After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

Chapter 176 - Chapter 176: Change Cards

Chapter 176: Change Cards

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When Zheng Wen thought of her sworn enemy, she gritted her teeth and said, “That Madam Li even mocked me today. She said that we were blind and didn’t recognize Jiang An, saying that we dropped a watermelon to pick up a sesame seed. Pfft! With her family’s concept of family status, before Jiang An’s identity was exposed, she probably wouldn’t even look at Jiang An’s face.”


Si Cheng’s first reaction at this moment was ecstasy. He could stop the marriage! “I’ll contact her immediately.”

Zheng Wen also hurriedly urged, “Yes, yes, yes! Hurry up. If we have the Jiang family behind us, we’ll be able to choose whichever overseas market. Who does the Bai family think they are?!”

Si Cheng picked up his phone and realized that it still went to the automated message. He frowned and looked at the phone screen. “Didn’t I ask her to unblock me? How could she forget?”

Zheng Wen handed the landline to Si Cheng enthusiastically. “Rich people are forgetful. The Jiang family has plenty of business and they’re a big family. Just those relatives alone will take her a long time to remember.”

Si Cheng took the landline and dialed the number. He realized that the other party’s phone was switched off.

In the Jiang family’s old residence in Jingdu City.

Jiang Huai flew home after waking up today.

Jiang Xun was now transferred to the Chengchuan Provincial Public Security Bureau. Thinking of the various dispute cases he usually handled, he was a little worried that Si Cheng would be entangled after knowing Jiang An’s background. Hence, he specially called Jiang Huai and reminded him to help Jiang An get a new SIM card.

Jiang Huai did this as soon as he got off the plane. At this moment, he was stuffing a new card into Jiang An’s phone. “Anyway, you don’t have any good friends in Sea City. It’s better to change to a Jingdu City number.”

Jiang An took the phone from Jiang Huai. “We all use WeChat now. It doesn’t matter if I change my phone number. I’ll just change my phone number on WeChat.”

Jiang Huai reminded her, “Be careful not to send it to Si Cheng.”

Jiang An typed a broadcast message and replied without looking up, “No, I blocked his WeChat long ago.”

Only then did Jiang Huai relax. “I plan to turn the company in Sea City into a Golden Star Entertainment branch and establish a head office in Jingdu City. There are more resources here than in Sea City, and we’ll usually be in Jingdu City more.”

Most of the companies involved in the entertainment industry were established in Jingdu City. There were large production companies, directors, and academies here. Most of the actors in other dramas were also in Jingdu City. Moreover, be it scripts, advertisements, or other resources, there was relatively much more variety. After all, this was the starting point of the cultural center and the base of the entertainment industry.

However, in order to make it easier for An’an, Jiang Huai had specially opened the company in Sea City. Now that she was back, he naturally had to open the company back here.

Jiang An looked at Jiang Huai. “I remember you saying two days ago that you’ll be joining a new production team in a few days. Do you have time to do this?”

Jiang Huai leaned against the sofa behind him and sat comfortably with his legs crossed. “I was just about to discuss this with you. I’m not the main lead in the new production team, but I still have to stay for a month to finish filming. After that, I’ll rest for half a year and focus on getting the company up. I need you to help me take charge of the office this month and keep an eye on the renovation and recruitment of employees.”

Jiang An was afraid of being idle. When she heard that she had something to do, she quickly agreed. “Sister Bing handed me a few scripts, but I’m not very satisfied. I still want to wait a little longer. I definitely won’t be able to join the production team in a short time. I’ll help set up the new office. You can focus on filming.”

The siblings settled the matter with a few words. Now, the public opinion on the Internet had changed. This matter was just a small interlude. The Jiang family did not plan to directly hammer Si Cheng to death. After all, he was also Jiang Yu and Jiang Yi’s father. They did not want to attack directly on account of the two little fellows.

However, it was still fine for them to fan the flames occasionally. The rest would depend on Si Cheng’s luck. If he really failed completely and fell into dire straits, it would be because his skills were inferior. It had nothing to do with their family.

As for Tan Si, the Jiang family did not intend to hammer her to death now. The most painful thing for a person was to watch the things they cared about leave them like a prisoner waiting to be executed. The fear and anticipation waiting for their life to drain away when the spear was pointed at them was far greater than the instant of pain when the bullet pierced through their body.

Jiang Huai’s counterattack ended with a statement, and Jiang Huai and Tan Si had to continue to suffer the backlash from the persona they had fabricated previously..

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