After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

Chapter 478 - Chapter 478: Searching for the Dragon Ball

Chapter 478: Searching for the Dragon Ball

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Tan Nian stood helplessly in front of everyone, not knowing what to do. This made Tan Si dislike him even more. Even if he sang well, he was still useless in other aspects.

Jiang Yu and Jiang Yi could tell that he was uneasy. They pulled the other children and ran up to stand with him. Jiang Yu even reached out to hug him. “Nian Nian is the best!”

Jiang Yi held his hand and expressed his support.

Under such circumstances, Tan Nian suddenly stopped being nervous. In the end, he didn’t know what to do in such a scene because he had always lived at home and had never participated in groups. The furthest he had gone was the park. The number of people he had seen could be counted with one hand.

Therefore, he needed someone to bring him out. Otherwise, he would be like this for the rest of his life.

After playing around that day, Jiang Yu and Jiang Yi had become people he trusted. Tan Nian could feel their kindness, so as long as they were around, his nervousness would be relieved immediately.

Jiang Yu cleared his throat and acted like a reporter. “Then, Tan Nian, do you have anything to say about winning the award now?”

She was guiding Tan Nian to speak in public. As long as there was a first time, he would not be afraid.

Under normal circumstances, Tan Nian would definitely be nervous, but now that he was very happy and surrounded by his peers, he smiled and said, “I’m very happy. I finally know what I’m good at.”

[From the looks of it, Tan Nian is actually quite lively.]

[He’s much better after going to the Jiang An family.]

[The atmosphere in An’an’s house is too good. Anyone who goes will be in a good mood.]

[And Jiang Yu and Jiang Yi have been taking care of him.]

[An’an didn’t stop the children from interacting.]

[Maybe his mom has a role to play. Why are you giving all the credit to Jiang An?]

[Forget it. Tan Nian was afraid of strangers because he used to live with her.]

The comments about Tan Si on the Internet were still not good, especially after Tan Nian’s transformation. They kept feeling that the credit should be given to Jiang An.

Initially, everyone was still neutral. They thought that the child might not like to talk, but now, it proved that that was not the case at all.

Han Yu did not care about these comments. Initially, he was still wondering if he should help Tan Si salvage her image. However, she did not care about the show previously and started arguing with her mother. If not for the fact that he cut the camera quickly, the show would have ended long ago.

Han Yu wasn’t a very benevolent person. He would not protect those who hindered him from recording his show, so he let these things ferment.

In this way, for the sake of her own face, Tan Si had to treat Tan Nian better. Otherwise, the child would be too pitiful.

After the announcement, they were about to start the next stage. The director took out a note with clues written on it and handed it to the children. He said, “This is the complete clue. You can go and find the dragon ball!”

The children took it excitedly. Jiang Yu and Jiang Yi had three clues in their hands. After they opened it and read it, they ran towards the back mountain.

Liu Yue and Li Ai ran towards the entrance of the village hand in hand. Gao Jing stood where he was and waited for Tan Nian. “What’s written on it?”

“I don’t know how to read.” Tan Nian shook his head.

Gao Jing didn’t expect it to be like this and quickly read it out to him. “It says that the dragon ball is where the spring water is. I want to go over there too. Let’s go together.”

With that, he left with Tan Nian. The parents stayed at home to cook for the children.

The program for this episode was almost over. Everyone’s last meal was to be eaten together, so the production team had prepared sumptuous ingredients so that the parents could show their skills.

Everyone went forward to choose the ingredients and brought them back to the house to cook. Tan Si pushed all these things to Wang Li. She had never cooked and felt that this would hurt her delicate hands.

Moreover, it was already the end of the first episode. If she wanted to wait until the next time she met Zou Bai, she had to hurry up. Even if she didn’t succeed now, she still had to leave an impression on him.

She had completely forgotten about Zou Bai’s frightening gaze. After all, the wealth behind Zou Bai was too alluring. His amount of wealth was unimaginable to most people.

As long as she could get close to him, it was only right for her to pay a price. As long as she married him, she would be above everyone else. The entire entertainment industry’s female celebrities could not compare to her.

At the thought of this, Tan Si mustered her courage again and went home to change into sexier clothes..

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