After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 546 - Chapter 546:1 Like Wen Yanqing, Do You Like Him Too?

Chapter 546:1 Like Wen Yanqing, Do You Like Him Too?

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Gu Zhichuan had noticed the cat’s collar before he came. He said, “There are a lot of people following your shop’s video account. I think you can help find its owner faster.”

“I didn’t expect you to be such a compassionate person,” Lin Gantang smiled.

There was a hint of mockery in her clear eyes. In all these years, Lin Gantang had never seen him care about an animal. She didn’t know if his so-called love was real or fake.

Gu Zhichuan could tell too. His heart felt like it was being tugged, and it hurt terribly. If he hadn’t been so cold in the past, they wouldn’t have ended up like this.

His gaze dimmed. “I’ll work hard to do it. I’ll like what you like too. In the past…”

“I like Wen Yanqing. Do you want to like him too?” Lin Gantang stood up from beside the cat cage.

Gu Zhichuan choked hard.

Lin Gantang chuckled. “That won’t do. He’s my man. You can’t snatch him from me.”

“You’re twisting my words,” Gu Zhichuan said calmly. “You know that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Yeah, I did it on purpose.” Lin Gantang was in a good mood as she admired the change in his expression. If it had been the past, he would have left long ago and would not have listened to her continue. Lin Gantang said, “Don’t talk about the past. We had a past, but my future does not belong to you.”

Gu Zhichuan felt a surge of powerlessness and bitterness in his heart.

“Say something useful.” Lin Gantang didn’t want to talk about the past with him. “Where did you find the cat? If you provide more information, it will be easier for me to help it find its owner.”

Gu Zhichuan knew that she did not want to waste time talking to him.

Because he had had her passion and love, Gu Zhichuan felt even more uncomfortable when she let go and kept a distance from him. “I found it in Beiquan Park,” Gu Zhichuan answered dejectedly.

Lin Gantang lifted her eyes. She didn’t think that he was someone who would go to the park. He even picked up a cat?

“I got someone to find it.” Gu Zhichuan answered honestly, “You seemed quite unhappy after the Siamese cat that was stolen died two days ago. So, I found you a new one. I hope you won’t be too heartbroken.”

Lin Gantang did not expect this to be the reason, but…

“What does my happiness have to do with you?” Lin Gantang asked indifferently.

“If you’re purposely saying all this to make it unbearable for me, you’ve succeeded.” Gu Zhichuan smiled bitterly.

Every word she said was like a knife cutting into his heart.

“Of course it matters. You can ignore me and attack me as you wish.” Gu Zhichuan looked at her deeply. “I can’t stop you from liking Wen Yanqing, but you can’t stop me from liking you either.”

“I don’t feel touched by your words,” Lin Gantang said calmly. “I will only feel that you’re sick.”

He must be seriously ill. He actually wanted to eat medicine for regret.

“I’ll take good care of the cat.” Lin Gantang lifted the cat cage. “Mr. Gu, please go back. You have a fiancee. Please take her reputation into consideration and don’t do anything that will easily cause her to misunderstand.”

“She’s not my fiancee.”

“Oh, then please don’t disturb other people’s fiancees. It’s immoral.”

Lin Gantang wanted to leave, but Gu Zhichuan grabbed her anxiously. “What do you mean? What fiancee? You’re engaged to him? Impossible, you’re lying to me!”

How could there not be any news of the Lin and Wen families’ engagement!

Lin Gantang turned around and shook off his hand. “We’re going to get married directly. Is there a need to get engaged? We picked a good day to hold the wedding banquet this year; I won’t be inviting you. My husband doesn’t like you.”

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