After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 38

Yan Qing, Can’t You Understand?

In the Shengfang Group, Yi Qian, who was working overtime, was pleasantly surprised and excited when he saw Wen Yanqing return.

Wen Yanqing sat down at his desk and began working, and Yi Qian quickly delivered the documents that needed processing.

“Boss, I have a suggestion. Can you keep your phone on, and when you find it annoying, just put it on silent mode?” Yi Qian asked meekly.

“For a group, if it falls apart when I’m away for a day, then you should consider whether there’s a problem with the company’s system,” Wen Yanqing said, flipping through the contract and signing it. “The operation of the group doesn’t rely on me alone.”

Yi Qian had a toothache, so wasn’t it your fault for leaving suddenly?

“Did something go wrong in the afternoon?” Wen Yanqing asked.

“Not really…” It’s just that I’m a bit overwhelmed with work.

“Are the higher-ups in management like babies? Do I need to babysit them all day?” Wen Yanqing took a proposal, carefully reviewed it, and finally rejected it. “It’s well-rounded, but this kind of plan is too common in the market and lacks competitiveness. Let the planning department redo it.”

“But what about the meeting that was supposed to be today…”

“Can we reschedule it for tomorrow?” Wen Yanqing asked.

Yi Qian checked the schedule and confirmed, “Yes.”

Wen Yanqing nodded. “I’ll finish up the work on hand first. You can go back once you’re done.”

Yi Qian didn’t want to leave the boss working overtime alone, especially considering his attractive salary and bonuses. Not working hard would be betraying his conscience.

As darkness fell, the lights of the tall buildings illuminated the city.

From hustle and bustle to silence.

Most of the overtime workers had already left, and looking down, the streets were empty.

Wen Yanqing put down his pen and rubbed his temples.

The phone on his desk rang, it was Shi Jun calling.

“Hello?” Wen Yanqing’s voice sounded tired.

“By the sound of your voice, you seem tired,” the voice on the other end of the phone showed concern.

“I didn’t sleep well last night,” Wen Yanqing replied.

“Where are you? I’m at March Bar. Do you want to come and chat?”

“I’m still at the company. Is anyone else there?” Wen Yanqing leaned back in his chair.

“Just me. Working overtime? I went looking for you in the afternoon but I couldn’t find you. Your phone was also turned off. Where did you go?”

Wen Yanqing didn’t answer. “I just finished my work. I’ll come over to see you.”

March Bar is a serene place.

There were no enthusiastic disco or dancing girls, just a singer singing gentle folk songs, making it relatively peaceful.

Shi Jun sat at the bar counter, sipping his Brandy.

When Wen Yanqing arrived, Shi Jun handed him a glass of Rum.

“I won’t be drinking anymore.” Wen Yanqing sat down and ordered a non-alcoholic beverage.

He didn’t drink when he came to the bar.

“Who told you not to drink?” Shi Jun didn’t need to guess, and he scoffed, “It must be Lin Gantang.”

Wen Yanqing smiled.

“Lin Gantang said she didn’t like curly hair, so you straightened it. She said she didn’t like hot-tempered people, and you haven’t said anything harsh to her. She said she didn’t like poor boys, but you reluctantly returned to the Wen family.” Shi Jun finished a glass of wine and said, “Everything is about Lin Gantang. Can’t you just be Wen Yanqing again?”

“I’m fine this way.” Wen Yanqing placed the Rrum closer to Shi Jun.

Shi Jun picked it up and drank it. “Fine? Yet, she still likes Gu Zhichuan and rejects you.”

“They broke up.”

Shi Jun was a little surprised. Then he pondered, “No wonder you haven’t mentioned going abroad again. So, when Lin Gantang got married, you said you would go abroad to expand the market. Now, that decision doesn’t matter anymore?”

“I’m not leaving.”

“She said she doesn’t like hot-tempered people. Is Gu Zhichuan a calm person? She said she didn’t like poor boys because Gu Zhichuan wasn’t poor to begin with.” Shi Jun glanced at Wen Yanqing’s attire and revealed the heart-wrenching truth. “Just like how she said she likes men in white shirts because Gu Zhichuan wears a suit all the time. Yanqing, don’t you understand?”

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