After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: The Two of You Are Together

Chapter 43: The Two of You Are Together

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When Wen Yanqing dropped Lin Gantang off, he inquired about her falling into the water incident at Qinghe Manor.

“My dad didn’t mention this. I suppose Uncle Yin hasn’t received any solid updates yet,” Lin Gantang said. “The person behind this had malicious intentions. Currently, Jiang Tongtong is being picked up from work by my brother.”

“You need to be cautious too. When you encountered them, I was worried they might dare to harm you,” Wen Yanqing said.

As they discussed this matter, later that night around eight or nine o’clock, Yin Hongjiang called to share that he had found the person responsible.

Lin Gantang had just finished her shower when her father summoned her downstairs.

In the living room, Mr. Lin conveyed Yin Hongjiang’s information.

“Hongjiang spoke with the attendees of the banquet, and a few mentioned bringing other people that day. After gathering them, he realized that some were from the same racing club.”

Since it was a regular birthday party, security wasn’t very strict.

“Uncle Yin has acquired some photos of them and sent them to me. Tongtong, Gantang, see if you recognize them.”

Having been hurt by these individuals at the fishing platform, Jiang Tongtong had a vivid memory of them. After glancing at a few photos, she immediately identified them. “These four were all on the fishing platform.”

When Lin Gantang rushed to help Jiang Tongtong and was pushed into the water, she hadn’t been able to see the people. Hearing that Jiang Tongtong recognized them, Lin Gantang inquired, “Then who was the woman who asked you to bring her to find someone?”

After searching through the photos, Jiang Tongtong shook her head.

“These four are easy to recognize. 1’11 take care of the rest,” Lin Zhaonan said, noting their faces down.

Lin Gantang also requested a photo of the four individuals.

Back in her room, she locked the door, opened WeChat, and sent Wen Yanqing a video call request.

After waiting for a moment, the call connected, and Wen Yanqing appeared on the screen with wet hair.

Lin Gantang was used to seeing him in a white shirt. Now, with him in a short-sleeved shirt, she stole a few more glances at him.

Water droplets fell from Wen Yanqing’s forehead, a sight Lin Gantang caught. “You just showered? Dry your hair first.”

Wen Yanqing grinned and left the screen. Lin Gantang watched his back as he fetched a towel to pat his hair dry a few times.

It was rare for her to witness this aspect of Wen Yanqing’s life.

His hair had grown a bit longer, and the new growth had a slight curl to it.

When he returned to the screen, Lin Gantang said, “You were asking about my incident in the water, and there’s news tonight. Uncle Yin sent the photo to my dad, and Jiang Tongtong recognized someone in it.”

“Send it to me,” Wen Yanqing requested.

“Why do you care? He’s not from our circle, so you probably don’t know him.”

Even though she said that Lin Gantang still sent over the photo.

“There’s a charity gala this weekend. Do you want to go?” Wen Yanqing inquired.

“My family didn’t mention it, so I don’t think they’re going,” she replied. After all, she didn’t have money.

If Lin Mingzhuo planned to attend, he would have prepared for it.

They chatted for a while before Lin Gantang ended the call.

Coincidentally, Ye Qiuqiu’s voice message arrived. When she clicked on it, a loud, shocking scream burst from her earbuds. It nearly ruptured Lin Gantang’s eardrums.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Gantang asked.

Ye Qiuqiu’s voice was brimming with excitement. “Is it true? Are you two together? You and Wen Yanqing?”

“Where did you hear this?” Lin Gantang wanted to crown her as the “Little Gossip Expert.”

“Shi Muzhen mentioned it in the group! She even posted a picture of you two walking by the river! Sister, you’re not loyal.. You didn’t tell me first if there was a situation!”

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