After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 14

Wen Yanqing Only Likes One Person

Gu Zhichuan frowned and put down his fork and knife. “Dad, I’ll handle it myself. Tell Mom not to interfere.”

“Alright, you’re not a child anymore. Make your own decisions.” Gu Guoliang was rather critical of the Lin family’s approach at the wedding, but he was more concerned about the future interests. “Even if the Lin family says that they want to chase her out, how can there be grudges between a father and daughter? Lin Mingzhuo will relent sooner or later; she’s still the daughter of the Lin family.”

“Indeed, when the Lin family and the Gu family are related by marriage, it’ll be mutually beneficial and easier to discuss things.”

Gu Zhichuan’s words happened to be heard by Mrs. Gu, who was downstairs.

Mrs. Gu immediately exploded. “I don’t care about your interests. I simply don’t like Lin Gantang!

“I think the girl from the Shi family is very good. I met her at the mall yesterday and she even accompanied me for shopping. Her patience is a thousand times better than Lin Gantang’s!

“Lin Gantang can compete with others?

“She ran away from my Gu family’s marriage and still wants to marry in? No way!

“Even if she kneels and begs me, I don’t want her to be my daughter-in-law. Who does she think she is?”

Mrs. Gu still did not calm down after her rant. “That Wen Yanqing is always at her beck and call. I don’t believe that there’s nothing going on between him and Lin Gantang! If you marry such a woman, I’m afraid she’ll cheat on you!”

That sentence hit Gu Zhichuan where it hurt. Gu Zhichuan said in annoyance, “Mom! Alright!”

“Isn’t it?” Mrs. Gu became even more furious when her son chided her. “Now, Wen Yanqing goes to the hospital twice a day, even more frequently than Lin Zhaonan. Who is he? Lin Mingzhuo’s son?”

Gu Guoliang’s face darkened as he knocked on the table. “Enough! You’re getting more and more ridiculous. Who are you calling bad? Is Wen Yanqing someone you can criticize? The Gu family’s collaboration proposal is still on the desk of Shengfang’s CEO!”

Mrs. Gu shut her mouth angrily.

Shengfang Group.

Wen Yanqing had just rejected the contract from the Shiyuan Company and closed the pen cap.

Yi Qian glanced at the document, closed it, and said, “Sir just called and said that he wants you to go back and have dinner with him tonight.”

“There’s no need.” Wen Yanqing looked at the time, picked up his suit, and left his seat.

“Alright, I’ll call you back later.” Yi Qian read out the itinerary, “Also, the flight is at six o’clock tomorrow morning. Please be early. The driver will be waiting for you downstairs.”

Wen Yanqing nodded.

Yi Qian sent him to the car and then went back to ask the person who followed up on the Shiyuan Company project, “Who is the person in charge of this contract?”

Wen Yanqing went to the hospital as usual.

He didn’t know if Lin Gantang was deliberately avoiding him. Other than the first day, he would only occasionally see her every time he went to the hospital.

When Lin Mingzhuo saw Wen Yanqing, he sat up and greeted, “You’re here?”

“Uncle Lin.” Wen Yanqing put down the fruits he had brought. “Do you feel better?”

“I’m alright. The doctor said that I need to be hospitalized for half a month.” Mr. Lin looked at the fresh and neatly placed mangosteens in the fruit basket and retracted his gaze. “You’re busy as well. Why do you keep making trips here?”

Wen Yanqing smiled.

Mr. Lin knew very well that he did not want to meddle in relationship matters concerning the younger generation.

But compared to Gu Zhichuan, Wen Yanqing was more to his liking.

Gu Zhichuan was too cold and hid his thoughts very well. Mr. Lin was experienced, and he was afraid that Lin Gantang would get hurt.

Wen Yanqing had a good temper, nice appearance, and a better family background than Gu Zhichuan. Most importantly, the whole world knew that Wen Yanqing only liked one person, and that was Lin Gantang.

“Gantang isn’t here. She went out to meet a friend; seems to be a high school classmate.” He deliberately added, “I don’t know if it’s a male or female.”

Wen Yanqing’s calm gaze wavered.

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