After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 1042 - 1042 Are You Saying That I Am a Horse

1042 Are You Saying That I Am a Horse

He was curious about this person who was willing to kneel in front of him and wanted to see how capable this person was.

At that time, He Guo and He Wei had even made a bet with him! His two brothers felt that Jin Man was hopeless and incompetent, and that it would make more sense to use the money to feed the dogs than give it to him. They did not expect Jin Man to really do quite well in the end.

If not for He Ning, the Jin family would live a life like the other ordinary people in this city. They might not even be able to afford food or clothes and might even have frozen to death during that harsh winter.

However, humans all behaved the same way. Once one had power and status, one would become insatiable and craved for more.

Jin Man even felt that the reason for his current achievements was entirely because of his own hard work and capability, and had nothing to do with He Ning. He did not feel an ounce of gratitude at all .

By now, the Jin family even wanted to gain a foothold in the government and the military. They had already started to look down on the He family and felt that they could become more powerful than the He family in the capital. However, none of the children from Jin Man’s family worked hard. They only knew how to party, gamble and have fun.

In the past, there were many times when Jin Man came to the He family residence bearing expensive medicinal herbs, asking He Ning for help to bail his son out. He Ning had always been very generous to people who were on his side and always helped out with Jin Man’s requests.

However, he did not expect the Jin family to have designs on the Xia family now. His spies had told him more than once that the Jin family was both openly and covertly trying to get close to the Xia family and had even sent gifts to the Xia family. However, the Xia family did not accept any of the gifts and also rejected the Jin family’s visits.

The young man standing in front of He Ning now was Jin Man’s eldest son, Jin Yue.

“Sigh… I wonder how your father is doing recently. Does he also need this medicine to save his life? I haven’t seen him for so long and I do miss him a little. Go back and tell your father to come to my place for a visit when he’s free.” He Ning smiled and patted Jin Yue’s shoulder, but it only made Jin Yue feel as if the Jin family was in danger. He Ning smiled like the Grim Reaper announcing his death date.

“I… This matter has nothing to do with my father. I’m just here to watch the fun!” Jin Yue said fearfully.

He Ning patted Jin Yue’s shoulder and smiled. He said joyfully, “I’m just asking your father to come to my house for a visit, nothing else. Why are you so afraid? Don’t forget to pass him the message when you get home.”

Jin Yue slumped to the ground, not knowing what to do. As for He Ning, he felt refreshed. He stretched as he walked on and returned to the car to set off for the He family house.

It had been a long time since he teased someone like this.

Jin Yue hurriedly ran home and passed Jin Man the message, but Jin Man did not care at all. He said mockingly, “Hmph, what’s the big deal? How much money does He Ning have left now? He’s probably been wiped clean by the Xia family until there’s nothing left! Why should we be afraid of him!”

“But… but even a starving camel is still bigger than a horse,” Jin Yue said nervously as he looked at Jin Man.

Jin Man did not hesitate to go forward to give Jin Yue a slap. He said unhappily, “Are you saying that I’m a horse! Do you think our family is not as powerful as the He family!”

“No, no! It’s just an analogy! I don’t mean that!” Jin Yue covered his face and explained himself quickly.

In the past, Jin Yue was arrogant and domineering. Even if people just took a glance at him on the roads, as long as it made him feel uncomfortable, he would pick a fight. If anything happened to the other party, he would simply offer compensation.

Originally, Jin Man’s biggest headache was his eldest son, Jin Yue. Then, Jin Yue got into trouble and was rescued by the He family. He Ning brought Jin Yue to stay at the He family’s house for one week. When Jin Yue returned home, his temperament had changed drastically. He had become as timid as a mouse and would feel scared whenever others raised their voices at him.

“Alright, just get back into the house. I get angry whenever I see you!” Jin Man said unhappily.

He Ning waited at home until evening, but no one from the Jin family came to look for him. He called Huo Gao to come over and asked, “Do you think I should go to the company to do something? There’s nothing for me to do at home.”

“Think about your own health. Do you want to reduce your lifespan by another two years?” Huo Gao asked.

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