After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 143 - Simple Happiness  

Chapter 143: Simple Happiness

Qiao Mei planted 10 small wild ginsengs in the ground and carried out the energy exchange at the same time. After 300 rounds, half of the wild ginsengs had dried up, leaving only three that were still in relatively good condition and the remaining two also showing signs of withering. It seemed that the energy exchange did not guarantee absolute success. Ultimately , it was the composition of the soil, humidity and temperature which decided whether the plants could survive in the end.

“Sigh, I thought they could really grow indefinitely. Looks like I have to think of another way,” Qiao Mei said as she looked at the wild ginsengs on the ground.

It was getting late so Qiao Mei went home and prepared some lingzhi so that she could carry out experiments tomorrow. She also wanted to replant all the wild ginseng she had at home so that she could better cultivate them into older wild ginseng.

Qiao Mei was about to leave in the morning when Qiao Qiang stopped her.

“Mei Mei, don’t tire yourself out nowadays. I see you going to the mountains every day. You’re still pregnant, so you have to take care of your own body.” Qiao Qiang looked at Qiao Mei worriedly.

Although Qiao Mei went out early and returned late every day in order to carry out energy exchanges in the mountains, she would obtain more and better energy after each exchange. She did not feel tired even if she walked 100 miles every day, so working in the mountains actually made her more refreshed.

“Grandfather, don’t worry, I’m feeling fine. I’m leaving now. The food is in the pot, remember to eat it!” Qiao Mei called out to Qiao Qiang as she walked away.

“Aye.” Qiao Qiang could only sigh to himself as he felt worried about his granddaughter. “I wonder where this stubbornness comes from…”

On the topic of Qiao Mei’s temper, she definitely did not resemble Li Gui who was a very agreeable person. Qiao Mei’s father, Qiao Yue, was also an upright man who was famous for his good temper. When it came to Qiao Mei’s stubborn temper, there was actually a strong resemblance with Qiao Qiang.

Qiao Mei came to this cave again. This time, Qiao Mei planted 500 wild ginsengs in one go and put the lingzhi aside first. After countless rounds of blooming and withering, more than half of the wild ginsengs had dried up and died. After 500 rounds, there were only 15 left.

Every 100 rounds, Qiao Mei would record the number of wild ginsengs left but she did not stop the energy exchange. After 1,000 rounds, there were only two wild ginsengs left. Qiao Mei looked at the wild ginsengs on the ground and felt extremely happy. These were thousand-year-old wild ginsengs and she did not expect to have two left.


Qiao Mei’s body was already covered in a thin layer of sweat and she emitted a faint fragrance. This fragrance was not like the fragrance of flowers, but it was a kind of medicinal fragrance that was fresh and elegant. The smell was so faint that it was not obvious at all. Compared to the previous stench all over her body after an energy exchange, the current smell was something completely different.

Her complexion was also getting better and better as well. Her dark skin had become much fairer and now looked the color of cream or a piece of unpolished jade which was delicate and clear.

Qiao Mei observed these changes happily. She did not find anyone selling mirrors in the county city, otherwise she would definitely buy one home to take a good look at all the changes happening to her. She did not know how she looked now, but she could tell from what everyone else said that she had indeed become prettier and more good-looking.

Qiao Mei packed her things and went back home. That was all for today’s energy exchange and she did not remove a lot of ginsengs, thinking to continue with the energy exchange tomorrow. She wanted to go back and boil some water to wash up and have a good rest. Also, she wanted to go back early today, otherwise her grandfather would be worried again. When Qiao Mei got home, it was still dusk and the sky had not turned dark yet.

Seeing that Qiao Mei had returned early today, Qiao Qiang smiled happily. She had taken his words to heart. Not bad! Not bad!

Qiao Mei looked at the happy Qiao Qiang in the courtyard and gradually realized that what her grandfather wanted was actually so simple. As long as she was safe and happy, her grandfather would be very happy. She decided to go back earlier in the future so that her grandfather would not be on tenterhooks at home. Once she set off on her trip, it would be more than a month before she could get back or maybe even longer.

Qiao Mei shouted towards the courtyard, “Grandfather! I’m on my way back!”

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