After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 16

Do You Want to Come Over Now and Confess?

However, Ye Qiuqiu was already married at this time, and now was the time for happiness.

Lin Gantang could not persuade her to leave. She and her husband had indeed been united because of love, from the time they were schooling, till they got married.

All the problems were just trivial matters in life, conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

“Buy a house as soon as possible. Besides, when you have children in the future, you have to buy one too,” Lin Gantang said.

Ye Qiuqiu nodded. “We are saving money. Oh right, don’t just talk about me. I heard that Wen Yanqing refused to give up when he heard that you were not married.”

Lin Gantang placed the marbled beef into the soup.

“Aaah, marbled beef doesn’t have a soul if it’s not spicy!” Ye Qiuqiu salvaged the second half of the soup, pouring it into her red soup and got back to the topic. “I think you should just agree to his request.”

“Do you think this is a good idea? I don’t think this is very responsible,” Lin Gantang said.

“You have too many concerns. Did Wen Yanqing ask you to take responsibility?” Ye Qiuqiu felt indignant for Wen Yanqing. “He merely wants a chance. If you don’t try, how do you know you two are incompatible? Or do you still like Gu Zhichuan?”

“I’ve already let go of Gu Zhichuan.” Lin Gantang shook her head.

“It’s not that you don’t like Wen Yanqing, it’s just that you’ve never tried to understand him.” Ye Qiuqiu analyzed, “You’ve been focusing on Gu Zhichuan all these years. Have you ever looked back at Wen Yanqing?

“You didn’t give Wen Yanqing a chance, nor did you give yourself a chance. Because you’re prejudiced against him. You only see what you want to see.” Ye Qiuqiu sighed. “You turned a blind eye to his other good qualities.”

Ye Qiuqiu was disappointed and worried for her friend. “Why are you so stupid? Since you said that you’ve let go of the Gu fellow, why don’t you put aside your prejudice and get to know Wen Yanqing from scratch?”

Lin Gantang was deep in thought.

“Besides, if you’re not suitable, you can break up.” Ye Qiuqiu broke things down, “When the time comes, it will give Wen Yanqing a chance to give up.”

“What if he doesn’t want to when the time comes?” Lin Gantang teased.

Ye Qiuqiu looked resentfully at her. “Wouldn’t that be better? At that time, you would be heartless and free, but your husband would be as loyal as a dog. With money in hand, you’d be set for the rest of your life. What more could you want? Isn’t that enough?”

Lin Gandang laughed out loud.

“Don’t laugh! I’m serious!” Ye Qiuqiu glared at her with her round eyes.

“Okay, I’m serious.” Lin Gantang laughed so hard that she wanted to wipe away her tears.

“Then do you want to consider it?”

“Alright, I’ll consider it,” Lin Gantang said perfunctorily.

Ye Qiuqiu reached out her hand and said, “Lend me your phone; let’s take a photo.”

Lin Gantang unsuspectingly took out her phone with an unlocked screen and handed it over.

Ye Qiuqiu stole a glance at her and speedily scrolled through her contacts to dial a number.

Lin Gantang was unknowingly fishing for her meatball when she heard Ye Qiuqiu’s voice.

“Hello, Wen Yanqing? Right, Gantang said that she wants to consider being with you. Do you want to come over and confess now?”

Lin Gantang’s meatball plopped back into the pot.


“Ye Qiuqiu! Are you asking for trouble?” Lin Gantang exploded, snatching back the phone and disconnecting the call.

Ye Qiuqiu shrugged and scooped up her prawn balls. “Young lady, do it if you say you will. Don’t hesitate.”

Lin Gantang felt like dying.

Her phone suddenly rang. ‘Wen Yanqing’; Ye Qiuqiu came over to take a look and winked.

Lin Gantang didn’t dare to answer the call. She was afraid to be embarrassed in public, so she guiltily refused to listen to it. She tossed the phone back into her bag, feeling that it was too hot.

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