After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 659 - 659 New Group

659 New Group

Hence, when everyone starring in “Let’s Set Off Together!” met at the airport in C City, Fu Ying’s gloomy gaze never left Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan stood beside Mo Rao stiffly and even hid his body behind Mo Rao, as if he could escape Fu Ying’s terrifying gaze this way.

The netizens really screwed him over!

When Mo Rao saw Fu Ying and Xiao Yan’s interaction, she felt helpless.

Seeing that the live broadcast camera had already been turned on, but Fu Ying still had no intention of restraining himself, Mo Rao couldn’t help but remind him, “Fu Ying!”

Hearing Mo Rao’s warning voice, Fu Ying finally retracted his terrifying gaze, but his expression wasn’t as cheerful as when he was with Mo Rao in the previous episode.

When the netizens in the live-stream saw this, they immediately laughed out loud.

They had already guessed this scene when they voted, but they didn’t expect things to be more exciting than they imagined.

“Who’s my partner?” Fu Ying asked Sun Ming indifferently.

When Sun Ming heard this, he immediately looked at Fu Ying in surprise. “President Fu, you don’t know your partner for this episode?”

“I only care about who Rao Rao’s partner was. As for my partner… It doesn’t matter who it is if it’s not Rao Rao. There’s no need for me to care.”

As Fu Ying spoke, his gloomy gaze drifted to Xiao Yan, who was beside Mo Rao. Xiao Yan immediately leaned behind Mo Rao.

“President Fu, I’m your partner this time.” You Jing took the initiative to walk over, her eyes filled with joy and disappointment.

She was happy that she finally had a chance to be in the same group as Fu Ying and interact with him more. However, she was also disappointed that Fu Ying didn’t pay attention to her at all.

Hearing You Jing’s words, Fu Ying only glanced at You Jing indifferently and nodded before ignoring her again.

You Jing’s disappointed expression immediately attracted the discussion of the audience watching the live-stream.

“No matter what, You Jing is a girl. Isn’t it a little inappropriate to be so cold to a girl? How ungentlemanly!”

“I think there’s nothing wrong with President Fu’s attitude! President Fu has already said that he likes Mo Rao, and his stance is very obvious. You Jing is the one pestering President Fu!”

“That’s right! If I met a loyal person like President Fu, I would smile even in my dreams.”

“But this is a variety show! Fu Ying is on a variety show, so he has to follow the rules of the variety show!”

“President Fu followed the rules of the variety show! President Fu didn’t reject joining You Jing’s team, nor did he demand to be with Mo Rao.”

The commotion in the comment section didn’t disturb the participants. After Mo Rao’s gaze lingered on Fu Ying for a while, she retracted her gaze.

She lowered her eyes slightly to hide the mirth in them.

To be honest, this feeling of being favored was quite addictive.

However, she quickly remembered that it was still a live broadcast, so she quickly suppressed the smile on her face.

“President Fu and Miss Mo went to the most scenic spots last time, followed by Mr. Xiao and Miss Tong, Mr. Zhou and Miss Liu are third, and Mr. Li and Miss You are last,” Sun Ming said with the question card in his hand. Then, he looked up at Mo Rao and the others.

After Mo Rao and the others nodded and confirmed that there were no problems, they continued, “So after the grouping, Miss Mo and Mr. Xiao’s travel expenses for this trip are a total of 4,500 yuan. Mr. Fu and Miss You have a total of 3,500 yuan. Teacher Zhou and Miss Tong have a total of 3,500 yuan. Mr. Li and Miss Liu have a total of 2,500 yuan.”

After Sun Ming finished speaking, Liu Xin’s expression immediately turned ugly. Li Rui smiled at Liu Xin in embarrassment.

However, not to mention that this wasn’t Li Rui’s fault, just the fact that this was a live broadcast made her dare not to throw a tantrum. After all, she had already been scolded by the netizens about this in the previous episode.

“It’s okay. We’ll work hard this time!”

Liu Xin said to Li Rui, but when she looked at You Jing, her gaze wasn’t so friendly.

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