After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 529 - 529 The Mastermind

529 The Mastermind

After Mo Rao and Mo Yuan exchanged looks, Mo Yuan immediately stood up and returned to his room to take out his computer.

The surveillance video had been edited. After playing for a few seconds, Fu Ying pressed pause.

“Look at this place. Although we can’t see clearly, his clothes and figure are the same as the person who laced the food previously. This is also the time he took off his mask.”

In order to see the man’s appearance, Mo Rao leaned forward slightly.

After carefully observing the man’s appearance, Mo Rao looked at the faces of the staff members who had been by Qu Rou’s side during the recording to see if he was a staff member who was responsible for filming Qu Rou.

She thought for a moment and asked Fu Ying, “Have you found this man yet?”

Mo Yuan’s gaze also landed on Fu Ying.

“It’s been two days since we found him.”

Surprise flashed across Mo Rao and Mo Yuan’s eyes. Mo Yuan asked anxiously, “How is it? Did this man say why he laced Rao Rao’s ingredients?”

What they wanted to know more was whether Qu Rou was behind it.

Fu Ying shook his head regretfully. “He said that a disguised person asked him to drug Rao Rao’s ingredients. The remuneration is more than a hundred thousand yuan. He doesn’t know what that person looks like at all.”

Although they had also gone to the place where the man did the exchange with the mastermind, they didn’t find any useful information.

Although the place of the transaction wasn’t far from that market, there were very few surveillance cameras there and there were many alleys. Therefore, they couldn’t find any news of the mastermind even after searching for two days.

Hearing Fu Ying’s words, Mo Yuan said in disappointment, “What a pity.”

Since he had not caught the mastermind, who knew if that person would attack Rao Rao again in the future? He was really worried about her.

Fu Ying nodded with worry.

Seeing that the two of them were a little dejected, Mo Rao comforted them. “Although we didn’t find the mastermind, finding the person who laced the food can be considered an explanation to the netizens.”

“Yes! Yes, Rao Rao is right. At least when this news comes out, it can clear your name,” Mo Yuan echoed.

Then, he looked at Fu Ying. “What are you going to do with that man?”

Fu Ying glanced at Mo Rao before answering Mo Yuan, “It depends on how you and Rao Rao arrange things.”

Mo Yuan rolled his eyes at Fu Ying.

“Let’s send it to the police station!” Mo Rao pondered for a moment and suggested, “After the police’s statement is out, we’ll send it out with the evidence.”

Mo Yuan agreed. “That’s good too. With the police’s evidence, the netizens won’t say anything else.”

“I’ll leave this to you,” Mo Rao said to Fu Ying.

Seeing that Mo Rao was leaving it to him, Fu Ying nodded in agreement.

However… he had just arrived and was really unwilling to leave now.

He looked at Mo Rao reluctantly as he wondered what excuse he could use to stay, but then he saw Mo Yuan glance at him disdainfully.

“I’ll leave this matter to President Fu.” Although Mo Yuan was thanking him, Fu Ying felt that Mo Yuan had something else to say.

As expected, Mo Yuan continued, “This matter is more urgent, so President Fu, please hurry.”

Therefore, please leave his and Rao Rao’s house as soon as possible!

Fu Ying wanted to stay. He could leave these things to his subordinates.

He looked at Mo Rao. Although Mo Rao didn’t avoid his gaze, she had no intention of letting him stay.

“I can—”

He was indignant and was about to say that he wanted to stay, but Mo Rao interrupted him. “My brother and I still have work to do, so we might not be able to entertain you.”

“But I haven’t had breakfast…” Fu Ying said aggrievedly.

Mo Yuan picked up the bread on the table and stuffed it into Fu Ying’s hand. “Take it. You’re welcome.”

After Fu Ying glared at Mo Yuan, he could only turn around and leave.

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