After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 141 - Hundred-Year-Old Wild Ginseng  

Chapter 141: Hundred-Year-Old Wild Ginseng

Qiao Mei brought her tools and went to the mountains to look for the place where she previously harvested the wild ginseng. During the last time, she had only taken a portion of it. The other portion was still buried there and growing slowly. Some had already been discovered by other people and dug up, while others were still well hidden.

Qiao Mei made a few simple energy exchanges and produced three 20-year-old ginsengs. She turned around and was about to leave when she remembered that Xia Zhe might get injured and be in danger on the way to Gushan this time. In that case, she had to get some ginseng that was rarer and of better quality. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to save his life if she just depended on these 20-year-old little things.

It was not that Qiao Mei wanted to think negatively but she had to plan for everything at this point in time, otherwise it would be too late when something really happened. She would be away from home for at least more than a month. During this period of time, the lingzhi and ginseng that she gave her grandfather to put in his drinking water would be almost all used up. It would not be difficult to produce some more good quality herbs for her grandfather to use.

The wild ginseng was similar to the other plants, but there were also some differences. The main difference was that apart from being precious and difficult to find, it could also grow continuously. For the ordinary bushes and fruits, they would wither after a few blooms. However, the wild ginseng was different. The wild ginseng could grow continuously and become more and more rare as the years passed. Some could even reach the level of the “king of ginsengs”. Therefore, the wild ginseng could keep exchanging energy with Qiao Mei and grow continuously.

Qiao Mei calculated the growth and decline of the wild ginsengs one by one. For one, she stopped after 50 rounds. For another one, she ended only after 100 rounds. Qiao Mei could communicate with these wild ginsengs, so she did not have to dig them out by herself. The wild ginsengs would emerge from the soil one by one on their own with intact roots and in good condition.

Qiao Mei kept these wild ginsengs and also produced a good quality lingzhi, as well as some broken pieces of lingzhi for her grandfather’s drinking water. It was not necessary for him to put them in his water, but by doing that over a long period of time, it was still good for health. The quality of the lingzhi and wild ginseng that had undergone energy exchange was also much better than the ordinary ones found elsewhere.

Qiao Mei went back with these items and could see Qiao Qiang waiting for her at home from afar. As soon as she entered the house, Qiao Qiang asked, “Mei Mei, did you manage to dig anything up today? If there is nothing, Grandpa will go and buy some good liquor from your Uncle Chen Hu. Don’t tire yourself out.”

Qiao Mei put down the basket from behind her and said, “Of course I found it!”

Qiao Mei went into the house with the items in the basket and placed them one by one on the brick bed. There were two 20-year-old wild ginsengs, a 50-year-old one and another 100-year-old one. There was also a whole lingzhi and a few catties of loose lingzhi.

Qiao Qiang was completely dumbfounded when he saw them. The quality of these items was definitely top-notch. He could not imagine that there were actually such treasures in the mountains. He had lived here for so long and had never found any before. Mei Mei was still the lucky one. Now she could hold her head up high when she went to the capital.

“Mei Mei, you’re really good at digging them up. The roots aren’t even broken. This is really great.” Qiao Qiang looked at these items and sighed.


“Of course. I’m especially lucky today!” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Qiao Mei thought to herself, “These things popped out in front of me themselves, so of course the roots are not broken. If I have to dig them out myself, there probably won’t be many roots left.”

“Grandfather, keep this 50-year-old ginseng for yourself. I’ll take the rest with me. Also, take this lingzhi and put it in your drinking water. I saw that you don’t have much left from the last batch I picked for you.” Qiao Mei took out the remaining exquisite box they had at home and tied the ginseng up. She fixed the roots one by one so that the ginseng looked nice when it was put in the box. Otherwise, as time passed, the wild ginseng would lose its shape.

“Okay, that’s good. I’m relieved now.” Qiao Qiang had been worried for the entire day and finally felt at ease. She would not be looked down upon by others if she brought these things along with her.

Qiao Mei thought so too. It would be a huge surprise for everyone if she just brought along the 100-year-old wild ginseng with her. At this time, it was already rare to find 20-year-old wild ginseng. If she took out three 100-year-old wild ginsengs at once, that would make people feel that she was trying to curry favor with their family.

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