” Qiao Mei said to Qiao Yu with a smile.

When Qiao Yu heard that Qiao Mei wanted to go and look for her father, she was so frightened that she repeatedly begged for mercy. She grabbed on to Qiao Mei’s trouser leg and cried, “Qiao Mei! I was wrong! I won’t dare to do it again! Please let me go! Don’t go looking for my father! I won’t come again!”

Qiao Mei shook off Qiao Yu’s hands from her trouser leg in disdain. She knew that going to Qiao Zhuang’s house would be a useless endeavor and was just saying it to scare Qiao Yu.


“As if you are any sort of aunt to these kids, don’t try to pretend to be someone’s relative in the future. Quickly get lost,” Qiao Mei said with a frown.

“Aye! Aye! Aye! I’ll leave now!”

Qiao Yu took her cloth bag and scrambled out of the courtyard. Of course Qiao Mei did not intend to let her off so easily, but there was nothing that could be gotten out of her for now. As the good saying goes, “Do not pursue a desperate foe.”

“Elder sister Qiao Mei! You let her go just like that! What if she comes back tomorrow!” Zhang Chao pointed at Qiao Yu who was already in the distance.

Qiao Mei smiled at Zhang Chao and said, “Forget it. If we continue to press her, she might do something nasty. Let’s just move on. Don’t worry, elder sister will eventually teach her a lesson.”

Zhang Chao trusted Qiao Mei very much and believed what she said. However, Qiao Yu had once again finished all the food they had and there was no more food for the children at home.

Qiao Mei glanced at the children and sighed. She felt that if this continued, when she was away from the village, her mother would not be able to protect these children on her own. Her mother was really too weak.

“Come, let’s go to my house for dinner. Grandpa is also waiting for all of you at home. I made delicious potato and meat stew today,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Qiang had already gotten the food ready at home and was waiting for the children to come back and eat. As soon as Qiao Mei went out, he understood what had happened. The last time Qiao Yu came by, he thought that she was here to look for Qiao Mei. It was now apparent that she had wanted to steal something, but it just so happened that he was at home.

The children skipped their way to Qiao Mei’s house. Behind them, Li Gui held Qiao Mei’s hand and was silent for a long time. She could only feel that she was a burden to Qiao Mei.

“Sigh, it’s all because I’m useless,” Li Gui said.

“It’s fine. If they come again, you should fight back. I can’t be around all the time. You have to learn to protect yourself and the children. If you really can’t do anything, go to the brigade to look for Uncle Zhao. He’s a fair person and won’t be biased,” Qiao Mei said as she looked at Li Gui.

When Li Gui just returned to the village, the matter of her remarriage became a hot topic. Every family knew that she was a widow who had abandoned her child to get married. She was too embarrassed to interact with these villagers, so when she encountered problems, she would generally try to solve them herself and would rarely seek help. She did not even look for Qiao Mei often.

“Yes, yes, I understand,” Li Gui said with a smile.

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