After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 2

I’m Begging You

The moment she lost her focus, a red sports car braked and stopped right beside her.

Yin Zhen brushed her curly windswept hair and whistled at her playfully.

“What is this? A runaway bride?” Yin Zhen raised her eyebrows.

Mr. Yin was supposed to attend the wedding, but unfortunately, he fell ill and was hospitalized.

Ever since they were young, Yin Zhen and Gantang would always quarrel with each other after a few sentences. It was enough that they didn’t come to blows, but to ask her to attend the wedding?

Yin Zhen apologized — a wedding was impossible. If it was Lin Gantang’s funeral, she would definitely dress up and gladly make an appearance.

Mr. Yin was so upset that he almost had to be transferred to the ICU.

The two families were still working together, and Yin Zhen was forced to attend.

She did turn up, but she did not say that she would definitely come on time. She just happened to bump into the bride who had not gone through with the marriage.

Lin Gantang looked at her and then at the phone that Yin Zhen had casually placed on the passenger seat.

She had on a wedding dress and had no idea who was holding onto her phone.

Yin Zhen didn’t want to exchange pleasantries with her. It was obvious that the wedding had been interrupted, and she already had an explanation to provide when she got back. She couldn’t be bothered to speak, so she started the car that just had its engine turned off and prepared to leave.

In the end, the sports car almost hit someone.

Lin Gantang was recklessly blocking the right side of the front of the car.

“D*mn! You’re tired of living!” Yin Zhen cursed. “If you want to die, don’t let me take responsibility!”

“Do you have Wen Yanqing’s phone number? May I borrow your phone?” Lin Gantang asked.

When had she ever spoken to Yin Zhen nicely, and even in a negotiating tone? Yin Zhen was dumbfounded. Then, she thought of something and looked at Lin Gantang as if she had seen a ghost. Then, she looked at the church in disbelief. “Don’t tell me that you ran away from the wedding because of Wen Yanqing!”


“No way! Madam! He pursued you for eight years! You only remembered him now?” Yin Zhen was so flabbergasted that her sunglasses almost fell off. She quickly removed them and held them in her hands. She imagined the chaotic scene in the church and laughed mockingly. “I have no relationship with Wen Yanqing, so of course I don’t have his number. Why? It’s been eight years, and you’re so heartless that you don’t even keep his phone number?”

Lin Gantang could not refute anything.

Yes, she did not. She did not even take Wen Yanqing to heart.

“Can you send me to the airport?” Lin Gantang said.

What was that? “You and I aren’t close enough to sit in the same car,” Yin Zhen said sarcastically as she put her sunglasses back on.

“Can you send me to the airport?” Lin Gantang sounded a little anxious.

Lin Gantang was anxious, but she wasn’t.

Yin Zhen looked at Lin Gantang, her sworn enemy since childhood, and smiled smugly. “Beg me, Lin Gantang. I’ll reluctantly agree if you beg me.”

Yin Zhen knew that Lin Gantang would not agree to it. It was worse than death for her to do so.

“I beg you.” Lin Gantang did not hesitate.

Yin Zhen was speechless.

Lin Gantang had already opened the car door and gotten in.

“Lin Gantang, to hell with you!”

A businessman had to be honest. It was the Yin family’s rule. No matter how much she hated Lin Gantang, Yin Zhen had to keep her word. She stepped on the accelerator and the sports car sped off.

She glanced at Lin Gantang’s wedding dress and didn’t say anything, but the mockery on her face was obvious.

Lin Gantang pretended not to see it and said softly, “International airport, thank you.”

Yin Zhen shivered with goosebumps all over her body. She snorted in disdain. “Save it. I can’t afford your thanks.”

Lin Gantang knew that her chances of catching up to Wen Yanqing were slim.

But she still wanted to give it a try.

When she stood at the massive airport and looked at the strangers who were hurriedly coming and going, she realized how ridiculous she was.

She had come too late and had hurt the person who deeply loved her. She had not even apologized to him.

The passengers in the airport kept turning their heads to look at her. This wedding dress was too eye-catching.

“Is she filming a TV show?” someone whispered.

“It should be? Why don’t I see the camera?”

“Hidden? Who is this celebrity? She’s quite good-looking, but I’ve never seen her on television.”

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