After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 136 - Changing Surname  

Chapter 136: Changing Surname

During that period of time, Qiao Mei did not eat much. Every day, she went up the mountain to pick fruits and occasionally had to chop firewood for the family. She also had to grow bean sprouts for the supply and marketing cooperative. He was old and Qiao Mei was the one who helped him with many things. Every day, she would come home dirty and smelly, and it would be strange if she did not lose weight after going through so much. However, it was also a good thing that she lost weight. She seemed much healthier after she slimmed down.

“You can read it, just don’t tell me what it says,” Qiao Qiang waved his hand and said.

Qiao Mei smiled and nodded. She went to the courtyard to read the letter, not knowing who wrote it. When Qiao Mei carefully opened the envelope and unfolded the letter, she thought that the handwriting was really beautiful and smooth. She looked at her own handwriting and found it incomparable. Then she frowned when she read the first sentence in the letter and had to force herself to patiently finish reading it.

“Father, it’s been 10 years since we parted. I miss you very much. Father, please don’t blame me for being insensible. What happened back then was something done out of helplessness. In order to protect everyone, it’s something we couldn’t help but do. I hope Father can forgive us. This time, we are…”

If this person missed her grandfather so much, why would he not come to see him for 10 years? What a joke. He probably did not even know the way to enter the village. Qiao Mei had mixed feelings after reading the letter. Although she did not know what exactly happened during those years, she had heard from Uncle Chen Hu that her grandfather’s children who lived in the capital now wanted to bring her grandfather back to recuperate in the capital.

Qiao Mei looked at the signature carefully. It was written as “Qiao Guo”. Qiao Guo was probably her grandfather’s son. She did not know what exactly happened 10 years ago to cause her grandfather to return to this village, but from the letter, she could tell that her grandfather’s son must have done something that left her grandfather heartbroken. The man then did not keep in touch for 10 years and did not come to visit her grandfather. What an insincere man.

However, Qiao Mei thought about something else. Based on the current medical technology, the standard of medical care in the capital would definitely be better than in the hospitals in this county city. Her grandfather had already been very seriously ill for a long time. During this period of time, he had been eating vegetables which grew from energy exchange with the pendant. His complexion looked much better, but she did not know how effective it was. She still needed to find out the actual extent of his illness before she could feel at ease.

In the past, all the money in the family was used to buy meat and grains for the original owner of the body. Her grandfather did not have any money to treat his illness at all. His gastric problem was actually caused by the fact that he gave all his food to the original owner of the body, and then he had never gone to see a doctor properly.

Should she talk to her grandfather about going back to treat his illness? Whether he wanted to see that family or not was another matter. She had enough money now for her grandfather to treat his illness.

Qiao Mei folded the letter and thought for a moment. She could feel that these people were still up to no good. She did not know what exactly happened back then and yet, she did not dare to ask her grandfather about it. She was afraid that it would bring up sad memories for him. However, she also wanted her grandfather to go to the capital for treatment so that he could recover faster.

Just as Qiao Mei was in a dilemma about whether she should tell Qiao Qiang about her doubts and thoughts, Qiao Qiang looked at his granddaughter through the window of the house behind her. Her brows were knitted and she looked like she had many questions.


Qiao Qiang walked over and asked, “What did they say to make you so worried?”

Qiao Mei was so focused on thinking about getting medical treatment for her grandfather that she did not notice Qiao Qiang standing in front of her. She looked up at Qiao Qiang and said, “Grandfather, do you want to go to the capital?”

Qiao Qiang had also guessed the contents of the letter. Previously, he had not been willing to get involved in the matters related to the capital. Later on, Chen Hu had also asked him indirectly many times. In the end, he found out that there was trouble in the capital and there were people who wanted to ask for his help.

Qiao Qiang looked at the curious Qiao Mei and sighed. “Aye, let’s talk inside. There are a lot of mosquitoes outside.”

Qiao Qiang brought Qiao Mei into the house and sat down near the fireplace. Qiao Mei said, “Grandpa, who’s Qiao Guo.”

“Qiao Guo? What Qiao Guo?” Qiao Qiang was unable to react immediately and wondered who this Qiao Guo was. Qiao Mei unfolded the letter and pointed at the signature.

“Look, Qiao Guo,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Qiang snorted and looked at the letter with disdain. “Hmph, what a joke. Isn’t his name Liang Guo, he even changed his surname when he wrote this letter.”

Qiao Mei was too stunned to speak. So it turned out that the matter back then had already escalated to such a point. No wonder that her grandfather was unwilling to mention them even now.

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